Dog Found Badly Injured & Abandoned On Beach, What Strangers Did Next Saved Her

During an evening that was supposed to be all about ringing in the new year, a group of good Samaritans’ plans changed after they spotted something along the beach in Long Beach, California: an injured dog that needed medical care quickly.

Dog Found Badly Injured

A Terrier Mix Was Found on the Beach with Significant Injuries

“No one is sure what happened to this little girl on New Year’s Eve after being found abandoned in the sand near the beach’s boardwalk with inflicted trauma,” according to Chris L Hawkes who shared a photo and update on Facebook asking for help from the community for a small dog that was in desperate need of help. “She is in dire need of help to ensure a safe recovery.”

According to the post, the pup found on the beach was a 3-year-old female Terrier Mix they named Tilsy before she was later named Myla. She was found on New Year’s Eve, “spotted near lifeless at the beach, bleeding from her eyes” by a group of caring strangers who found her.

Myla Was Lucky People Stepped In When They Did — She Nearly Didn’t Make It

Dog Found Badly Injured

“We don’t know exactly what happened, but on New Year’s Eve, Myla suffered something unimaginable,” a post shared by CUDDLY, a fundraising platform that aids verified nonprofit animal rescues, read. “Something — or perhaps someone — that left her abandoned on a boardwalk, bleeding from both of her eyes and struggling to function from some kind of blunt force trauma.”

The group of people who spotted Myla immediately went into first-aid mode to comfort the small dog. They wrapped her up in their sweater and waited by her side until Animal Control Officers made it to the scene to get her urgent care, the post by Hawkes shared. Adding that the damage of the injuries to Myla is extensive.

“Myla suffered some kind of blunt force trauma to her head that was so severe it caused damage to both of her eyes,” the update explained, “damage that would require stents and sutures to repair, if at all.” And she was at risk of losing her eye completely.

Locals Campaigned to Care for Myla’s Medical Bills

Dog Found Badly Injured

Myla was then transferred to the care of Leashes of Love, a nonprofit rescue organization based in Southern California, who were very worried about Myla’s eyes and the damage they sustained.

“Right now, Myla is being hospitalized, and things aren’t looking good,” the rescue group shares on its website. “Doctors have assessed her eyes, and her right side is likely going to need a full removal if it doesn’t start responding to treatment.”

Complicating Myla’s recovery is the fact that she’s also “malnourished and weak and utterly spent,” but she is getting a lot of rest to give her the best fighting chance.

“Her right eye is in jeopardy of being enucleated/removed if it does not heal properly, which can be at greater risk of occurring due to the shelter’s lack of resources and medical support,” the update continues.

Dog Found Badly Injured

Myla’s on the Road to Recovery

to give everyone a small update on how Myla was doing, and it sounds like she’s heading in the right direction.

In a live video, Leashes of Love Rescue gave an update. “Myla has been rescued from the Long Beach Animal Shelter,” rescuers said. “She is on her way to Tustin Eye Care to get immediate treatment for her eyes.”

The sweet pup’s recovery and treatment are expected to last months so she’s not ready for adoption yet, but taking the time needed to care for this sweet dog has been made possible by generous donations to Leashes of Love Rescue.

You can keep up to date with Myla and follow along with her recovery on Instagram or Facebook.

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