Do Poodles Shed? A Guide to Poodle Hair Care

Everyone loves the stylish, playful poodle. As one of America’s most popular dog breeds, poodles come in all shapes, sizes, and mixes– there’s a poodle for everyone! Although poodles are commonly seen as high-maintenance show dogs, they’re pretty easy to care for as long as you know what to look out for. That brings us to the big question: do poodles shed?

Do Poodles Shed?

Do Poodles Shed?

Despite all their fur, poodles don’t shed much. The American Kennel Club considers poodles one of the many hypoallergenic dog breeds. However, just because a dog is considered “hypoallergenic” doesn’t mean it never sheds. Like all animals with fur, poodles do naturally shed hair.

How much do Poodles Shed?

Poodles shed very little, which is why they’re desirable as a hypoallergenic breed. Instead of shedding loose hairs onto your furniture, poodle hair gets caught among the rest of their curly fur and sticks. This means that while your poodle won’t visibly shed nearly as much as other dogs, they’re prone to matted fur simply because of their beautiful curls.

When do Poodles Shed?

Unlike double-coated dogs, poodles don’t have a particular shedding season. Instead, they shed year-round.

Is Poodle Shedding Healthy?

Shedding is a natural occurrence, and it’s completely healthy for your poodle to lose a little fur here and there. However, excess shedding is often a sign of underlying health concerns. For example, fleas, ticks, or other parasites may cause itchiness and hair loss. Allergies, anxiety, and poor diet may also cause excess shedding. After a while of living together, you’ll establish a baseline for how much hair your poodle sheds each day. If shedding starts to go over that baseline, or you notice bald spots, thinning hair, or red, itchy skin, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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What Kinds of Poodles Shed?

Every kind of poodle sheds, even poodle mixes. However, some poodles shed more than others. There are two main ways to tell how much your poodle will shed: size and mix.

Size Matters

Depending on their size, some poodles will shed more than others. For example, larger poodles will shed more than smaller ones, and teacup poodles will shed the least. The amount of hair your poodle has affects how much it sheds, and generally, larger dogs have more fur to shed throughout the day.

Mixes and Shedding

If you’re a doodle fan, then you’ve got a bit more than size to worry about when dealing with shedding. Since poodles are a hypoallergenic breed, mixing them with another non-hypoallergenic breed will change how much they shed. For example, newfiedoodles and shepadoodles will shed more than purebred poodles. On the other hand, mixing poodles with another hypoallergenic breed will leave you with a super-hypoallergenic dog that sheds less than just about every other dog out there. Shih-Poos, Cavapoos, and Yorkie-Poos are some of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds.

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In addition to the mix itself, your doodle may shed more or less based on the texture of their coat. Since poodles’ hair gets caught up in its luxurious curls, poodles with less curly hair will shed more hair than their curlier counterparts. This doesn’t necessarily mean they lose more hair overall; you’re just more likely to see it lying around.

How to Manage Poodle Shedding

So, how do you manage a poodle’s coat to keep their shedding low? As a poodle parent, there are several things you can do to influence your poodle’s skin and coat health:

At Home Grooming

For starters, regular grooming sessions at home majorly affect how much hair your poodle loses.

Frequent Brushing

poodle getting brushed

Brushing your poodle frequently is essential to maintaining a healthy coat and preventing matting. Matted fur pulls and irritates the skin and can cause hair loss over time– with a dog as curly as a poodle, matting can be troublesome– brushing your poodle regularly can help prevent matting, but if you encounter any matted fur, take your dog to the groomer as soon as you can!

When it’s time to brush your poodle, there are two brushes I’ll always recommend:

  • The Slicker Brush: Slicker brushes are your standard pet brush, and they come in tons of varieties based on your dog’s coat length, thickness, and curliness. Slicker brushes are great for stimulating the skin and removing loose hair.
The Slicker Brush

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  • The Matting Brush: Matting brushes are designed to detangle hairs and are more effective than slicker brushes when managing curly hair. When you brush your poodle with a matting brush, pay extra attention to high-movement areas, like around the neck and under the legs. These spots are major tangle zones!
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Shampoos for your Poodle

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Regular baths are also a great way to maintain coat health, and your shampoo choices matter! If your dog has sensitive skin, they may struggle with hair loss due to irritation. Try looking for a paraben-free dog shampoo based on your poodle’s skin needs. For curly-haired pups, I recommend using an oatmeal shampoo or one for sensitive skin.

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If you need help determining how often you should wash your dog, take our quiz!

Nail Trimming

Believe it or not, your dog’s nail length also plays a role in hair loss! Long, jagged nails are more likely to scrape, irritate the skin, and potentially rip out fur. To avoid your dog accidentally scraping themselves, try to get them trimmed if you start to see some gnarly claws.

At the Groomer’s

poodle at groomer

Regular visits to the groomer are excellent opportunities for a poodle to keep their fur looking stylish! Plus, a regular trim can help reduce split ends and keep fur looking lush. Try to take your poodle to the groomer once every few months.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet and proper exercise can play a significant role in how much poodles shed. A poodle may shed more than usual if it has allergies, food intolerances, or vitamin deficiencies. Make sure your poodle eats balanced meals every day (we list some of the best food for poodles in the FAQ section below)

Regular Check-Ups

podle at vet

Finally, regular visits to the vet are another great way to ensure that your dog’s coat is healthy and that they’re regularly shedding. Veterinarians are your best resource if you notice your poodle shedding more (or less) than usual, and checking in with the vet at least once a year is the best way to keep your dog’s medical records up-to-date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Poodles Shed?

Poodles shed, but only a little.

When Do Poodles Shed?

Poodles shed year-round.

Do Poodle Mixes Shed?

Some poodle mixes shed more than others. Depending on how curly their hair is, some poodle mixes will shed more than others. The curlier the hair, the less they’ll shed.

Do Poodle Cats Shed?

Poodle cats are not related to poodle dogs, but they have similar shedding habits Cornish, Devon, and Selkirk Rexes are all considered “hypoallergenic” cat breeds.

Do Standard Poodles Shed?

Standard-size poodles shed the most out of the three breed sizes because they have the most hair. They still do not shed much.

Do Miniature Poodles Shed?

Miniature poodles shed a moderate amount compared to other poodle sizes because they have less hair than standard poodles.

Do Teacup Poodles Shed?

Teacup poodles shed the least out of the poodle varieties because they are the smallest.

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