Is Your Dog a Tennis Ball Addict? Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls?

Nothing compares to a good old-fashioned tennis ball. In the dog world, tennis balls are elite for games of fetch, chewing, chasing, bouncing, and carrying—there are no substitutes. Dogs love tennis balls so much, they’ll do some pretty goofy things to get their paws on them. (See video below)

Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls?

The attraction dogs have to tennis balls is undeniable, but why do dogs love tennis balls so much? Even new toys don’t hold a candle to a worn-out tennis ball, so what makes these neon yellow/green so irresistible to dogs? 

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Dogs Love Playing Fetch—It’s Science!

Even if your dog can’t quite figure out how to return the ball, they’ve probably played fetch—or their own version of fetch—with something you’ve thrown. Dogs have a natural instinct to chase and catch, and chasing tennis balls gives your dog as much mental stimulation as it does physical stimulation. It’s not just that dogs enjoy chasing tennis balls, it can be a stress reliever, rewarding them with happy brain chemicals.

Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls?

Tennis balls are perfect for fetch, since they’re lightweight, can be thrown far, and bounce when they hit the ground. Most medium and large dogs can easily fit a standard tennis ball in their mouth, and it’s a good size to mimic prey. The movement of the ball—especially while bouncing—is unpredictable but still natural, which is super exciting for a dog to watch and chase. 

Dogs Can See the Color of Tennis Balls

Despite the long held belief that dogs are colorblind, dogs can see colors—just not as many as we can see. Yellow is one of the colors that is visible to the canine eye, and the bright color of neon yellow tennis balls is perfect for the canine senses! 

Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls?

When dogs play, having toys in colors they can see can give them extra stimulation and satisfaction. Tiring out a dog isn’t just about exercising their bodies—although tennis balls are great for getting your dog to exercise. Dogs also need to exercise their brains, and adding colors they can see to playtime can give them that extra boost of stimulation they need.

Tennis Balls Give Dogs a Noseful of Information

Lots of people think that one of the reasons dogs love tennis balls so much is thanks to their smell. A fresh tennis ball has a rubbery, distinct smell, but the felt outside can quickly soak up scents—like the dog’s own saliva. If your dog enjoys carrying or chewing on tennis balls, this process happens even faster, and dogs can easily identify their personal tennis ball by smell

Tennis Balls Feel Good For Dogs To Chew

Why Do Dogs Love Tennis Balls?

If you are always catching your dog in the act of chewing on their tennis ball but ignoring their bones, they probably enjoy the textural sensation of the firm but yielding material. Dogs like to chew tennis balls because they give a little but still resist their teeth, and dogs who like to nibble might enjoy biting at the felt with their front teeth. 

Don’t let your dog chew tennis balls if they are an aggressive chewer or like to shred their toys. You also shouldn’t let your dog rip the felt off of their tennis balls or eat pieces of rubber and fuzz they manage to pull off. Throw away damaged or destroyed tennis balls, since these can become a choking hazard or put your dog at risk of intestinal blockage. 

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