This Dog Mom’s List of Dangerous Things Her Goldens Ate (& Survived) Will Make Your Jaw Drop  

Whether it’s out of hunger, boredom, or an instinctive desire to chew up whatever enticing thing they come across, our four-legged besties have the weirdest eating habits. Almost every dog owner has a tale to narrate of how their pup consumed something bizarre that almost sent them to their maker. Do they really learn their lesson afterward, though? We think not. (watch video below)

This Dog Mom's List of Dangerous Things Her Goldens Ate (& Survived) Will Make Your Jaw Drop  

While it’s a miracle that our furry friends still make a full recovery after ingesting potentially deadly stuff — be it non-food items or toxic human foods — no one can describe the relief a dog owner experiences when their pup cheats death by a whisker.

One such owner is a Golden Retriever mom, who took to TikTok to share a list of dangerous things that her dogs consumed and still survived. Fair warning: Be prepared to have a couple of jaw drops. 

6 Craziest Things These TikTok-Famous Golden Retrievers Ingested and Still Survived

This Dog Mom's List of Dangerous Things Her Goldens Ate (& Survived) Will Make Your Jaw Drop  

In a hilarious clip uploaded to TikTok a few days ago, account user @Kipandkaan mentioned six unusual things her lovely Golden Retrievers have swallowed in the past, putting their lives at risk: They include:

  • Nerf bullets 
  • Socks
  • Half a large container of brownies 
  • A small stuffed animal 
  • Four adult-sized bars of chocolate
  • Dog poop

Need a second or two to digest that (pun very much intended)? Go ahead. 

The Risk of Sock Eating

This Dog Mom's List of Dangerous Things Her Goldens Ate (& Survived) Will Make Your Jaw Drop  

Now, let’s talk about the risk of intestinal blockage that nerf bullets, socks, and stuffed toys pose to dogs if ingested. More often than not, a pup that swallows such non-food items will need to undergo surgery before the intestinal blockage causes more health complications. We are not exactly sure how this particular Golden Retriever owner handled the situation, but we can guess she found herself driving to an emergency vet at odd hours. 

Goldens and Doodles are notorious for eating socks. “My Labradoodle ate 6 socks and a bikini top that had a metal hook,” said Robin G about her dog Cinnamon. “He had to get surgery which cost thousands, and now has a massive scar across his belly.”

Chocolate for Dogs

While brownies are a delicious treat for us humans, they are more than just chocolaty heaven to dogs. Brownies aren’t safe for our furry friends to eat because of some of the dog-toxic ingredients used to make them, like table sugar, cocoa, and chocolate. 

You’re probably aware that chocolate and dogs never go hand in hand. The poisoning effects are worse if the chocolate in question consumed by your pup is dark chocolate, which contains dangerous levels of theobromine and caffeine. Find out how much chocolate a dog can eat.

Now, poop, poop, poop……….

This Dog Mom's List of Dangerous Things Her Goldens Ate (& Survived) Will Make Your Jaw Drop  

It remains a mystery why our canine friends view poop as a lip-smacking delicacy *palm on face*. If there’s one thing dogs are good at, it’s participating in the poop-eating ritual (otherwise known as Coprophagia in scientific terms).

Even if Coprophagia is considered normal canine behavior, eating another dog’s poop can make your pup sick. This is especially true if the other dog has an underlying health issue, such as an intestinal parasitic infection.

All in all, we’re glad these adorable Golden Retrievers are still alive and kicking, given the significant health risks they exposed themselves to. 

Watch the TikTok video below:

Weirdest Things Pups Have Eaten: Real-Life Confessions from Dog Owners

In a Reddit thread, dog owners took turns to reveal the weirdest things their canine companions have swallowed in the past and miraculously survived. 

One Reddit user wrote: “My Bulldog managed to devour nearly an entire roll of toilet paper when she was around 11 months old.”

Another stated: “We were dog sitting my sister-in-law’s dog, and she ate an entire packet of sugar-free gum. We freaked out since that stuff (xylitol) is dangerous, and we took her to a vet and watched her like crazy and spent a ton of money we didn’t have lol. She was fine. It didn’t even stop her. Even the vet was surprised.”

A third commented: “My mom pulled a whole lb of butter out of the fridge one year [ago] to make my birthday cake. Despite putting it far out of reach, our dogs still managed to eat all four sticks, wrappers included.”

Someone else added: “In our case, it was a used baby wipe. The vet pulled it out.”

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