I Opened a Donut Shop For Dogs??


– [Rocky Could I interest you in a Barker’s Dozen? Today I am opening the first ever donut shop for dogs. And I thought the best way to kick off the new donut shop was to host a competition to see who can make the best doggie donut. That’s time, hands up.

– Done.

– And a special thanks to Google Ads Smart Campaigns for sponsoring this video. Let’s get started. Now the reason I actually wanted to do all of this is because of this homeless dog right here, named Gary. Now, I get it when you look at him, you can see something is wrong. He looks happy, but he doesn’t look well. I’ll actually let Tye Friss, the founder of Reversed Rescue explain what’s going on with Gary.

– Gary is the funniest, most happy little rhino pig that we have on the rescue rance. Gary came from Devore Animal Shelter, had him brought over. He had severe mange, Demodex, so it wasn’t sarcoptic. Sarcoptic is when it’s, a human can get it. It’s believed that Gray was dropped off by someone who is homeless or just couldn’t afford to care for him as his condition worsened.

– This right here is my special event space. And I can not wait to put this to use. Take a good look at this space, because it is about to be transformed. This awesome golden retriever’s name is Dexter. His mom Emily is actually one of the two guest chefs today. Now, she’s gonna help make some awesome donuts for the shop. And I know she can get the job done, because she won first place in our last competition. I’m also gonna invite my friend Cassey Ho. She has a YouTube channel, Blogilates. Cassey is talented, but she’s never baked doggie donuts before. The good thing is her dog, Sir George is also joining us ane he is gonna be her inspiration. All right, now Tye agreed to make the trek into Los Angeles with Gary, so he’s gonna be here this afternoon. All right now, we’re gonna pull this off in the short amount of time that we have available. We’re gonna have to split into teams. I got a couple guys that I know can design, they can build, they can get this job done, they’ll work hard, I’m gonna bring ’em in. Okay, wow, this looks awesome. We don’t have a lotta time, though so I’m gonna get the donuts started.

– I have six ideas, and I’m tryin’ to figure out, which one would be the top one to do.

– With George by my side, I am going to try to make a spaghetti donut.

– I don’t have a lotta time, but I do have a lot of ideas. What I love is a good maple syrup. Here’s what’s going through my brain. There’s a lot on the line, when you open any business. There’s a tremendous amount of work, and you have to really care about what the community’s gonna think. This case, the customer is Gary. Now the thing is, Gary’s gonna be here soon. Because I’m doing som many things, I don’t have time to focus on the design details, so I’m gonna put my energy into developing awesome flavor profiles for a dog’s taste palate. So I’d thought we’d kinda span the gamuts between sweet and savory. We’ll do some carob, now carob’s like chocolate, but it doesn’t have theobromine in it, so it’s safe for dogs. The difference between a dog donut and a human donut is not a whole lot. It’s more what we don’t put in there, versus what we do. We’re not gonna use sugar. We’re not gonna use hydrogenated oil or salt, but it still smells delicious and these natural ingredients really go a long way. I gotta tell you something cool, that coincides with the launch of our donut shop. Google Ads is sponsoring this video, which is perfect because it’s a product I already use to grow my business. All right, we made these awesome donuts for dogs, and customers love them.

The problem is, not enough customers know about ’em. So we have to do our job, marketing them, making the product a for small business is not always enough. You gotta know how to get your message out. It’s no secret, it’s really tough for small businesses right now. So we’ve launched a really cool product that you can order online, it ships across the nation, our Barkin Donuts pack. Smart Campaigns help you reach more customers with simple and effective online advertising. Its’ as easy as selecting whether you want more phone calls, want more customers to come to your store, or traffic to your website. Now, that’s what I selected for this campaign, because I want everyone to know that they can order these online. Okay, then you pick a location. For me, it’s the entire United States. We can ship these across the nation. Final step is I created an ad, that took people right to my website, theDogBakery.com/donuts. Check it out, it’s that easy. And now, I have more customers coming to my website so they can get some of my hand baked donuts for their dog. And what’s great, is I only pay when people click on the ads. Don’t let this fancy set up fool you. A lotta times, the pictures that I’m taking that I use for marketing, I just take with my phone. Smart Campaigns uses Google’s automated technology to mand your ad, so you can focus running your business. You can quickly sign up through the app too, and what’s great is no matter your budget, Google Ads Smart Campaigns can help you achieve your goals. So ask yourself, if you’re starting a business, or if you have a business, would you sign up for Smart Campaigns? It’s really worked out well for my business, so click the link in the description below. Go now, sign up or manage your campaigns.

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– So, I wanted to surprise the judges with donuts that really stand out, something that’s not normal, you know. So, I decided, okay why don’t I go for indulgent food. So, my first donut idea was to make nachos supreme donuts. Dip this in here as the right size, I think.

– I’m gonna show you your yellow mix, ’cause I don’t think this is gonna work, but, what do you think?

– It’s coming, it’s like right there. I need more yellow, it’s like almost like half yellow.

– More yellow.

– Yeah. Sir George is everything. He’s a ball of happiness for me. He helps slow down time, which is crazy, ’cause my life is super fast-pace and super busy, but when he comes to me, he actually takes his paw, puts it on top of my screen, so I can stop and pet him. So, in that way, he really slows down time and I get to spend more time with him, which is really cool, helps me relax a lot.

– Thing is, we got a lotta donuts to make to be able to fill the donut shop with the donuts. Something that really adds to the time crunch, is we have hundreds of donuts to make, because we actually have to, quiet on the set. We pause for doggie water breaks.

– There’s gonna be a lotta blue happening today. And then we have crushed peanuts, to make it look like sand. So I’m just going to sprinkle these guys on the bottom here, before it melts. My game plan coming into the second competition for me, was really watching my time, and really making sure that the treats will look good to people watching from home. The donut shop dudes are well on their way. This space is already comin’ together, I can feel it. Now there’s a lot going on, but I’m really feeling the pressure right now, in the bakery, because remember it’s a competition and we’re gonna go live. We’re gonna have all of you judge this. So the pressure is real, because there will be thousands of judges.

– We’re now going to make the pasta. Boom, what’s a maple donuts, without a very special topping. Bacon, whoa look at that!

– I was worried about Rocky, but after seeing things I think I have a little bit more flare happening on mine. But I’m really worried about his flavors because I think he has a lot more savory stuff than I do.

– And that took us no time at all. I already feel like I’m ahead in the competition, which is good, ’cause I gotta check up with the donut shop dudes to see how they’re doing before I come back and make the other donuts. Oh wow, I’m in speed competition against everyone else. And we can do, ’cause we have to do it, for Gary. Yeah, this looks good. I like the donuts hung up and the decorations.

– [Donut Dude] I think it’s lookin’ really goo.

– It is.

– I am a little worried though, because we still gotta do the table, we gotta set up the donut wall. Like there’s sill a lot to be done in here.

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– We’ll get it done. Can you help us? Just with a couple of ’em. Dude, it’s just heavy.

– All right, I like the way this is comin’ together. I’m gonna get back to the bakery.

– Look at that, it’s so cute. Oh my gosh, this is such a cute meatball.

– Get this away from you.

– Don’t know if this is gonna work. I don’t know if I should go for the peanut butter, or the frosting to bind this, so I’m gonna go with a little bit of both, because the peanut butter I know, the dogs will like, but it might be too sticky. I don’t know. So, my original idea for the spaghetti didn’t really pan out. I’m trying to cut up the donut into small little strips, but because the donut is so airy, everything starts falling apart. And I’m kind of freaking out, ’cause this is my master plan, but I’m like okay, maybe I’m gonna make some dough. So, then I mix frosting along with crumbles of the donuts, and then I make a dough, and I start you know cutting that. And that starts falling part, then I’m really freaking out. I am not sure about that right now. I’m not sure what that is going to be.

– I’m gonna help Cassey a little bit. I know we’re competing, but I do feel a little sorry for her. I mean, she’s just not gonna be as good as us, she’s gonna need a little help. But I don’t know, maybe I won’t help her too much, because I don’t want her to win. This is all very confusing. There’s some.

– Oh actual cheese.

– Yeah.

– Should I do that? Oh, okay.

– Do it, why not?

– All right then.

– The spaghetti situation. We are actually gonna make the noodles out of cheese. The hardest part about my donuts, is definitely getting a little detail work on there, which I love to do. But having a steady hand, is super important, and sometimes it can get a little shaky and it don’t turn out very well. So, I’m having a steady hand, and very, very hard to fight some time. So you gotta make sure that your lines are very smooth and then you also have to make sure it sets, before you fill in the next color.

– Okay, I got like three or four ideas, but I’m getting donut overload, ’cause I’ve got a lotta donuts, I got a lotta ideas, I gotta keep ’em going. We can do something that is mind bending. Remember, we’re making these donuts for dogs, not for humans, so we need to think like a dog. We’re gonna cut this donut in half. You’re going Rocky, what are you cutting a donut in half for? That’s a sandwich, not a donut. You’re right. Donuts are for breakfast, and if you’re gonna have a breakfast sandwich, you want something sweet, but sometimes savory. I’ve got just the thing. Let me go whip up an egg. Whew, look at that. Got a fresh egg right there. Now a breakfast sandwich isn’t a breakfast sandwich without sausage, . Yeah, that’s gonna be perfect. All right, let’s close that up. Now, I think we need to have something sweet on top. So let’s do a little glaze. Look at that, it’s comin’ together. I gotta tell you, I’m a little nervous. Emily walked in her calm, cool and collected, actin’ like well, maybe she didn’t have a plan. But, look at there donuts. They are comin’ together really good. This makes me really nervous.

– I think Rocky’s pitfall is that he’s always tryin’ to do too much at once, so I don’t blame him for the basicness, I would’ve liked to have seen a little bit more creativity with the hotdog.

– Cassey really surprised me. I’m super worried. I think she’s my real competition in this, ’cause not only do they look amazing, I’m sure they taste amazing, you know all of the stuff that she put on it.

– Wow.

– They look really good.

– Yeah, I didn’t see this comin’. We got some stiff competition. I’m a little concerned.

– I’m very concerned.

– At least, the dogs in the end will win. That’s time, hands up.

– Done.

– Done.

– That’s pretty good. Let’s go. We’re gonna do a competition and I need your help voting on which donut you think is the winner. Okay, so that’s Sir George.

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– So this is the s’mores inspired one. And you got nachos inspired. And we have meatballs and spaghetti inspired.

– Oh my goodness, check this out. Emily, she won the last competition.

– Hi.

– She made some too, and I’m gonna need your help voting. So, tell us about your donuts.

– Ah, well Dexter and I favorite thing to do, is walk to and along the beach.

– Okay.

– And stay at the beach, so I have a beach themed doggie donuts here. We have a pineapple, one of our favorite fruits. And we have definitely we want the water. We have a surfboard.

– Whoa! These are my donuts, so I took a little bit of a different angle. We went sweet and savory. Maple, bacon donut and look at this one, a double-decker hotdog donut. But, I need to know, am I the winner with my donuts? Is Cassey the winner, with Sir George and her amazing, spaghetti, nachos, and s’mores donuts? Or Emily, the winner here, with Dexter. Dexter, Dexter, hi buddy, with the beach theme. Let me know. The donuts are done, the votes are rolling in for the winner. I can’t wait to see Gary just eat all of these donuts, but right now, I proudly present our new Doggie Donut store. Well, welcome to the donut shop. Can I interest you in a barker’s dozen, huh? No, yeah, huh? Oh, thank you, thank you Dexter. Dexter, you ready to try some of mom’s donuts? Let’s give you the whole beach experience here, Dexter. Why don’t we have you eat here at the doggie bar. We’re gonna have him try these, but I wanna tell you something-

– Okay.

– before we let him try these. Congratulations, you’re the champion of this competition.

– I won!

– Yeah, everyone voted for you.

– I’m like super happy for you and upset.

– Oh, Rocky I am telling you, I have been watching so many cooking shows, I’ve been prepared for this moment.

– How did you outbest the pet chef. Like I don’t even know how that’s possible.

– I mean to be honest, you helped me out. You helped me out, like this cheese idea, for the noodles, like you inspired that, because I didn’t know I could use cheese.

– Yeah well, I don’t know. Maybe Cassey’s dog bakery’s around the corner.

– Maybe.

– Yeah, well okay let’s see what George thinks, because you won the design, but the real judge is our man, Sir George.

– Oh, and he’s a harsh judge. Very harsh.

– There you go, buddy. Which one do you want?

– Which one you want? Here, there we go. Now oh. Oh, ohhh. He just went for it.

– This is it, this is a big moment. Everything that we worked for, is coming down to right now. What will Gary think? Because in the end, that’s all that really matters. This is for him. So, he’s here now. Let’s see what he thinks. Straight for the donuts. I say we just set this down and see which one he likes the most.

– All of them.

– Well, what do you say, should we go for it? Gary. Oh, goodness. I helped plan the donut shop, I helped build the donut shop. But there’s still just nothing like seeing it all done for the first time. I was blown away. I was, my heart was warmed by, it just, it’s neat to see something like this come together for a dog like Gary, who’s really had never had all of this attention and deserves it. They love it. I mean this is exactly what we wanna see in a donut shop. And we’re gonna keep the donut shop open for a while. So, if dogs wanna come in and take pictures, or just check it out, they can. This is what it takes to grow a business. For all of you that tell me, that you wanna have a business one day, make sure you pour your heart and your passion into it, because that’s what it takes. That’s why you get up every morning. And special thanks to Google Ads Smart Campaigns for sponsoring this video. Okay, make sure you go follow Cassey Ho, the winner of this competition. And definitely go follow Tye, so that you can follow along on Gary’s journey so that you are the first to know when he is available for adoption.