Alarming Rise in Non-Live Outcomes for Dogs in Shelters, SAC Reports

In 2023, animal shelters across the United States witnessed a significant increase in non-live outcomes for dogs, with a 24% rise compared to 2022 and a staggering 64% increase from 2021. This concerning trend was highlighted in a new report from Shelter Animals Count (SAC).

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A Concerning Trend in Dog Welfare

The SAC’s comprehensive report sheds light on the changing landscape of animal sheltering, with a particular focus on the fate of dogs. “This year’s data presents a concerning trend that cannot be overlooked,” said a spokesperson from SAC. “The sharp increase in non-live outcomes for dogs is a call to action for the entire animal welfare community.”

Non-Live Outcomes for Dogs in Shelters, SAC Reports
Souce: Shelter Animals Count

Understanding Non-Live Outcomes

Non-live outcomes include scenarios where dogs either do not survive while in care due to various reasons or are euthanized. The reasons behind this increase are multifaceted, ranging from health issues, behavioral problems, to overcrowding in shelters.

The Numbers Speak

In 2023, approximately 78,000 more dogs faced non-live outcomes compared to the previous year. This figure represents a significant portion of the canine population in shelters and indicates a shift in the dynamics of animal rescue and sheltering operations.

SAC’s Role in Animal Welfare

Shelter Animals Count has been instrumental in collecting and analyzing data from animal sheltering organizations nationwide. Their work provides invaluable insights into trends and patterns, helping shape policies and practices in animal welfare. “Our mission is to aid in the understanding of these trends to better equip shelters and rescues in their vital work,” added the SAC representative.

Non-Live Outcomes for Dogs in Shelters, SAC Reports
Souce: Shelter Animals Count

Looking Ahead

As the data reveals a worrying trend, it also opens up conversations about the challenges faced by animal shelters and the need for community involvement and support. The SAC emphasizes the importance of adoption, fostering, and responsible pet ownership in addressing these challenges.

In conclusion, the report from Shelter Animals Count not only highlights a critical issue but also serves as a catalyst for change in the approach towards animal sheltering and welfare. The rise in non-live outcomes for dogs is a complex issue that requires attention, understanding, and action from all stakeholders in the animal welfare community.

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