Would You Pay $7,000 For a Rare French Bulldog Color? Meet the Blue Fawn Frenchie

The French Bulldog has been on a steady popularity rise in the US since the early 20th century and even bumped the Labrador Retriever out of the #1 spot on the American Kennel Club (AKC) most popular dog rankings for 2022. People adore Frenchies, and it’s not hard to see why. Sturdy balls of adorable goofiness, Frenchies have tons of charm and good looks, too!

French Bulldogs come in a ton of colors, but some of the more sought-after and uncommon colors might not even sound real. In this guide, we’re focusing on one unusual color in particular: Blue Fawn. 

blue fawn frenchie

Characterized by a solid cool-toned, silvery-gray body and deeper silver around the ears and muzzle, the blue fawn French Bulldog is positively stunning. The result of inheriting several dilution genes, blue fawn French Bulldogs are a coveted variety amongst breeders and breed enthusiasts alike, but not necessarily a truly rare color. 

Let’s not get into the minutiae of blue fawn Frenchies just yet—keep reading to see some examples of this Frenchie color, and to get more information about owning one of these beautiful dogs yourself. 

What Do Blue Fawn Frenchies Look Like? Discover 5 From Instagram

When you start to use words like “blue” and “fawn” to describe French Bulldog color, it can get pretty difficult to imagine what color the dog being described actually is. Fawn French Bulldogs, sometimes called tan, light brown, or red fawn French Bulldogs, are a light-khaki coat color. When you add blue to the equation, the color becomes almost silvery, and most blue fawn French Bulldogs also have darker patches of blue—or deep silver gray—on their muzzles. 

Don’t worry, your imagination doesn’t have to do all the work! Meet five adorable blue fawn French Bulldogs whose humans have generously made them Instagram accounts. 

1. Winnie

 Winnie the Blue Fawn Frenchie
Source: @Winne.TheFrenchie_X

Winnie is a two-year-old blue fawn French Bulldog from Cumbria, UK. Winnie is the queen of soft and will find the coziest spot in every room to take a nap or just lounge. An easy-going, cheerful pooch, Winnie gets along well with other dogs and gets to accompany her humans on lots of days out. 

2. Bruno

Bruno the Blue Fawn Frenchie
Source: @Bruno.The.Frenchi1202

This very distinguished gentleman is Bruno, a blue fawn French Bulldog from Arizona who is a true outdoorsman! Bruno loves everything from swimming in lakes and going camping to tunneling through the snow and visiting new places. A Frenchie with no limits, Bruno still makes time to relax at the end of the day with his people!

3. Rambo

Rambo the Blue Fawn Frenchie
Source: @FloppyEaredFrenchie2023

Wondering what blue fawn French Bulldog puppies look like? Well, here you go! Meet Rambo, an adorable puppy who still has lots of growing to do—just look how tiny he looks with that spoon! Rambo’s humans are doing a great job socializing him to make sure he’s a confident adult dog, and Rambo loves all the attention of going to new places and meeting new people. 

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4. Franklin

Franklin the Blue Fawn Frenchie
Source: @FranklinCobain_TheFrenchie

When describing a French Bulldog’s coat, we describe both color and patterning. In Franklin’s case, his color is blue fawn, and his patterning is merle, making him a blue fawn merle French Bulldog! Franklin has the classic silvery-tan blue fawn base color with patches of lighter fawn and darker blue. Living in Ventura, California with his Yellow Lab bestie, Franklin is a uniquely beautiful pup. 

5. Theodore

Theodore the Blue Fawn Frenchie
Source: @BlueFawnTheo

This soulful boy is Theodore, a blue fawn French Bulldog from Santa Cruz, California who spends as much time as possible at the beach! A total surf bum, Theodore loves nothing more than playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, and enjoying an ice cream after a long day in the sunshine. 

Blue Fawn French Bulldog Basic Info

Temperament, physical attributes, and health concerns are the same for the French Bulldog breed as a whole and do not vary depending on color.* Blue fawn French Bulldogs have the same needs as brindle Frenchies, cream Frenchies, and beyond. Known for their goofy antics as much as their rotund bodies and flat faces, French Bulldogs constantly keep their humans laughing and have so much personality. 

Even if you’re already convinced a blue fawn French Bulldog is the perfect pup for you, keep reading to explore all the details of life with a Frenchie. As amazing as these dogs are, many have unfortunately health issues that can be extremely uncomfortable for them and costly for you. 

*Note: Some French Bulldog patterns—like merle Frenchies—can have negative consequences for the dog’s health when produced incorrectly, but this is due to potential genetic abnormalities that are well-known by breeders. Simple color varieties like blue fawn, fawn, white, etc., do not impact French Bulldog well-being. 

Blue Fawn French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldogs are extroverted and social dogs, sometimes called “clowns” thanks to their playful and funny personalities. Frenchies love to be in the spotlight but aren’t always happy to follow instructions. Occasionally stubborn, some French Bulldogs can be difficult to potty train or a little slower to pick up on basic commands. In some cases, Frenchies are simply too easily distracted and would rather be doing something they’re interested in or taking a nap than listening to their humans. 

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Because they are so responsive to outside stimuli, training and socialization are very important for French Bulldog puppies. In some cases, overstimulation can turn to reactivity, which can be very stressful on human and dog alike. 

a blue fawn frenchie

Blue Fawn French Bulldog Size

Adult blue fawn French Bulldogs stand around 11–13 inches tall and weigh 16–28 pounds.

Blue Fawn French Bulldog Health

Despite their widespread popularity, French Bulldogs come with a host of health issues that are not only possible but common within the breed. Many French Bulldog owners spend thousands on their dogs annually to maintain their health and wellness—a serious reason to reconsider getting a Frenchie if you have any financial concerns about dog ownership.

“[My Frenchie] is a particularly bad case, but 6 months from now he will be 4 years old and his overall costs are already over $30,000.00,” says a Reddit comment sharing the grim truth about the cost of French Bulldog ownership. 

Both of my French Bulldogs required emergency spinal surgery at $10k and $8k,” says another comment in a different thread. “In my time as a Frenchie mama I’ve seen $2000+ vet bills more time than I can count.”

Some of the more common health issues French Bulldogs experience include: 

  • Allergies (skin & environmental)
  • Alopecia (specific to blue-variety French Bulldogs)
  • Back and spinal problems (e.g. back injury, intervertebral disc disease)
  • Breathing problems (e.g. asthma, allergies, malformed airways, short snout)
  • Ear infections
  • Eye and vision problems (e.g. glaucoma, eye injuries)
  • Food allergies
  • GI issues
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia 
  • Patellar luxation
  • Skin infections (in folds especially)

Where To Find Blue Fawn French Bulldog Puppies

If you want to buy a blue fawn French Bulldog puppy specifically, the best place to start is by talking to other Frenchie owners. Reputable breeders are often best found through references, especially when you’re searching for a specialty color. Keep in mind that buying a blue fawn French Bulldog can be very expensive, so be prepared for $2,000+.

Alternatively, you can always choose to adopt a French Bulldog! Here are two national French Bulldog rescues to help you start your search: 

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Blue Fawn French Bulldog FAQ

blue sawn frenchie

Don’t click away just yet! Dog lovers online have lots of burning questions about the blue fawn French Bulldog, and we’re prepared with the answers.

Are there different shades of fawn?

Yes! Blue fawn is a derivative of fawn and is sometimes called red fawn. Fawn French Bulldogs are a solid light-colored tan, sometimes leaning closer to cream, sometimes closer to red. Rather than having blue snouts and silver-tipped ears, fawn Frenchies typically have true-black snouts. 

Take a look at the difference between Theodore (left, blue fawn Frenchie) and Chai (right, fawn Frenchie). 

Sources: @BlueFawnTheo and @_LifeOfChai_

How much does a blue fawn French Bulldog cost? 

$2,000—$7,000. Specialty French Bulldog colors—like blue fawn—are considered more difficult to produce and are more highly sought after, allowing breeders to ask for impressive prices for their pups. Of course, paying ethical breeders for their efforts is absolutely worth it, but if you’re not interested in paying thousands for a French Bulldog, consider adopting! If you find a blue fawn French Bulldog at a shelter or rescue, you’ll pay between $150–$400

What’s the difference between a blue fawn and a lilac French Bulldog? 

Blue fawn French Bulldogs are a derivative of fawn with additional dilution genes that give them a silvery hue and blue features. Lilac French Bulldogs, on the other hand, are a diluted version of standard blue French Bulldogs. Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison of a blue fawn (left) and a lilac (right) French Bulldog. 

Sources: @Winnie.TheFrenchie_X and @Whisper.And.Winnie

What color eyes do blue fawn French Bulldogs have? 

Because blue fawn Frenchies carry multiple dilution genes, they often have light-colored eyes! Some have light brown eyes, some have light green eyes, some have light gray eyes, and some even have blue eyes. 

Is the blue fawn color accepted by the AKC? 

No. Fawn is accepted by the AKC, but blue fawn is not. Although you cannot show a blue fawn French Bulldog at dog shows for formal awards, they can still be AKC registered and are still purebred French Bulldogs. 

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