Meet the Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix [With Photos]

The Best of Both Worlds!

There’s no shortage of dog breeds. From purebred pooches to amazing mutts, there’s a dog for everyone, but some breeds are a bit more unique than others. One of them is the Golden Chi, the result of a golden retriever mixed with a chihuahua. Keep scrolling to meet 5 Insta-famous Golen Chis.

What Are Golden Chis Like?

The golden retriever chihuahua mix is a unique pup with an equally quirky character. As a mixed breed, it will inherently receive traits from both of its parents. Each dog is different, and no two will ever be the same, but you can generally expect to see a certain mix of traits in all golden chis.

General Info On The Golden Retriever Mixed With Chihuahua

CharacteristicGolden Chi
Golden Chi Weight15-30 Pounds
Life Expectancy11-15 years
TemperamentSocial and loving
ColoringGolden Tan
General Information about the Golden Retriever Chihuahua mix

This unique mixed breed has a wide range of sizes and features. In general, they tend to have golden or tan coats. They can be 15–30 pounds and have an expected lifespan of 11–15 years.

The Benefits

Because of their golden retriever roots, these pups are perfect for families. They tend to be gentle and even-tempered. Some of their best traits are:

  • High trainability
  • Sociable attitude
  • Generally great health
  • Good for families
  • Low grooming needs
Olive is a Golden Chi who lives in Irvine, CA with her dad Nico.
Olive is a Golden Chi who lives in Irvine, CA with her dad Nico.

We spoke with Nico from Irvine, CA to find out more about this rare breed. He’s lucky enough to have one. His pups name is Olive. “She has a wonderful temperament! She loves to be near me and relax all day but is also a great companion for hiking and running. She is very loving and gets along with other dogs really well when playing. Her attachment style is a bit anxious but that could be attributed to being part chihuahua or just being a rescue,” Nico said.

The Drawbacks

As with any dog, there will also be challenges. As great as the golden chi’s roots may be, it will sometimes show glimpses of its more mischievous side! Some things to watch out for are:

  • High energy
  • Potential to be loud and snappy
  • Stubborn streaks
  • This breed is not easy to come by.
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How Are Golden-Chis Bred?

One of the biggest things to know about golden retriever chihuahua mix pups is that they cannot be naturally bred; breeders of this unique mix rely on artificial insemination. In this case, the mother will always be the golden retriever, who receives the sperm from a chihuahua father. Because of the difficulty breeding this combination it will be hard to locate a breeder.

Before you adopt or buy any pup, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable breeder! The best ones often have waiting lists, and they carefully breed their pooches to be the best and the healthiest.

To get the most of your new golden retriever mixed with a chihuahua, look out for the signs of a good breeder before you buy. Here’s what you want to see:

  • Genetic testing results and pedigree information
  • A willingness to show you around their breeding facility
  • Ability to interact with their pups before making a deal
  • Complete and accurate veterinary papers

It’s worth knowing that this is a very rare designer breed. You probably won’t see many of these pups on sale, and anything under $1,000 is likely from a backyard breeder.

Meet Some Pups

Before you adopt any dog, be sure you’re ready. One of the best ways to learn more about a breed is to ask owners, and there are plenty of awesome golden chi parents all over the world! Many of them happen to run social media accounts for their dogs, which you can follow and check out to learn more about the breed!

Here are some of our favorite golden retriever chihuahua mix pups on the internet:

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1. Hermes

As a Los Angeles resident, Hermes knows when to be wild and when to play it cool. This awesome pup loves to explore just as much as he loves to kick back and snuggle!

Hermes is a golden retriever mixed chihuahua
Image Source: @Hermesthegoldenchi

2. Logan

If you’re looking for a pup with a lot of spunk and an adorable face, check out Logan! This little pup is the perfect example of a long-haired golden chi, and he loves to play.

Logan is a golden retriever mix with chihuahua
Image Source: @loganpaws0818

3. Olive

We’ve already mentioned Olive, but we haven’t actually seen her! This gorgeous pup is known for her silly antics, and she loves to explore with her mom!

Olive is a Golden Retriever Chihuahua Mix who lives in Irvine with her owner Nico
Image Source @oliveacrosstheuniverse

4. Oskar

Originally from Tenerife, this chihuahua-faced pup now enjoys a luxurious life in Germany. Oskar loves to go on adventures with his mom, and we’re sure that he gets plenty of compliments on his gorgeous coat!

Image Source: @apupnamed_oskar

If your heart is truly set on a Golden Chi, consider checking your local shelters first. If you’re extremely lucky, you might find one waiting for you! Adoption is always a great option, and you’re guaranteed to find a dog who needs a loving home.

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