Why Won’t Anyone Adopt This Retriever?

Rockstar, an energetic retriever puppy, finds himself longing for a forever home after being surrendered not once, but twice. This resilient pup’s journey has garnered attention as pet rescue advocate Rocky Kanaka shines a spotlight on his plight, highlighting the urgent need for compassion and a loving family to give Rockstar the home he deserves.

Why Won't Anyone Adopt This Retriever?

In the emotionally charged video, Rocky Kanaka expresses his concern for dogs like Rockstar who endure the heartbreak of multiple returns. “It makes me tear up when I see dogs that just continue to get returned because, as you can imagine, it’s just heartbreaking for them,” he shares with a heavy heart.

“It makes me tear up when I see dogs that get returned. It’s heartbreaking.”

Rocky Kanaka, Pet Rescue Advocate

Determined to make a difference, Kanaka collaborates with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, a remarkable organization committed to helping dogs and cats in need. Their shared mission to provide support and love to animals drives Kanaka to visit the shelter and witness firsthand the incredible work being done there.

Why Won't Anyone Adopt This Retriever?

Inspired by the Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s dedication, Kanaka devises a plan to contribute further to the shelter’s cause. Determined to make a lasting impact, he meets with Ashley, the animal director, to discuss working with Rockstar. The goal is to train and prepare him for potential adoption.

Kanaka’s enthusiasm is evident as he bonds with Rockstar, playfully changing his name from Rocky to Rockstar to avoid confusion with another dog at the shelter. Walking the lively pup allows Kanaka to establish a connection and assess Rockstar’s needs. “What I’m trying to do with him right now is walk him just to build that relationship,” he explains.

Recognizing the importance of professional training, Kanaka seeks the assistance of Libby, a trainer at Rancho Coastal. The hope is that dedicated training sessions will yield significant progress for Rockstar. Kanaka’s determination to secure Rockstar’s adoption prompts him to propose a trip to the beach as a reward for good behavior. “If he does really good and makes progress, can I take him to the beach to wear him down a little bit?” Kanaka asks, eager to provide an unforgettable experience for the energetic pup.

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Why Won't Anyone Adopt This Retriever?

Working diligently with Rockstar, Kanaka incorporates mental stimulation through interactive toys, encouraging the pup to engage his senses and problem-solving skills. The collaboration between Kanaka and Libby demonstrates the dedication of the team to prepare Rockstar for his future home.

“It warms my heart to see him so happy and having the time of his life”

Rocky Kanaka, Pet Rescue Advocate

The anticipated visit to the ocean finally arrives, and Kanaka’s excitement is evident. Transporting Rockstar to the beach, Kanaka ensures the pup experiences the joy of the ocean for the first time. The video captures Rockstar’s exuberance as he runs, jumps, and revels in the freedom of the open beach. It is a heartwarming moment that leaves Kanaka brimming with emotions. “It gives me chills, it warms my heart to see him so happy and just running and jumping and having the time of his life,” he shares with genuine delight.

Why Won't Anyone Adopt This Retriever?

While Rockstar’s journey is a cause for celebration, the overarching mission remains finding him a forever home. Kanaka acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead, expressing his concerns about ensuring Rockstar’s adoption. He implores viewers to support his efforts by liking, sharing, and subscribing to increase the video’s reach. Additionally, becoming a member or purchasing items


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