700 Days and Counting: The Mystery of Why this Potential Service Dog is Still Searching for a Home

After 700 days in foster care, Grimm, a potential service-dog, remains without a permanent home. Rescued as a puppy and raised under the guidance of a professional dog trainer, Grimm is fully equipped with advanced obedience and potential service skills. Despite his extensive training and amiable nature, a forever family has yet to adopt him. This prolonged period in foster care is a complete mystery to his rescuers.

dog 700 days in foster care

A Heartfelt Start and Search for Forever Love

Grimm’s story began when he was found in a field with his brother and brought to Pitty Paws Bully Rescue at just 3-4 months old. While his brother found a loving home shortly after being vetted, Grimm, for reasons unknown, has only attracted a few bites of interest, with nothing blossoming into a permanent adoption. This journey has seen him navigate through foster care, eagerly awaiting a family to call his own.

A Unique Mix of Regal Heritage

His striking appearance, marked by patterns resembling a tuxedo, showcases the blend of Staffordshire English and Presa Canario Spanish in his lineage, adding to his captivating charm.

A Sporting Enthusiast with a Heart of Gold

dog 700 days in foster care

This energetic pup thrives in the great outdoors, reveling in sports, whether it’s splashing in water, engaging in team romps in the yard, or embracing other outdoor games. Beyond his playful antics, Grimm effortlessly switches to lounging mode, happily relaxing on the floor or couch. His well-mannered nature shines through house and crate training, understanding commands like “sit” and mastering leash walking, showcasing his quick learning abilities and attentive nature towards humans.

The Gentle Companion and Playmate

Despite his playful nature, Grimm’s amiable disposition extends to his interactions with fellow canines and children, showcasing his gentle demeanor and affinity for companionship. His approach to feline friends in the cat condo hints at potential harmony with cats, a testament to his sweet and adaptable nature.

“Grimm is a wonderful dog, gets along with other dogs, very social, loves kids and is fine with cats.”

Brenda Bleier, Executive Director of Pitty Paws Bully Rescue

A Service Dog Potential Left Unexplored

dog 700 days in foster care

Grimm’s journey has taken a unique turn, having been evaluated for service dog potential and passing with flying colors. A week-long trial with a veteran showed Grimm’s suitability; however, the veteran, citing size concerns, couldn’t continue with the arrangement.

“Currently Grimm is being fostered by a certified service dog trainer, as he was being evaluated for a veteran. Sadly the veteran decided he was “too big” so Grimm is still available”

Brenda Bleier, Executive Director of Pitty Paws Bully Rescue

Yearning for Forever Love and Devotion

Grimm’s longing for a forever family is evident in his eagerness to share love and joy. His endearing character, coupled with his innate sweetness and playful charm, demonstrates his readiness to be the perfect addition to a loving home. His exceptional qualities—neutered, well-vaccinated, chipped, and possessing an American Staffordshire Terrier/Presa Canario mix—reflect his readiness to be the loyal and affectionate companion every family desires.

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Grimm is the Perfect Canine Companion

dog 700 days in foster care

In a world where every dog seeks a family to call its own, Grimm stands as a shining example of loyalty, love, and unbridled joy. His unique blend of heritage, charming personality, and endearing qualities make him an irresistible choice for any household seeking a canine companion.

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