This Beagle Binge Watches TV Because THIS Happened As A Puppy

Video Transcript

This adorable beagle loves watching movies and TV.

Beagle watches TV

Gabby (Winston’s Owner):
He definitely gets emotional or angry at certainties scenes! He’ll howl, he will get on the edge of his seat, whines and cries during them.

I know I posted a video the other day of, uh, we turned the volume off and he was not a happy camper about that. He wanted that sound on.

Moana we can turn on at any given moment and he will come running when he hears that, like he loves that movie. But we’ve watched Beethoven quite a few times now because he really, really see stuff like that one. It’s hilarious.

Winston loves every chance he gets to watch movies, but as a puppy life wasn’t picture perfect.

Winston, the Beagle that watches TV

The day after we got him, I actually had to go out of town. My husband called me and told me that Winston kind of stopped eating. I got home and I walked in the door and I knew something wasn’t right.

He not only was not he not eating or drinking, he was super lethargic. And he was shivering, which is a sign that a dog is in pain or sick. So I rushed him to our full service and she couldn’t, she could barely even hear his heartbeat.

His lungs were so, so full with fluid and it was pretty devastating. I work in the animal field so I know puppies with pneumonia does not always have a very good outcome. We decided instead of bringing him to the emergency bed, that I was just gonna bring him home.

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Cause there was things we could do at home, like steam, his lungs. Obviously we started home on, on a lot of antibiotics. And about a week after that, he started to get better. Um, then he would relapse again, kind of would go through that for the first, you know, six months of his life.

It was kind of a rollercoaster, but really once he turned like seven months old, his last extra, his lungs are clear and everything is all clear, but you know, he’s three now. And other than that, he’s perfectly healthy.

Winston, the Beagle that watches TV

He was during Winston’s recovery that he was first introduced to movies and television.

The first time I thought it was just, you know, a coincidence. But then the more and more I started noticing his expressions during it, I’m like this dog is not just coincidentally looking at the TV.

Like he is watching this. I started posting it a little bit on my Facebook, but then I guess I just got used to it. Like I almost forgot it wasn’t northbound.

Until I posted that TikTok of him freaking out when I paused his favorite movie, he definitely normalized it for us.

Now people love watching Winston online, cuddling on the couch and watching TV daily.

I say everybody has a soulmate. I think everybody has a soul animal too. And I would say he’s definitely my soul dog.

We just get each other, anytime I’m in a bad mood or he’s in a bad mood, we can just cheer each other up. He is just the sweetest.

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He is so, so cuddly. He is, my magnet, pretty much makes my heart burst because Winston obviously has given us so much joy over the last three years.

So to be able to share that with everybody else and receive the same kind of, um, feedback back has been really, really, really sweet.

Winston, the Beagle that watches TV and his owner

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