A Record Number Of Dogs Are Being Surrendered. Here’s Why.

Most dog owners want to do everything they can to give their pup a good life, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Whether due to home regulations, behavioral issues, or high expenses, many pet owners make the tough decision to surrender their dogs in the hope of finding a better home for them. 

dog being Surrendered

While these cases can’t be prevented altogether, recent studies have shown an alarming rise in dog surrenders is reaching a record high. But what’s causing this sudden rise? Turns out, the most significant culprit is inflation


Chances are, you’ve noticed that everything seems more expensive lately. Don’t worry, you’re not just seeing things. Inflation has been rampant lately, and the rising prices have finally hit the pet care industry. Many families are now suffering from the effects of this financial instability, and are being forced to make some difficult choices. Inflation compounded with the fact that so many dogs were adopted during the pandemic when everyone was home, makes for shelter overcrowding.

dog being Surrendered

Maybe it’s pet-friendly housing, or maybe it’s basic dog necessities such as food or medication. Either way, many owners realize their pets needs aren’t in the budget. Though it’s a heartbreaking scenario, surrendering their dog is often the only thing their owner can do.

Shelter Life

Animal shelters do everything they can to provide a safe refuge for any pup who ends up at their door. In addition, they work to pair these dogs with potential adopters. However, as shelters become overcrowded and potential adopters become more scarce, most shelters have no choice but to euthanize to make room for incoming dogs.

People who are thinking about surrendering their dog to an animal shelter need to realize that there is a good chance their dog might be euthanized.

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dog being Surrendered-in shelter

Instead of surrendering your dog to a dog shelter, there are some other options.

  1. Some shelters provide temporary housing for pets whose owners aren’t able to care for them at the moment. While at the shelter, your pup will be well-fed, have a roof to sleep under, and be in contact with plenty of other dog-loving humans, so you won’t have to worry while you’re getting back on your feet. Once you’re in a better position to care for your dog, you can take them back home and continue life as normal.
  2. Some shelters will provide food and other care for your dog if you keep the dog. It is better for them to give you dog food and supplies then to take on another dog.
  3. If you MUST surrender your dog, find a rescue group instead.

Though you may be in a rough position right now, don’t lose hope! There are resources out there that can help you and your dog stay together.

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