Abandoned Dog Literally Found In The Trash. His Owners’ Rubbish Discarded Along With Him.

Moe-Moe, a white and black pit bull, was discovered among the garbage bags on a neighborhood street after being abandoned by his family when they were getting ready to move. There he was alongside the trash and old furniture. Fortunately, compassionate sanitation workers noticed him and promptly notified the animal shelter while providing him with refreshing ice water.

family leaves dog out in the trash then move away

In his previous residence, he lived with three other canines, and resided alongside children in his most recent home. He was housebroken, walked well on a leash, and was very sweet and friendly. But none of that mattered to his owners, who heartlessly abandoned him, leaving him behind like a piece of trash.

moemoe was abandoned in the trash but has found a new forever home

Thankfully, his story has a happy ending. The Hoke Co. Animal Shelter in Raeford, NC took him in and gave him the care and attention he deserved. They also found him a new home where he will be loved and cherished for the rest of his life.

moemoe. A very good boy.

Moe-Moe’s situation is not an isolated incident. Annually, countless dogs face abandonment, neglect, or mistreatment at the hands of their owners. Consequently, they find themselves in shelters, roaming the streets, or suffering tragic outcomes. This highlights the significance of pet adoption and ensuring the sterilization of your pets. Additional ways to contribute include making donations or offering your time as a volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. Alternatively, fostering or adopting a dog in need also makes a difference.

Dogs are not disposable. They are loyal, loving, and intelligent creatures who deserve our respect and compassion. Moe-Moe is one of the lucky ones who got a second chance at happiness. Let’s make sure more dogs like him do too.

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