Why These 2-Ingredient Dog Treats Went Viral on TikTok

Buddy is such a happy, sweet boy, you’d never guess that he lives in constant pain from over 50 buckshot permanently embedded in him. He wags his tail like it’s his job, and he always has a lot to say (through adorable howls) when his dog-mom, Melody, talks to him.

No one knows who shot Buddy, but word of his inspiring attitude spread caught the attention of a dog treat company who offered a possible solution.

All it took was two ingredients to make Buddy’s pain go way down. He stopped chewing on tables to relieve his pain, and his tail-wag reached a new level of swag! The treats went viral on TikTok, and were out of stock for months.

Everyone with a dog suffering from things from arthritis to chronic pain wanted to get their hands on these 2 ingredient treats.

What Are the Two Ingredients?

  1. The first of the two ingredients is organic beef liver.

Freeze-dried beef liver treats have been very popular amongst dog lovers lately.

It’s nutritiously dense and the most bioavailable source of vitamin A.

  1. The other ingredient is broad spectrum CBD (the best kind of pets. It helps relieve pain and doesn’t have THC).

Why Are These Treats Special?

These are the only freeze dried dog treats like this available…

Working with the nourishing effect of the grass fed beef liver, the CBD in these treats is absorbed through digestion, using just the right amount of CBD for the size of the dog.

The result? Dogs of all ages have more mobility, less pain, and less anxiety.

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Relievet treats are made to taste great (dogs love the taste of freeze-dried beef liver treats!) They’re organic, handmade on-site in San Diego, CA, and perhaps most special of all, the company actually offers a results-guarantee because they truly want to help dogs like Buddy.

We Tried them Ourselves

After reading all that, of course we had to try these treats on our dogs.

We tested the freeze-dried liver dog treats with six dogs. Out of the six dogs we tested them with, five gobbled them up happily.

And the sixth dog, a fussy chihuahua mix? She’s a very picky eater, but even she didn’t mind eating them when I crumbled it over a puppuccino!

Now, to be honest, our dogs are healthy, so we didn’t expect to see any personality changes, which is a good thing.

However, one of my dogs, Bella, has anxiety. She tends to keep her tail down and be hyper-vigilant on walks to the extent I wonder if she’s enjoying herself. She is pulling the entire time to go home.

After giving her the CBD treats, about thirty minutes before going on a walk, her whole demeanor changed. It seemed she was as happy as my other dogs during walks – tail up, sniffing, and looking at me with a doggy-smile! This lowered anxiety carried over to his behavior at home too. She became more playful with my other dogs and slept more soundly at night.


I’ve tried in the past to give my dogs CBD in an oil form, but it proved to be more challenging. But giving them therapeutic doses in treat they love is so much easier.

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You can buy the treats here.

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