Meet The Aussie German Shepherd Mix

If you’re looking for an absolutely gorgeous pooch to shower with love and attention, then you may be on the market for an Australian Shepherd Mixed German Shepherd! The size of these dogs matches their massive personality, which makes them the perfect pick for someone seeking an active, highly trainable pooch.

What are Australian Shepherd Mixed German Shepherd Dogs Like?

While the individual temperament of any dog will be unique, there are a few traits that are generally shared between all pups of a certain type. In the case of the Aussie German Shepherd Mix, pups reap all the benefits (and disadvantages) of each breed.

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The Benefits of the Aussie German Shepherd Mix

If you’re on the market for a dog that is as intelligent as it is large, then look no further than the beautiful Aussie German Shepherd mix While German shepherds tend to have a stubborn streak, this is often balanced out by the calmer demeanor of the Australian shepherd.

This mixed breed also features the strength and power that is characteristic of both parent breeds. While this may be a downside for some, it comes as a massive benefit for anyone seeking a good mix of a guard dog and a companion.

Australian Shepherd Mixed German Shepherd Dogs
Photo Image: @akela.thegermanaussie
This German Aussie Shepherd mix is a great example of this mixed breed dog. You can see both breeds pretty clearly.

What to Watch Out For

At the same time, mixing these highly powerful breeds also results in a few drawbacks. The most obvious is that these dogs will be high energy. You’ll need to have plenty of space for them to exercise. Extreme curiosity also plagues the breed, so you’ll need to be ready and eager to train them if you’d rather not come home to gutted pillows and chewed up rugs!

With both parents being long-haired, all Australian Shepherd Mixed German Shepherd will also require extensive grooming. In some cases, you may even want to look into finding a dedicated grooming service.

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Meet Some Australian Shepherd Mixed German Shepherd

Always do plenty of research before picking out a new dog. Your newest family member deserves the best, and you can only provide that if you know your stuff. To help you learn more about these gorgeous mixed breed pooches, consider checking out some examples on social media. The best way to find this mixed breed dog is to use these hashtags on Instagram




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