Watch This Dog Shamelessly Sin During Communion.

A Catholic mass in Colombia was interrupted when a dog wandered into the service. Completely unbothered and unimpressed by the mass, the dog casually walked to the front of the church and snatched the loaf of communion bread from the altar!

Dog Commit Sin During Catholic Mass

Of course, stealing is against the Ten Commandments, and some were worried this would leave the pup on the bad side of the church. Thankfully, everyone was very understanding, and the congregation was charmed by the pooch’s performance. 

“There are no hard feelings for the dog. We love animals and recognize them as creatures of God,” said Yomary Rincón, a member of staff at the church. “God loves all his creatures. The fact that the dog took the bread does not mean he will have any punishment — human or divine.”[1]

We’re glad this pooch got a tasty meal, and that the kind churchgoers were happy to forgive his rather presumptuous participation in communion–he didn’t even leave an offering!

Watch the dog snatch the holy bread ?

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