Watch The Emotional Dog Food Commercial That Melted Hearts During The Super Bowl

The commercials during the Super Bowl are just as much a highlight as the actual game. Among the numerous food, beer, and celebrity advertisements, one particular commercial stood out for its emotional impact.

The boutique dog food brand, The Farmer’s Dog, has captured the attention of the pickiest viewers during the Super Bowl commercial break.

The commercial titled “Forever,” tugged at the nation’s heartstrings with its touching depiction of a girl and her dog’s journey through life. The commercial opens with a young girl and her new puppy, showing the bond they form as they grow older together. As the girl goes off to college, she leaves her dog in good hands, and later we see the dog supporting her through her wedding and even lying on her pregnant belly.

The brand, established less than ten years ago as a fresh food option for pets, emerged as the winner of USA TODAY’s 35th Ad Meter contest.

Throughout the commercial, Bear, played by five different dogs, is depicted as a constant presence in Ava’s life, from childhood to adulthood and even as she starts a family of her own. This is attributed to the fact that Ava’s family chose to feed Bear The Farmer’s Dog’s high-quality food instead of the processed kibble offered by other pet food brands.

The final scene shows the grown woman and her family snoozing in bed, with her aging dog lying next to her. As she sings about loving him forever, the commercial shows a montage of their memories together, emphasizing the bond they share. The message “Nothing matters more than more years together” is displayed before introducing The Farmer’s Dog.

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According to USA Today, this commercial was the top-rated Super Bowl ad among viewers, earning a 6.56 out of 10 in the publication’s 35-year-old Ad Meter competition. It beat out the NFL’s “Run With It” ad and Amazon’s “Saving Sawyer” to be crowned the best commercial of the big game.