The Unexpected Joy and Heartbreak of a Shelter Dog’s Day Out

Staying locked up in a kennel almost all day with no meaningful socialization and human interaction isn’t any shelter dog’s idea of a good time. It’s for this reason that these lovely animals would do anything to get a break from the monotonous kennel life and enjoy the fresh air, new sights, and enticing smells that the world beyond the shelter has to offer. 

And one thing about shelter dogs? They don’t know how to hide their gratitude when they finally find a virtual foster who’s devoted to helping them decompress. Gigi — perhaps the sweetest 4-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier Mix you’ll ever meet — is among the lucky shelter dogs to have a virtual foster. 

Gigi, nicknamed Grab N Go, has been at the Richmond Animal Care & Control in Virginia for slightly over a month. Thanks to her loving virtual foster, Gigi gets to experience life away from her overwhelming kennel at least once a week. And while these fun outings make her the happiest canine in the world, they equally break her heart when it’s time for her to return to the shelter. We won’t lie: Gigi’s reaction may be the saddest you see all day (watch video below).

‘Please Don’t Take Me Back’

In a video posted to TikTok by Gigi’s virtual foster @ ex_barista, Gigi is seen seated on the front seat of her foster’s car, head down, with sadness written all over her sweet face. 

It’s a though she realizes they are heading back to the shelter after a day of fun, and her somber mood tells it all. Clearly, Gigi wishes she had a permanent home so she no longer has to nurse a shattered heart every time her foster drives her back to the shelter. It’s a disheartening situation for sure, but with your help, can end on a happy note.

@ex_barista Saddest part about only taking gigi out of the shelter for a few hours is returning her to the shelter. Gigi (Grab N Go) is waiting for her forever person at RACC, ✨her adoption link is in my bio✨ I’m her virtual foster. I take her on an outing once a week and post about her in hopes to find her a home. @Richmond Animal Care & Control #shelterdog #shelterpetsoftiktok #shelterdogsoftiktok #pitbull #dogadoption ♬ fade into you – refilmx

Could You Gigi a Chance for a Forever Home?

Gigi’s foster describes her as the sweetest soul who yearns for only one thing: a loving forever family that has the capacity to withstand all the cuddles and kisses she freely dishes out on a day-to-day basis. 

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Gentle Gigi enjoys going for walks and will leave you impressed with her leash manners. Although she’s a bit shy and wary of other dogs and humans (probably triggered by the kennel’s stressful environment), she has a lot of love and loyalty to offer to those close to her. Gigi’s ideal home is preferably one where she’s the only dog as she works on her socialization skills.

If you’re out there willing to open your heart and home to Gigi forever, kindly reach out to the Richmond Animal Care & Control for more details about her adoption.   

More About Gigi

@ex_barista Grab N Go or “Gigi” is at RACC waiting for her person to walk through the door and take her home. Gigi is a sweet soul. She’s all muscle but doesnt know it. She doesnt pull on the leash and walks at a slower pace. When people walked by she would stand close to me and watch as they passed, sometimes needing some reassurance that everything was okay. Gigi loves to love. She is a cuddler and likes to give a kiss every once and awhile. I can imagine her loving a night curled up next to her human watching netflix. Reach out if you have fallen in love with this sweet soul and would like to give her a home. #adoptdontshop #dogadoption #shelterdog #shelterpetsoftiktok #shelterdogsoftiktok @Richmond Animal Care & Control ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

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