Internet in Stitches After Dog Crashes Wedding, Adorably Demands Belly Rubs

Whenever we imagine wedding crashers, most of us often think of a bitter ex, an estranged husband, or some random stranger who’s sole interest is to score free drinks and unlimited photography. Well, sometimes, wedding crashers come in the form of furry, four-legged beauties. 

Internet in Stitches After Dog Crashes Wedding, Adorably Demands Belly Rubs

One particular dog has cracked up the internet after showing up at a wedding unannounced, despite not being on the guest list. And no, his aim wasn’t to watch the beautiful bride and groom dance to their favorite song. What he had in mind was far more ambitious: to demand for unlimited belly rubs in the most adorable way.

Greatest Wedding Crasher of All Time

The hilarious video posted to TikTok by account @Pubity captures the dog lying on the floor — paws in the air, belly fully exposed, and eyes closed — in a reception hall full of wedding guests enjoying the fairy festivities. Clearly, this lovely pup wanted the spotlight all to himself, as he remained unmoved from his position, waiting for someone to eventually stand up and him give what exactly brought him to the wedding: unlimited belly rubs.

@pubity Why’s everyone just sitting there⁉️😭😭 #RoadTo15Million #Pubity ♬ original sound – Pubity

We’re not exactly sure of the ending to his pawsomely-crafted mission, but we have a strong feeling he didn’t leave that floor empty-handed.

Since its uploading, the funny clip has garnered over 500K views and prompted hundreds of TikTok users to flood the comment section with hilarious reactions.

One person wrote: “Why are they waiting? GIVE HIM RUBS!”

Another added: “I would be giving him belly rubs for the rest of the night.”

A third person commented: “Well, it’s not a real wedding until someone makes a scene.”

Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rubs?

It’s a scene that unfolds quite too often in almost every household with canine family members: Dogs roll over their back, expose their belies wide open as a sign of submission, then wait for an out-of this-world belly rub session. 

If you’ve ever wondered something along the lines of, “Why do dogs like their belly rubbed?”, or “Why do dogs like belly rubs” you’re not alone. Thankfully, science has a pretty good explanation as to whey dogs go gaga over belly rubs. Study findings show that stroking your pet for as little as three minutes — be it on the belly, under their chin, or any other vulnerable part of their body — triggers the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.

Your dog’s belly contains lots of sensitive nerves that get instantly stimulated when you give them a belly rub. In response to this pleasurable scratch reflex, their body then releases oxytocin. So, if your four-legged bestie is a huge fan of a good belly rub, it’s mostly because they enjoy the relaxing, stress-relieving feelings that they experience during the process.

While the commonly held belief is that all dogs love belly rubs, truth is, every dog is different. In other words, not all dogs enjoy belly rubs. There are those that don’t like it when any of their vulnerable parts are touched, and they’ll let you know of this through their body language

There may be different reasons why a dog may not necessarily enjoy belly rubs. It could be that they prefer not have their personal space invaded, had an unpleasant experience with belly rubs in the past, or they might be experiencing pain on their belly. Whichever the case, it’s advisable not to insist on a belly rub when your dog’s body language seems off. 

The best thing to do is to read your dog’s body language as you scratch their belly. A dog that dislikes belly rubs will appear rather tensed and exhibit signs such as:

  • Ears pointing backwards
  • Whites of the eyes showing
  • Tail tagged between their legs
  • Avoiding eye contact 
  • Moving away with every touch
  • Trying to nip at you

If you notice any of these signs from a dog during a belly rub session, it’s best to stop immediately for the sake of their comfort and your safety. Paying attention to their body language will help you understand your dog’s preferences as far as receiving belly rubs is concerned. 

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