Handsome Blue Pitbull Returned to Shelter After Being Attacked, Now Learning To Trust Again

Six-year-old Tustin is a very handsome blue American Pitbull Terrier mix currently being fostered through the Silicon Valley Pet Project while searching for a forever home. However, this isn’t Tustin’s first time waiting for someone to make him part of their family. 

Dog up for adoption - Tustin

Tustin has had a rough life, and though he is only six, he has spent over a year living in a shelter. Described as a friendly, sweet, reserved dog who enjoys gentle affection and an easygoing lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine anyone passing up on this stunning blue Pittie. Shockingly, people have never truly been able to see Tustin’s worth, and his most recent adoptive home took such bad care of him that he returned to the shelter in need of extensive medical care. 

Irresponsible Dog Ownership Lands Tustin in a Shelter…Again!

After coming to a shelter near Silicon Valley, California, Tustin spent over a year waiting for someone to apply to be his forever person. Finally, someone chose Tustin, and the shelter staff were overjoyed for this sweet quiet boy. Unfortunately, this wasn’t Tustin’s happy ending. 

Tustin’s new owner refused to walk him on a leash or keep him safely contained, and he wound up being brought back to the shelter after getting lost. Giving his owner the benefit of the doubt, the shelter returned Tustin, but it wasn’t long before Tustin was back, this time in really bad shape. 

Dog up for adoption - Tustin

Abandoned After a Dog Attack

Tustin’s adoptive owner didn’t do any better with a second chance at dog ownership. Soon after being returned, Tustin’s owner put him in harm’s way. Tustin was attacked by another dog, suffering extensive wounds. Unable or unwilling to help Tustin recuperate and give him the care and safety he deserved, Tustin’s owner brought him back to the shelter and surrendered him. 

Tustin had a fractured cheek, a torn ear, and was covered in cuts, abrasions, and lacerations. His recovery would be expensive, and the shelter had few resources available to give him the care he needed. A “final plea” was sent out, asking for private rescues, fosters, or potential adopters to step up and take Tustin—otherwise, he would be euthanized. 

Final Chance for Tustin: Recovery & Searching For a Forever Family

Dog up for adoption - Tustin

Thankfully, the Silicon Valley Pet Project stepped up and took in Tustin, finding a foster for him and giving him the medical care he desperately needed. Tustin still has one more small surgery to go, but his time decompressing in his foster home has given him the confidence he needs to finally re-start his search for a forever family.  He would love a quiet home with adults only or older respectful children, lots of toys to play with, and understanding humans who have experience with Pitbulls and dogs with trauma. 

“Beautiful boy [Tustin] is housetrained, loves the car, walks great on leash, and is gentle and sweet with every human he has met,” says Tustin’s foster. “Because of his recent trauma, any home with a dog will require time, patience, and proper management to help Tustin feel safe and secure.” 

If you live in or near Silicon Valley and think you could be the right human for this beautiful Pitbull, apply to adopt Tustin through the Silicon Valley Pet Project. 

Dog up for adoption - Tustin

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