Snuggle Up In Style: Trending Dog Pajama Sets for You and Your Pooch!

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The weather is getting chilly and festive cheer is in the air, which means it’s time to start getting cozy for the winter. We’re ready to curl up on the couch for the season, enjoy delicious foods, and enjoy quality time with our loved ones—especially our dogs! But what can we do to make quality time spent with our canine besties even more special? 

Hanna Andersson

Try matching dog and owner pajamas! Snuggle up in a cozy pair of pajamas and dress your fur baby to match—dog PJs come in lots of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit no matter how big or small your dog is. 

We’ve spent some time hunting down the best pajama sets made from the highest quality materials and featuring adorable colors and patterns that will set you up for a warm and festive winter. Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you’ll find a pair of pajamas for you and your dog on this list. 

1. Santa Sleighs Pajamas from Good Thomas

Dog Pajama Sets - Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

XS5–10 pound dog
S11–16 pound dog
M17–28 pound dog
L29–40 pound dog

The perfect Christmas pajamas for the whole family, these cotton and spandex PJs come in sizes for dogs, men, women, and kids! The pajamas for dogs feature a onesie design that goes over your dog’s front and back legs, so your dog needs to be tolerant of dog clothing to wear this set. If you have a dog that is larger than 40 pounds, this isn’t the set for you, but keep reading for many more options!

Buy From Good Thomas | $20 (dog) // $55 (men/women) // $30 (kids)

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2. Holiday Plaid Matching Dog Pajamas from Hanna Andersson

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

XS11-inch back, 10 ½-inch neck, 16 ½-inch chest (Chihuahua)
S12-inch back, 12-inch neck, 19 ½-inch chest (Pug)
M16-inch back, 13 ½-inch neck, 22 ½-inch chest (Dalmatian) 
L20-inch back, 16-inch neck, 26-inch chest (German Shepherd)
XL24-inch back, 18 ½-inch neck, 29 ½-inch chest (Great Dane)

Hanna Andersson is a super well-known and high-quality clothing brand trusted by parents worldwide! While Hanna Andersson focuses mostly on kids’ clothes, they also make matching Christmas pajamas with dogs in mind. These class red plaid holiday PJs are made from combed cotton, are hypoallergenic and scratch-free, and are even sensory-safe for kiddos who are sensitive to the feeling of clothing and seams on their skin. Committed to quality that has consistently earned 5-star reviews from thousands of customers, Hanna Andersson also ensures their clothing is free from harsh chemicals and dyes. By the way, they also offer free shipping on all orders! 

Buy From Hanna Andersson | $17 (dogs) // $24–$29 per item (men/unisex) // $24–$39 per item (women) // $24 (kids 2+) // $22 (babies under 2)

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3. Relaxed & Cuddle Buddy Hoodie from Pajamagram

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

XS9–10-inch back, 11–13-inch chest
S11–13-inch back, 14–17-inch chest
M14–18-inch back, 18–22-inch chest
L19–21-inch back, 23–28-inch chest
XL22–25-inch back, 29–34-inch chest
XXL26–28-inch back, 35–39-inch chest

The perfect set of matching dog and human pajamas to wear on a lazy weekend, this hoodie PJ set features a cozy terry-cloth-like fabric and an oversized hood. The dog PJs from this set will fit even large breeds, but the pajamas for humans are designed with women in mind. However, we think the look of this set would work for men, too! Because these pajamas are made from polyester and rayon, we don’t recommend them for people with sensitive skin.

Buy From Pajamagram | $14 (dogs) // $40 (women)

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4. Modal Pajamas from Fab Dog

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Options:

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12 sizes for dogs with 8-inch backs to dogs with 37-inch backs.

Modal fabrics are super soft and so cozy, and these matching human and dog pajamas are buttery smooth! One of the things we like most about Fab Dog is their insane range of sizes. Fab Dog’s dog clothing comes in 12 sizes for super-small dogs like toy Poodles and Chihuahuas to extra-large breeds like Mastiffs. This pajama style also comes in black, but we think this gorgeous cranberry red is perfect for the holidays.

Buy From Fab Dog | $34 (dogs) // $50 (humans)

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5. Custom Fuzzy Hoodie Pajamas from Pyramid Design Studio

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

X9-inch back, 11-inch neck, 14-inch chest
S9 ½-inch back, 11.8-inch neck, 16 ½-inch chest
M11-inch back, 12 ½-inch neck, 17 ¾-inch chest
L13-inch back, 14-inch neck, 19 ½-inch chest
XL15-inch back, 14-inch neck, 21-inch chest
2XL17 ¾-inch back, 15-inch neck, 22 ¾-inch chest

These matching dog pajamas are so much fun, since you get to customize them with any image you want! Our favorite way to customize these adorable fuzzy pajamas is with photos of your family. For example, you could customize your dog PJs with your face, and customize your pajamas with your dog’s face. This set comes in 36 color options, sizes for men, women, and dogs, and are made from a fuzzy polyester/spandex blend. Shoppers love this set and many Etsy sellers include shipping if you purchase multiple items. 

Buy From Etsy | $25.30 (dogs) // $44.99 (human set)

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6. Plaid Dog Pajamas from Pottery Barn

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Sizes:

9 sizes available, size measured by back length, for dogs 8–24 inches long

This lumberjack plaid is a little less Christmassy than a red, white, and green plaid, and these PJs are perfect for winter whether or not you celebrate the holidays. Made from 100% cotton, these adorable pajamas are warm while still being breathable. One of Pottery Barn’s missions is to produce sustainably made products, so you can feel good about ordering these pajamas for you and your pooch. 

Buy From Pottery Barn | $39.50 (dogs and humans)

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7. Matching Family Pajamas with Holly Trees from The Company Store

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

XS8–12-inch back (Chihuahua)
S12–16–inch back (Pug)
M16–20-inch back (Beagle)
L20–24-inch back (Cocker Spaniel)
XL24–28-inch back (American Pitbull Terrier)
XXL30–32-inch back (Great Dane)

If you’re looking for a classy set of matching human and dog Christmas pajamas, we love this set with a subtle holly tree print on a soft white background. Made from 100% organic and sustainably ground cotton, these PJs are super comfortable and high-quality and can last for many Christmases to come. When you buy from The Company Store online, purchases of $75+ qualify for included shipping

Buy From The Company Store | $29 (dogs) // $89 (women & men) // $49 (kids & toddlers) // $44 (babies)

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8. Stocking Puppers Pit Bull Pajamas from Pittie Clothing Co.

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

M35–48 pounds
L46–63 pounds
XL62–85 pounds
XXL83–95+ pounds

If you own a Pittie, you know that it can be hard to find dog clothes that fit them correctly. Meet Pittie Clothing Co., a brand that makes clothes designed specifically to fit the broad Pitbull chest while being every bit as snuggly as any other pair of dog pajamas. This pattern, with adorable little puppies in Christmas stockings on a blue background, is also available in a pair of pajama pants for humans so you can match with your pup. Because this brand focuses mostly on Pitties and Bully breeds, the sizes are made for large dogs and can fit pups up to 95–100 pounds. 

Buy From Pittie Clothing Co | $39.99 (dogs) // $34.99 (humans)

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9. Plush Snowflake Dog Christmas Pajamas from PopReal

Dog Pajama Sets: Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Size Chart: 

S15.7-inch chest
M22.8-inch chest
L23.6-inch chest

Made from the fuzziest, most plush fabric, these pajamas are the ultimate choice for chilly days spent snuggled up watching movies and napping. This traditional Scandinavian snowflake design featuring prancing reindeer and gorgeous bright colors evokes the spirit of the season and would look amazing on a holiday card! Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t have many size options, and this set is only for mid-sized dogs. 

Buy On Amazon | $9.99–$49.99

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10. Navy Pindot Matching Family Pajamas from AKC

Matching dog and owner pajamas

Dog Sizes: XS–XXL, for dogs 15–39 inches long

This super-classy minimalist family pajama set comes from the American Kennel Club shop and is made from high-quality, lightweight, stretchy jersey fabric that’s perfect for everyone in the family! Choose from stripes or polka dots and give your family the option for a little variety while still keeping with a cohesive theme. Who knew the AKC was dabbling in fashion?

Buy From AKC Shop | $59.99 per item

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