Beagle Rescued From Testing Lab Enjoys First Steps On Grass & Finds Her Forever Home.

In the vibrant world outside the sterile confines of a testing lab, a beagle named Tashi steps tentatively onto the grass, her paws feeling the strange, soft texture beneath them for the first time. Her eyes, once dulled by the stark, unchanging environment of the lab, now flicker with a cautious curiosity. Rocky Kanaka, a passionate animal advocate, watches her, his heart swelling with a mixture of joy and sorrow.


Tashi, along with thousands of other beagles, had been confined to a life of testing and experimentation, reduced to a mere number, tattooed onto her ear: CMF CWJ. The beagle, a breed chosen frequently for lab testing due to their docile and forgiving nature, had never known the simple joys that other dogs experience daily.

Rocky, with his project “Dog’s Day Out,” aimed to change that, at least for Tashi and her fellow lab survivors.

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“They didn’t even give her a name. They only gave her a tattoo,” Rocky said as he introduced Tashi’s story to the world. Her life, up until her release, was confined to a cage, her identity stripped down to a mere number amidst the 4,000 beagles kept in captivity.

Beagles Who Spent Entire Life in Testing Lab

The Beagle Freedom Project, an initiative that aims to rescue beagles used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life after labs, has been instrumental in bringing stories like Tashi’s to light. Beagles are often subjected to various tests due to their gentle disposition and relatively small size. They endure a life that knows no walks, no loving human companionship, and no freedom.

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Beagles Who Spent Entire Life in Testing Lab

As Tashi explored the world beyond the lab, Rocky was there to guide her, ensuring her first experiences of freedom were filled with love, comfort, and joy. Her first Puppuccino, a delightful concoction from a local café, brought forth the first glimpses of a playful spirit, long suppressed by the stark confines of the lab.

Beagle Who Spent Entire Life in Testing Lab, Tashi

“Promise you now, girl, you’re more than just a number and we are gonna do whatever it takes to find you a home,” Rocky whispered to Tashi, a promise that extended beyond mere words.

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Tashi’s journey from the lab to exploring the world was not just a physical transition but an emotional and psychological one too. Her first steps on the grass, her first interaction with toys, and her first taste of various treats were all monumental moments, signaling not just her freedom but also her introduction to a world where she was valued and loved.

Beagle Who Spent Entire Life in Testing Lab having Puppucino

In a poignant moment, Tashi, who had never known the comfort of choosing, was given the liberty to “buy” anything she touched at a pet store. Her tentative paws touched toys, beds, and even cat litter, each item a symbol of her newfound freedom and choice.

“Whatever you want, I’ll buy it! All you gotta do is touch it!” Rocky encouraged, his voice a gentle coaxing against the backdrop of a world that was entirely new to Tashi.

The journey was not without its challenges. Tashi, unfamiliar with the concept of play and interaction, initially found it overwhelming to engage with the world around her. But with patience, gentle encouragement, and an unwavering commitment from Rocky, she began to explore, play, and even make choices.

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Beagle Who Spent Entire Life in Testing Lab

The story of Tashi is not just a tale of liberation from captivity but also a testament to the resilience and forgiving nature of animals, even those who have only known suffering at the hands of humans. It’s a narrative that intertwines the cruelty of animal testing labs with the boundless capacity for love and forgiveness found in beings like Tashi.

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As Tashi experienced her first day out, her first ice cream, and her first interaction with other dogs, she also experienced something far more profound – the realization that she was finally safe, loved, and free to just be a dog.

Tashi in Photography studio

Rocky’s endeavor to find Tashi a forever home was met with a heartwarming response. Families lined up, eager to provide homes for Tashi and her fellow beagles, offering them a second chance at life – a life where they would be cherished, not as subjects, but as beloved family members.

Rocky and Tashi at toy store

“We drove from Vegas early in the morning to looking for a beagle to take home and we finally found a beagle to take home. So we’re super excited,” shared a family, their faces lighting up with joy as they welcomed Tashi into their lives.


Tashi’s story, from a numbered entity in a lab to a beloved pet, is a stark reminder of the silent suffering endured by countless animals in testing labs across the globe. It’s a call to action, urging us to look beyond our immediate surroundings and to advocate for those who have no voice.

In the gentle wag of Tashi’s tail and the soft, trusting look in her eyes, we are reminded of the profound impact kindness can have, turning a tale of sorrow into a story of hope, love, and endless possibilities.

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