Bronco’s 1,000-Day Wait: The Mystery of Why No One Will Adopt Him

Nestled in a suburban kennel, one dog’s poignant tale echoes louder than the rest. Bronco, with his spirited demeanor, has been on a heart-wrenching quest for a forever home for over one thousand days. His narrative is a testament to resilience, undying hope, and a spirit that refuses to wane.


Bronco’s odyssey began in a whirlwind of emotions in July 2020. Adopted as a puppy from a high kill shelter in Carson, CA, he believed he had found his forever home. But as fate would cruelly dictate, the couple who adopted him had a baby which meant Bronco’s place was compromised. After six months, the very hands that once embraced him, led him back to the cold confines of the crowded shelter.

Bronco's 1,000-Day Wait: The Mystery of Why No One Will Adopt Him

The harsh reality of shelters is that owner-surrendered dogs, like Bronco, often bear the brunt of circumstances. Without the safety net of a holding period, they are at the forefront when shelters reach their limits.

However, Bronco got lucky, really lucky. Mutts in Need Rescue recognized his potential and were moved by his sad tale of abandonment. So they rescued him and in September 2020 and were unable to find a foster, so he was transitioned to boarding.

Today, unbelievably 3 years later, he’s still there in boarding amidst 30 other dogs, Bronco finds solace in playful moments and a peculiar fondness for the hose. Yet, behind those spirited antics lies a heart yearning for a place to call home.

We’re not sure why people don’t apply for him. He is great with other dogs of all sizes, he loves water. He’s great with people.

Kym, Mutts N Need Rescue
Bronco's 1,000-Day Wait: The Mystery of Why No One Will Adopt Him

One might ponder, why has Bronco’s journey been so prolonged? He’s only even had a single meet-and-greet which was marred by his enthusiastic barking and a unique eye condition that sometimes gives him a cross-eyed appearance. Yet, those who know him best see this not as a flaw but a quirk, describing his vocal nature as simply his way of “talking.”

“When he first came to us he was barking non-stop due to the stress of the shelter. But now he doesn’t bark as much. But he’s also not a puppy anymore, so not as attractive to potential adopters.”

Kym, Mutts N Need Rescue
@muttloverrescue Bronco has been in a kennel environment since 2020. He is extremely dog friendly people friendly he has no issues other than being a little goofy. We are hoping this is the year that someone falls in love with him the way we have. #bronco #muttsinneed #rescuesneedlove @Mutts In Need Dog Rescue ♬ You've Got a Friend in Me – From "Toy Story"/Soundtrack Version – Randy Newman

Bronco, with his goofy and affable nature, enjoys the company of other dogs and the thrill of a chase. But the extended kennel stay has cast a shadow over his once vibrant spirit. The urgency to find him a loving home grows with each passing day.

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In a world of transient moments, Bronco’s story stands as a beacon of enduring hope. The search continues for that special family who will see beyond the surface and embrace the loving heart of a dog named Bronco.

Bronco's 1,000-Day Wait: The Mystery of Why No One Will Adopt Him

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