I’ve Been a Pet Expert for 20 Years,These Are the Dog Products I Absolutely Cannot Live Without

In my two decades as a pet rescue advocate, shelter volunteer, foster and as a parent to dozens of wonderful dogs, I’ve discovered products that have genuinely improved our lives. Here’s a rundown of my tried-and-tested favorites, each of which has a special place in our daily routine.

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1. Sundays for Dogs: Nutritious and Easy Food

Sundays For dogs woman pouring into bowl
Source: Sundaysfordogs.com

Meal prep for dogs used to be time-consuming until I found Sundays for Dogs. This food has been a game changer for us. It’s not just its nutritional value that impresses me but also the ease of preparation. I simply serve it, and my dogs gobble it up. It’s made storing and managing their diet a breeze, especially on busy days. Seeing my dogs thrive on this food has been incredibly rewarding. Buy Sundays Here.

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2. The One Supplement

Dog Products: Front of the pack
Source: Fotp.com

Navigating the world of dog supplements can be overwhelming. “The One” stands out in this crowded space. I add it to my dogs’ meals, and it takes care of everything from their shiny coats to joint health. One of my older dogs used to show signs of stiffness, but ever since incorporating this supplement, there’s been a noticeable improvement in his mobility. It’s reassuring to know that a single product can provide such comprehensive care. Buy The One here.

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3. Treat Puzzles by Nina Ottosson

Dog Products: Treat Puzzles by Nina Ottosson
Source: Amazon

Keeping my dogs mentally stimulated is a priority, and Nina Ottosson’s treat puzzles have been a fantastic aid. One of my dogs, in particular, is quite the thinker and loves to solve puzzles. These toys have not only kept him busy but also significantly reduced his boredom-induced mischief. It’s a joy watching him solve these puzzles, demonstrating how they cater to his intellectual needs as much as his physical ones. These are some of my favorite treat puzzles.

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4. Crumps’ Naturals Freeze Dried Beef Liver Mini Trainers

Dog Products: Crumps' Naturals Freeze Dried Beef Liver Mini Trainers
Source: Amazon

Finding the right treats for puzzle toys was a challenge until I came across Crumps’ Naturals. These mini trainers are just the right size and have become a healthy, much-loved reward. I’ve noticed how eagerly my dogs engage with their puzzles when these treats are the prize. It’s a great way to combine training with fun, and the benefits in their behavior and health have been evident.

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5. Jerky Treats

Dog Product: Beef Jerky from The Dog Bakery

Jerky treats are a favorite in our household, but not all are created equal. The ones I make are a cut above the rest. They are 100% meat, free from unnecessary fillers, and even include supplements for skin and coat health. My dogs absolutely love them, and I feel good knowing they’re getting a treat that’s both delicious and nutritious. Plus, the fact that they’re made in the USA adds an extra layer of trust.

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6. Martingale Collars

Dog Product: Martingale Collars

Safety during walks is paramount, and regular collars always posed a risk of slipping off. Martingale collars have solved this problem. They are easy to put on, comfortable for my dogs, and provide peace of mind during our walks. I particularly appreciate their durability and the added control they offer, ensuring that my dogs are safe and secure, no matter where our adventures take us. This is the brand I like.

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7. Airhorn for Safety

Dog product: Airhorn
Source: Amazon

Encountering wildlife, like coyotes, can be a real concern on walks. Carrying an airhorn has become an essential safety tool for us. It’s a simple yet effective way to deter any potential threats, ensuring both my safety and that of my dogs. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it, but knowing it’s there gives me confidence during our outdoor excursions.

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8. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera has been a revelation for monitoring my dogs when I’m away. I can check in on them anytime, talk to them, and even dispense treats. It’s been especially useful in addressing my neighbor’s concerns about barking. With Furbo, I can see exactly what’s happening and reassure myself that my dogs are okay.

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9. Squeaky Toys

Dog product: Squeaky toys

My dogs have a penchant for squeaky toys, particularly balls with a loud squeak. These toys provide endless entertainment and are a great way for them to expend energy. It’s heartwarming to see their excitement and joy during playtime, making these simple toys a staple in our home.

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10. CBD for Dogs

Dog Product: CBD for dogs

I use CBD selectively for my dogs, especially during stressful events like fireworks or parties. Starting a couple of weeks in advance, it helps them stay calm and relaxed. The brand I prefer is called Pure Hemp Botanicals has been effective and gentle, making a noticeable difference in their anxiety levels.

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11. Slow Feeders

Best Slow Feeders For Dogs

One of my dogs, used to eat her food too quickly, but slow feeders have been a great solution. They’ve helped reduce her eating speed by about 30%, aiding her digestion and overall health. It’s a simple change that’s had a significant impact. These are some good options.

These products have not only simplified pet care but also enhanced the health and happiness of my dogs. Each item on this list has been tested and loved in my own home, and I hope they can make a difference in yours too.

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