The Best Dog Goggles On Amazon

Dog Goggles are stylish, they’re functional, and they’re starting to pop up everywhere! They’re great for keeping a pup’s eyes safe in dangerous situations, and they also look absolutely adorable!

dogs with goggles

Today, as part of my quest to keep everyone updated on the best dog products out there, I’ll be taking a look at dog goggles. We’ll be learning about what these items are for, how to train your dog to wear them, and where to find some of the best dog goggles out there.

Let’s get started!

The Basics: What Are Dog Goggles?

Dog goggles are exactly what it sounds like. They’re goggles for dogs, and they’re as much a fashion statement as they are an essential safety tool.

Why Do Dogs Need Goggles?

Dog goggles are used in situations where a pup may be exposed to irritants, water, or excessive sunlight. Think of them as a safety measure!

Many people will use dog goggles when they take their pups to the beach, as it will prevent dogs from getting sand in their eyes. Tinted goggles will also help dogs withstand the glare of the hot summer sun, and they’ll look very cool! 

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Other situations where dog goggles may be necessary include:

  • For health conditions like albinism, cataracts, etc.
  • Hunting
  • In pools with chlorine
  • In snow
  • During or following surgery
  • In industrial settings
  • Working dogs in hazardous situations (i.e. laboratories)

Do Dogs Need Goggles?

It may seem odd to slip a pair of goggles into your pup. After all, dogs have survived thousands of years without them!

However, dog goggles are a necessity in some situations. Like people, dogs have sensitive eyes. Exposing pups to hazardous conditions without goggles may lead to eye irritation. In the worst-case scenario, dogs may be blinded by debris or chemicals!

a dog with goggles

Some dogs may also need to wear goggles due to a pre-existing condition, eye sensitivity, or during recovery from a procedure.

So, yes! Dog goggles are necessary in certain situations, and for certain dogs.

How To Put Dog Goggles On?

Putting goggles on your pup isn’t always easy. You’ll have to train your dog to allow you to put the goggles on, which involves a bit of perseverance. Moreover, you’ll need to train your dog to keep the goggles on!

Think of it this way: dogs aren’t used to goggles. They don’t generally wear anything more than a collar and a harness, so putting something on their face is likely to spook them! As such, it takes a bit of careful training to get your dog used to the concept of wearing goggles.

Once they’re used to it, however, you put dog goggles on like any other eyewear.

Generally, dog goggles will have two straps. One will go under their chin, and the other will go around the back of their head. Both of these straps should be adjusted to fit your pup. You don’t want the straps to be too tight, but making them too loose will increase the risk of a pair of lost goggles, and can obstruct your dog’s vision.

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Before you head out, always make sure that the straps are securely fastened and follow any instructions that come with the product.

a dog with goggles

How to Train Your Dog to Wear Goggles?

If you’re having trouble training your pup to wear some fancy eyewear, then the best place to go is a certified dog trainer. They’ll be able to help you out, and they can show you the best ways to get your pup accustomed to the idea.

However, while you’re waiting on that consultation, you can do a few things by yourself at home. As you run through this checklist, keep a close eye on your dog’s reactions. If your dog seems skittish or upset, back down!

Your first step to wearing goggles is making sure your dog trusts them. Show the goggles to your dog and allow them to sniff and interact with them. Do not put them on right away. Instead, let your dog know that they’re safe.

Once your dog is used to this, you can begin putting the goggles on for short periods, offering your pup treats while they wear them. Slowly work your way up to as much time as you’ll need when you’re romping with your best friend!

Why Do Police Dogs Wear Goggles?

Police dogs fall into the “working dog” category, which makes goggles a necessity. These spectacles keep police dogs safe from any irritants and protect their eyes from UV and glare.

Similarly, many rescue and fire dogs will wear goggles to protect their eyes from any dust and debris. Rescue pups are constantly working in hazardous environments, and these goggles will prevent them from eye irritation due to dust or ash.

Are Dog Sunglasses the Same as Dog Goggles?

a dog with goggles

This is a bit of a tricky question.

Yes and no.

Many dog goggles come with UV protection. This is particularly noticeable in “windbreaker” style goggles, which are meant to protect dogs’ eyes when they stick their head out of the car window. They’re perfect for hikes in windy, dusty places, but they aren’t always waterproof.

However, there are specifically manufactured sunglasses. These tend to take the form of lenses with open or semi-enclosed sides. They’re great for casual use and hikes in general situations. They’re not waterproof, and they tend to be more “stylish” than goggles.

So, to sum it up, these two categories of canine eyewear can overlap. Many dog goggles double as sunglasses.

The Best Goggles for Dogs

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s take a bite out of our list!

After plenty of research, I’ve found some of the best dog goggles on the market. All of these are safe and durable options for your pup, and they’re guaranteed to keep your pup’s eyes out of harm’s way.

ProductWhat’s It Look Like?What to LovePrice
Doggles Goggles-Affordable
-Available in multiple sizes
-Small business
Enjoying Dogs Goggles-Affordable
-Available in multiple colors
-UV resistant
Small to medium breeds only
Enjoying Dogs Large Dog Goggles-Affordable
-Available in different colors
-UV resistant
Medium to large breeds only
IKUSO Heart Sunglasses-Affordable
-Available in multiple colors
-UV protection
Small to medium breeds only
NAMSAN Dog Goggles-Affordable
-Available in multiple sizes
NVTED Dog Sunglasses and Goggles-Affordable
-UV protection
Medium to large breeds only
Rex Specs Dog Goggles-Available in multiple sizes
-Made in the USA
-Small business
SLDPET Goggles-Affordable
Small to medium breeds only

Doggles Goggles

dog goggles

The grandparent of all dog goggles, Doggles goggles are some of the best all-around dog goggles. These are available in multiple sizes, and you can easily find plenty of colors to accessorize your pup’s look.

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Doggles goggles are known for their durability, affordability, and all-around functionality. Reviewers love their simple design, which offers a no-fuss way to put goggles on your dog. In addition to Amazon, you can find these goggles more reliably on the Doggles website, which includes a handy tool to find your pup’s ideal goggle size.

Enjoying Dogs Dog Goggles

dog goggles

At $12.50–$12.59, the Enjoying Dogs dog goggles are a remarkably affordable option for small to medium breeds. These sunglasses are UV resistant and perfect for road trips and hikes.

In addition to the price, reviewers love the thoughtful design. The straps are well-placed, and many reviewers have praised its comfort. Even picky pups have been known to tolerate the sensation of the Enjoying Dogs brand dog goggles.

These goggles are only available for small to medium sized dogs, unfortunately. They do not currently have a model available for larger dogs. It’s also worth noting that these are not waterproof, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for underwater goggles.

Enjoying Dogs Sunglasses for Large Dogs

dog goggles

From the same brand, there are the Enjoying Dogs sunglasses for large dogs. These UV-resistant sunglasses double as goggles, and they work wonderfully on long hikes or downhill adventures in the snow. The design is sleek and modern, which means that these goggles are also wind-resistant.

If your pup enjoys car rides and long outdoor romps, then the Enjoying Dogs large breed goggles are the perfect pick. At only $52.99, they’re remarkably affordable.

Don’t let the price fool you, though! Reviewers have put their Enjoying Dogs sunglasses through plenty of trials, and this doggy eyewear has survived it all!

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Reviewers have also praised the insightful design. The straps are not invasive, and dogs do not seem bothered by these goggles.

These goggles are not waterproof and are intended for medium to large breeds only.

IKUSO Heart Sunglasses

dog goggles

Useful as sunglasses and goggles, IKUSO’s heart-shaped goggles are an affordable and adorable option for protecting your pup’s eyes. They’re also available in four colors, — white, black, pink, and blue! — so that your pup can match your outfit!

Reviewers note that these goggles aren’t the most durable, and some have had mild sizing issues. Nonetheless, for their low price, they’re an amazing option, and they’re great for anyone with smaller dogs.

IKUSO’s goggles are only for small to medium dogs. Unfortunately, they are not available for larger dogs.

NAMSAN Dog Goggles

dog goggles

Affordable, stylish, and multipurpose, the NAMSAN dog goggles are made for heavy outdoor use. However, their price would make you think otherwise! At just $17.99–$23.99, these goggles are amazingly affordable.

Don’t let that price fool you, though! Reviewers love how durable they are, and many note how easy they are to use. Users have run their NAMSAN goggles through plenty of gauntlets, including chlorine pools, heavy snow, and long hikes! Yet, in the end, the NAMSAN goggles always come out on top!

NVTED Sunglasses and Goggles

dog goggles

At just $10.99, the NVTED dog goggles are my pick for the best dog goggles on a budget. This pick is amazingly durable for the price, and the lenses are treated with UV-resistant tinting. This means that they double as sunglasses.

Be aware that the NVTED goggles are only available for medium to large dogs. These do not come in multiple sizes; they’re a one-size-fits-all deal.

Nonetheless, reviewers love how functional these goggles are for their low price point. The straps are fairly secure, and the lenses do what they’re supposed to do. Your pup’s eyes will stay safe, and your wallet will remain intact.

Rex Specs Dog Goggles

dog goggles

At $84.95, the Rex Specs dog goggles aren’t the cheapest entry on our list. In fact, they’re firmly within the upper end of our price range! However, these are absolutely amazing goggles, and they’re well worth the price.

With five different sizes, — extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large — there are goggles for every pooch, and they’re made to last. Reviewers love the durability, and they adore how easy these goggles are to use.


dog goggles

Sleek, affordable, and windproof, SLDPETS goggles are a fantastic way to keep dirt, wind, and water out of your pup’s eyes. The lenses are UV resistant, and the straps are remarkably secure.

While small dogs can grab a pair for $15.99, other sizes require a bit more of an investment. The equivalent goggles for larger dogs cost $52.99. However, this is a very affordable price tag for large dog goggles.

Reviewers love the durability of SLDPETS’ goggles, and they praise the ease of use. Before you buy, be sure to check your pup’s size. Many have noted that these goggles tend to run a bit large.

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