Smartest German Shepherds Raise Money for Cancer Research

Video Transcript

Mike (Buddy and Pal’s father):
Don’t touch. Don’t touch. It’s not yours. That’s such a good boy. Don’t touch. Don’t touch. You definitely passed.

Buddy Smartest German Shepherds Raise Money for Cancer Research

Some of you might remember Buddy, who seems to understand everything his dad says.

Buddy wants ice cream? He wants ice cream?
His personality was like, like a human.

After some time, Mike decided Buddy needed a brother. So he and Buddy decided to get another dog.

Buddy and I jump in the car. The first one I see is this beautiful male. And I say, okay, I gotta go show Buddy. So as soon as I brought him to the car, he was amazed. The pup was scared for about ten seconds. Ten seconds into it, he was awesome and I knew that there were gonna be buddies.

Buddy & Pal

After some time Mike and others notice how much Pal acted like his older brother.

Honestly, it freaked me out a little bit.
“You pick that stick up, take it home. You wanna bring that stick home? let’s go. We can, we can bring it home. Come on. What’s the matter why you whining? good boy.”

I believe at the same age right now, Pal’s actually smarter than Buddy was at four and a half months. But then in the same breathe, I believe part of his soul is in there and that’s what makes him so intelligent. The only difference I see in the two is Pal’s a little more stubborn. it’s crazy. But he is!

Unfortunately Buddy got diagnosed with cancer and passed away when he was only five years old.

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Buddy and Pal

I notice when he would run and chase balls that he would be not that speed and that aggressiveness that he always had. I started noticing he was losing weight. And I said, something’s not right here.

While Buddy may have passed on Mike and others are certain Pal is just like him.

Buddy’s okay? He’s a good boy. You know where we gotta go right now, pal? Madden. I want to go see him. You want to go see Madden with me? I’m going to get a drink. Don’t touch our pizza.

There’s tons and tons of comments of people saying, “oh my gosh,” there’s actually comments to say, “oh, I thought it was Buddy.”

Oh, you’re such a good boy. No touching it that’s it. Just wait your turn.

I truly believe Buddy is inside Pa,. I believe it.

Mike and Pal plan to continue Buddy’s legacy by helping raise funds in research to fight cancer.


We make people happy and, and I love that we’re able to make people happy. So I’m hoping that when people think of Buddy and Pal in the future, they think about happiness and how the world doesn’t need to be so sad and so angry and so hurtful that that if we had more Buddies and Pals in this world, our world would be a much better place.

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