How To Spy On Your Dogs: The Furbo Dog Camera [Review]

Furbo Dog Camera

We can’t spend every minute with our dogs. It’s a sad but true fact of modern life! We sometimes have to leave our pups behind as we go to work or run errands, but that doesn’t mean we stop worrying about them! When we leave behind our dogs, we often wonder what they’re getting up to in our absence.

Fortunately, there’s a modern solution to this problem!

The Furbo Dog Camera is a super cool gizmo that does more than just watch your pup. With a Furbo Dog Camera, you can talk to your dog from anywhere, and you can even toss out some treats!

What Is the Furbo Dog Camera?

Furbo dog camera part description

The Furbo Dog Camera is exactly what it says on the box.

It’s an innovative new way to let your dog know you’re there, even when you’re not! With the Furbo Dog Camera, you only have to open up your phone to see your pup from anywhere! You’ll be able to talk to them through the Furbo, and you’ll get to hear them “talk” back to you. You can even stock your Furbo with treats, which will be dispensed at the press of a button.

What Does the Furbo Dog Camera Do?

Furbo Dog Camera

There are so many awesome features that come with your Furbo Dog Camera.

At its core, the Furbo Dog Camera is a two-way system. Think of it as a video chat for your dog, although your dog won’t be able to see you. With a Furbo Dog Camera, you can:

  • See what your pup is up to from anywhere in the world
  • Get alerts when your dog is barking, howling, or crying
  • Record videos of your pup’s solo adventures
  • Take photos of your dog’s antics
  • Talk to your pup
  • Dispense treats
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All of these features are conveniently accessible through your cell phone.

What About the Furbo Dog Camera 360°?

Furbo Dog Camera 360

In addition to their classic option, Furbo has also released their new Furbo Dog Camera 360! This gizmo features all of the features of its predecessor, but it’s got another trick up its sleeve…

Thanks to its pivoting base, the Furbo Dog Camera 360 has a full 360° view of your pup. All of your canine companion’s antics are on display in delightfully crisp 1080p, and the 360 even has enhanced night vision! With its built-in AI, it can automatically track your pup’s movements; however, if you want to, you can still control it manually.

Furbo Dog Camera 360 Features

And What’s This About Furbo Dog Nanny?

If you really want to step up your pup management skills, there’s the Furbo Dog Nanny plan. This is an optional service, so you don’t need it for any of your Furbo devices to function. Nonetheless, every new Furbo product comes with a 30-day trial of Furbo Dog Nanny, and you’re welcome to renew it after your trial period expires.

Furbo Dog Camera Nanny Features

For just $6.99 per month, you can access a powerful AI-backed system, which will send alerts to your phone whenever it spots or hears something strange. Customizable sensitivity levels let you perfectly track and receive alerts for:

  • Activity within your home
  • Barking, crying, whining, or howling
  • Emergencies
  • People entering and exiting your home
  • Whenever your dog “takes a selfie”
Furbo Dog Camera Nanny Features

In addition to its alert system, the Furbo Dog Nanny service allows Furbo owners to record videos and photos to its cloud. However, Furbo owners can still save their pup’s special moments directly to their phones with or without the additional service.

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What Should I Know About the Furbo?

For all of its amazing features, there are still a few things you should know about the Furbo!

Furbo Only Uses Specific Treats

Right now, Furbos can only dispense relatively small treats. By their own admission, the Furbo dispenser is fairly limited in terms of treat size. You’ll want to stick to hard treats with a maximum size of 0.5 inches.

Furbo's dog camera treats

You’ll Want to Have a Good Internet Connection

To ensure that you get the best quality video, — especially if you’re snapping up the 1080p Furbo Dog Camera 360 — you’ll want to make sure your internet connection at home is up to par. Low-speed routers or connections make for a poor Furbo experience!

Furbo Dog Camera

You’ll Need a Sturdy Spot to Place Your Furbo

Make sure you have a good spot for your Furbo. Every camera comes with a set of 3M strips, which prevent it from falling over. However, if your dog is particularly crafty, they might just try to knock over the magic treat dispenser!

To avoid these “accidents”, the good folks at Furbo recommend securing your camera to a heavy table or countertop.

Where Can I Get a Furbo?

If you’re interested in seeing the secret life of your pup, don’t worry! The awesome folks at Furbo have given me a special treat to share with all of you! Head over to the Furbo store! When you’re checking out, enter the code ROCKY to get 10% off of your purchase.

And, while you wait for your Furbo to arrive, be sure to check out some more product reviews!

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