Blue Brindle French Bulldogs Are Rare, Expensive and Highly Sought-After

There are some dog breeds whose good looks are so compelling, they capture the attention of dog lovers everywhere, and French Bulldogs are one of them. Consistently one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, and widely considered a “fancy,” good-looking, celebrity-worthy breed, it’s pretty hard to resist the velvet-soft coat, sweet smushed face, and big bat-like ears of a French Bulldog. 

While French Bulldogs are absolutely adorable in solid colors, patterned French Bulldogs earn high prices for their breeders and earn much admiration from Frenchie enthusiasts. Among the most coveted of the patterned Frenchie is the blue brindle French Bulldog. 

Welcome to the perfect place to marvel at this extraordinary color variation of the French Bulldog, and learn more about how standard brindle French Bulldogs are turned blue. 

What Is a Blue Brindle French Bulldog? 

Blue Brindle French Bulldogs
Source: @being_nacho

“Blue brindle” describes a specific color (blue) and pattern (brindle) variation of the French Bulldog. 

Regular brindle Frenchies have reddish-fawn base coats with black striping, earning them the nickname “Tiger Frenchies.” Blue brindle French Bulldogs have blue-gray base coats with subtle stripes of fawn or light brown. Some blue brindle Frenchies have such light striping that it can be hard to capture on camera. 

While brindle is a standard color variation for the French Bulldog, blue brindle is not. This doesn’t mean that blue brindle Frenchies aren’t purebred or authentic French Bulldogs—because they are—but it does mean that they may not be eligible to be shown at official dog shows. Nevertheless, blue brindle is a sought-after color of French Bulldog, and people are willing to pay thousands to own one of their own. 

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How Does Blue Brindle Occur in French Bulldogs?

Part of what makes the blue brindle French Bulldog so sought after and expensive is the specific circumstances needed to produce these pups. For a blue brindle French Bulldog to occur, breeders must pair dogs carrying copies of both the blue and brindle genes. The genes for both blue and brindle are recessive, and require a matching gene pairing to produce puppies with this distinctive look. 

Meet 5 Blue Brindle French Bulldogs from Instagram

Don’t let your imagination wander any longer! We’re about to see some real-life blue brindle Frenchies. Let’s take a look at 5 adorable blue brindle French Bulldogs whose humans with thumbs have made them Instagram accounts. 

1. Nacho

Photo by ᑎᗩᑕᕼO | ᖴᖇEᑎᑕᕼIE ???????????????????????????? on August 10, 2023. May be an image of Boston terrier and beanbag chair.
Source: @Being_Nacho

Oops, that’s a rather saucy photo! This excellent butt shot of Nacho shows off his subtle brindle tiger striping, so we won’t be making any apologies for it. Nacho is a 2-year-old blue brindle French Bulldog from England whose humans say he is a master of zoomies and a lover of kisses!

2. Bailey

Photo by ⒷⒶⒾⓁⒺⓎ ???? & ⓀⒶⓉⒽⒶ ????????‍♀️ in Hvide Sande strand with @tierliebhaberofficial. May be an image of 1 person, animal and beach.
Source: @Bailey.Blue.Frenchie

Bailey is a blue brindle French Bulldog from Germany whose humans are influencers who take absolutely amazing photos of her. Miss Bailey has remarkably distinct brindle patterning, which is pretty rare for a blue brindle Frenchie. 

3. Viva & Nancy

Aways touching… always napping ????????????
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Source: @VivaTheFrenchBulldogAndNancy2

What’s better than a blue brindle French Bulldog? TWO blue brindle French Bulldogs! Meet Viva and Nancy, 2 and 3-year-old blue brindle Frenchie sisters from England who do everything together. These lovely ladies are big on taking naps, whether they’re inside or outside, but will go on a walk if there’s the promise of a tasty treat at the end. 

4. Adonis

Photo by @adonisgraythefrenchbulldog in BarkNFetch.
Source: @AdonisGrayTheFrenchBulldog

Adonis is a blue brindle French Bulldog puppy from Texas with a lot of growing to do before he’s full-grown! Until then, Adonis is a typical Frenchie puppy with lots of energy for chewing, romping, and making mischief.

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5. Willow

Photo shared by Willow & Wallis ???? on April 13, 2022 tagging @popandtedthreads.
Source: @Willow.and.Wallis

Willow (right) is a blue brindle French Bulldog whose (not so) little sister Wallis (left) is always by her side. Seeing Willow and Wallis next to each other gives you a good chance to see the difference between black (like Wallis’ nose) and blue (like Willow’s nose) in the French Bulldog. 

Blue Brindle French Bulldog FAQ

We can’t get enough of the blue brindle French Bulldog either, and you’re probably hoping for a little more information on this unique color variant. We’ve rounded up the internet’s most pressing questions about blue brindle French Bulldogs, and are answering them all right now! 

How big do full-grown blue brindle French Bulldogs get? 

Blue brindle French Bulldogs stand at around 12 inches tall and weigh between 16–28 pounds when full-grown. 

Are blue brindle French Bulldogs rare? 

Sort of. Blue brindle is fairly easy to produce with the right genetic pairing, but not many breeders are endeavoring to produce this color variant. Because of this, and the fact that both blue and brindle traits are recessive, there are not many blue brindle French Bulldogs being produced. 

How much is a blue brindle French Bulldog worth? 

French Bulldogs in standard colors start at around $1,500–$2,000, so you can imagine that more “exotic” color variations would earn an even more impressive price tag. The average blue brindle French Bulldog price falls around $4,000–$6,000, with some earning even more for their breeders. 

What is the difference between blue brindle and blue merle French Bulldogs? 

Brindle and merle are different patterns and derive from different genes. While both can be made up of the same colors, brindle and merle look distinct from one another, and are hard to mistake once you know what to look for. 

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Brindle and merle also don’t combine well–purely because the combination produces neither brindle, nor merle, nor a mix of the two, and will essentially cancel out any potential patterning. Because of this, you’ll never see a blue brindle merle French Bulldog. 

Take a look at a blue brindle Frenchie (left) compared to a blue merle Frenchie (right). 
Blue Brindle French BulldogsSources: @Being_Nacho and @Wilburs.Wanders

What color eyes do blue brindle Frenchies have? 

Most French Bulldogs are born with blue or light-colored eyes, but the majority turn brown or amber as they age. Some blue brindle and blue French Bulldogs retain light or even blue eyes into adulthood, but this isn’t a rule for all examples of the blue Frenchie. 

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