Senior Dog With a Looming Euthanasia Date Pleads for a Foster Home 🙏 

A few things are as soul-crashing to a shelter dog as finding themselves facing a fast-approaching euthanasia deadline when all they want to do is live and experience the comfort of a family that adores them. It’s a reality that engulfs their world with a whirlwind of all sorts of negative emotions as they hold onto the faint hope that someone out there will hear of their plight and intervene before it’s too late.

In one of the kennels at Arizona-based shelter Desert Dog Project is 8-year-old Fred, whose struggling to come to terms with his scheduled euthanization slated for this Sunday, July. 7.

Senior Dog With a Looming Euthanasia Date Pleads for a Foster Home 

Fred is stuck in a heart-wrenching cycle of desperation and sadness, his spirits too downcast as evident from how he trembles and avoids the gaze of shelter staff and passing visitors. On top of his looming euthanasia, Fred also has a myriad of health issues — including persistent vomiting — that the shelter’s veterinarian team is working tirelessly to address.

A Cry for Help….

Fred was brought to the shelter a few days ago by a kind-hearted stranger who spotted him wandering an apartment complex in a deplorable state. Unfortunately, his world has been clouded with fear, uncertainty, and pain from the moment he arrived at the shelter. 

Fred barely touches his food, which worries staff at the shelter as he’s already underweight and malnourished. His deep-seated fear makes it hard for him to be at ease around staff and other dogs. The veterinarian team established that Fred has a heart murmur, neurological abnormalities, and age-related ocular changes, among other health concerns. 

@desertdogproject Senior Fred needs help💔 A foster local to AZ is needed by 7/7 of he will be euthanized😭 I’m really worried about Fred. I visited him today and he barely raised his head to look at me. Not eating his wet food. Spine showing. Shaking. Vomit on his bed. He needs out NOW or I’m worried he won’t make it until 7/7 Fred, a gentle 8-year-old was found wandering an apartment complex 4 days and brought to the shelter after just a few hours with his finder. Fred was coaxed into the car with food but arrived nervous and frightened. At the shelter, he had been defensive around dogs and staff, showing signs of distress.💔 Upon examination, the medical team discovered Fred has trouble walking, with elbows abducted and signs of being underweight. He also shows age-related ocular changes and possible neurological abnormalities or weakness due to malnutrition or metabolic issues. Fred's ribs and backbone are visible, and he’s now being fed twice daily to help him regain strength. He also has a heart murmur and has been vomiting. Fred urgently needs a foster home that can support him through his medical needs. If you can provide love and care to this senior boy, please fill out a foster application below. Fred’s ID #A4985001 Shelter notes: DONATE BELOW❤️ Website: Zelle: [email protected] Venmo: desertdogproject Text: "DDP" to 44-321 PayPal: #adoptdontshop #shelterdog #rescuedog #phoenix #mesa #scottsdale #family #arizona #chandler #doglover #gilbert #glendale #familytime #dogs #peoria #puppylife #puppylove #dogsdaysofsummer #animallover #AZPoundPups ♬ original sound – desertdogproject

Thankfully, he’s receiving all the medical support and nutrition to set him on the path to recovery. In spite of all these health challenges, Fred’s eyes continue to flicker with a desperation to live. His longing for someone to save him from the brinks of death and give him a break from the lonely kennel life is indescribable.

Fred in Urgent Need of Caring Foster Home 

It’s Fred’s deepest desire to be off the euthanasia list and continue his recovery in a loving, dedicated foster home that’s willing to invest their time and effort to tend to his special medical needs.

Senior Dog With a Looming Euthanasia Date Pleads for a Foster Home 

This gray-muzzled canine just wants to catch a break from the series of blows that life has been throwing his way, and he’s counting on you to make these fervent wishes come true. If you’d like to offer Fred the temporary home he so desperately needs, please reach out to the Desert Dog Project for more details about his fostering.

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