Given Up On, Never Giving Up: Sweet Pitbull Still Waits for Love After 600 Days in Shelter

Over a year and a half ago, sweet and energetic Bella found herself at a Southern California shelter after her previous owner could no longer care for her. She was rescued by AGWC Rockin’ Rescue in Woodland Hills, California, just a day before her scheduled euthanasia. Since then, this patient pup has been eagerly awaiting her chance to finally join a loving forever family.

Sweet Pitbull Still Waits for Love After 600 Days in Shelter

Bella Lost Everything She Loved in Just One Day

It was a day filled with confusion for 4-year-old Bella when she was delivered to the Carson Animal Shelter in California. Her owner had been arrested for unknown reasons, and in an instant, she lost her favorite person, her family, her home, and everything familiar in her life.

Sweet Pitbull Still Waits for Love After 600 Days in Shelter
Sweet Bella was confused by what was happening to her.

Due to overcrowding, Bella was scheduled for euthanasia the very next day. Fortunately, AGWC Rockin’ Rescue caught wind of her desperate situation with less than 24 hours left in her young life. They swiftly stepped in, providing Bella with the second chance she so deserved by rescuing her from the shelter.

Bella Is Described as “An Absolute Sweetheart”

Rescuers at AGWC are “OBSESSED” with the now 5-½-year-old Pitbull, Bella. “She has the cutest little blue nose, she’s super sweet and cuddly, and loves to play!”  

Sweet Pitbull Still Waits for Love After 600 Days in Shelter
Bella loves giving kisses!

One staff member described her as one of the most affectionate dogs they’ve ever met, adding, “… and I have probably met a thousand dogs by now.” Bella showers her caregivers with lots of kisses, craves cuddle sessions, and is gentle around both humans and dogs alike. They lovingly added, “This girl thinks she’s a lap dog!”

Source: @agwcrockinrescue

Bella has garnered a lot of attention on AGWC’s Instagram account, with many comments about her adorable looks. On a March 6th post, one commenter asked if she was good around kids and dogs. The response: “She plays rough and can easily knock over a small child. She would do best with older kids (12 and up), but no small children.” They added that after proper introductions, Bella does well with other dogs and has participated in playgroups with large dogs at the shelter and has never had any issues.

Bella’s Still Waiting for a Family to Call Her Own

While Bella’s caretakers are smitten with this gentle girl, she still hasn’t found her forever family. This is partly because she’s a Pitbull, a breed some potential adopters are hesitant about, and also because of her age.

The stress of waiting for a permanent home has caused Bella to exhibit some anxiety. However, she looks forward to going on daily walks around the city which relaxes her. With proper training, AGWC believes Bella would make the perfect family dog. Despite the challenges, Bella’s rescuers remain optimistic that her affectionate nature and loving spirit will eventually win over the right family. Until then, they continue to shower her with attention and care as she awaits her happily-ever-after.

Sweet Pitbull Still Waits for Love After 600 Days in Shelter
Bella’s ready for a meet & greet!

If you’re interested in learning more about Bella or would like to schedule a Meet & Greet with her, you can contact the rescue at 81-348-6000 or schedule it online at

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