The Best No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

Do you have a dog that likes to turn their water bowl into a swimming pool, or just can’t seem to stop their jowls from knocking it over? 

You need a no-spill dog water bowl! They are designed to prevent tipping and sliding, and are perfect for big, overly enthusiastic pups or dogs who won’t stop dipping their paws in the watering hole. 

We’ve scoured the internet for the best options out there, so without further ado, here are the best no-spill dog water bowls money can buy. 

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In-Set Dog Water Bowls

In-set dog water bowls are placed into frames or trays that help to secure them in place. 

1. Neater Feeder Express 

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

Available in two sizes, the Neater Feeder Express is slightly elevated to discourage pawing, and securely holds two bowls for both food and water. The bowls are made from stainless steel to prevent bacterial growth, and the stand is made from easy-to-clean, heavy-duty plastic.

Buy On Amazon | $23.99

2. AsFrost Stainless Steel Dog Water Bowls with No-Spill & Non-Skid Mat

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

Perfect for smaller dogs (or naughty cats), this non-spill dog water bowl on Amazon is the perfect affordable option. The non-skid mat keeps everything securely in one place, and the widely spaced bowls help to prevent kibble from getting into your dog’s water.

Buy On Amazon | $14.99

Elevated Dog Water Bowls

Elevated bowls are the ideal no-spill water bowl for large dogs. They can help reduce strain on the neck and back while eating and drinking and help to keep paws from “accidentally” ending up in the water. 

3. Santa Fe Elevated Dog Bowl

Large Santa Fe elevated dog bowl with food

This large 10-inch tall no-spill dog bowl is perfect for kibble, water, or just sharing a midday treat with your large or x-large pup. The carved geometric pattern makes this bowl super aesthetically pleasing, and the anti-slip bottom helps to keep it standing even if a pup bumps into it.

Buy On Pet Junkie | $75.95

4. Summit Elevated Dog Bowl

A no-spill dog water bowl fit for royalty, this elevated bowl holds 44 oz. of water and stands 10-inches tall. If you love this bougie design but have a smaller pup, this bowl is also available in a 5-inch 16 oz. version. 

Buy On Pet Junkie | $74.95

Smart Dog Water Bowls

Some dogs just can’t be trusted not to play in a bowl unless it has smart features that specifically prevent them from doing it. Smart features can be mechanical, or just simple design features that keep your dog from getting at all the water at once. 

5. Pet Life Hydrain Anti-Spill Water Bowl

This bowl contains a splash guard that moves as water levels drop, preventing splashing, and forcing dogs to drink a little more slowly. Best for medium-sized dogs, this bowl can also double as a food dish if you remove the guard, so some people like it for travel. 

Buy On Chewy | $14.99

6. UPSKY No-Spill Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl

The UPSKY no-spill dog water bowl features a unique design that only dispenses a small amount of water at a time. As dogs lick and press down on the center of the bowl, a small pool of water appears. This is great for dogs with longer hair!

Buy On Amazon | $15.99

No-Spill Dog Water Bowl for Dog Crates

If your dog needs water in its crate but is always spilling, you need a no-spill option that attaches to the side.

7. YEIRVE Dog Crate Water Bowls

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

Sold in a 3-pack, these simple bowls attach to almost any crate and have stainless steel inserts that are super easy to keep clean. 

Buy On Amazon | $18.88

No-Spill Dog Water Bowl FAQ

What Is A No Spill Dog Water Bowl?

A bowl designed to prevent tipping, sliding, or playing with water. 

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

What Are The Different Types?

You can find lots of innovative options. Some of the most common types of no-spill water bowls include in-set bowls, smart bowls, and elevated bowls. 

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

Why Would A Dog Need A No-Spill Water Bowl? Are They Just for Big Dogs?

Big dogs don’t necessarily need a no-spill bowl, but they might need an elevated bowl! No-spill bowls are for any dog that likes to push their bowls around, are over enthusiastic drinkers, or like to play in their water. 

Will This Save Me Time In Clean-Up?

Fewer Spills + Fewer Messes = Less Clean-Up! 

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

How Do I Stop My Dog From Spilling The Water Bowl?

A no-spill water bowl is the easiest, and fastest way to stop your dog from spilling their water bowl. 

Are Self-Filling Water Bowls Good For Dogs?

Yes, as long as you refresh the water regularly! But, self-filling water bowls are not necessarily no spill.

No-Spill Dog Water Bowls

Why Do Dogs Splash In Their Water Bowls?

Some dogs do this due to over stimulation, while others simply enjoy the activity. Occasionally, dogs will learn to associate human attention with this activity, and may do it for the sake of reinforcement (either positive or negative).

Can You Make A DIY No-Spill Dog Water Bowl?

There are a few tutorials available online for creating DIY no-spill bowls, but in general, you’re probably better off purchasing a bowl that is already designed to prevent spills. 

No Spill Dog Water Bowl Price & Link to Buy
Neater Feeder Express
Buy On Amazon | $23.99
AsFrost Stainless Steel Dog Water Bowls with No-Spill & Non-Skid Mat
Buy On Amazon | $14.99
Santa Fe Elevated Dog Bowl
Large Santa Fe elevated dog bowl with food
Buy On Pet Junkie | $75.95
Summit Elevated Dog Bowl
Large Summit elevated dog bowl with food
Buy On Pet Junkie | $74.95
Pet Life Hydrain Anti-Spill Water Bowl
Pet Life Hydrain Anti-Spill Water & Food Dog & Cat Bowl, Blue slide 1 of 4
Buy On Chewy | $14.99
UPSKY No-Spill Slow Water Feeder Dog Bowl
Buy On Amazon | $15.99
YEIRVE Dog Crate Water Bowls
Buy On Amazon | $18.88

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