These Adorable Two-Legged Dogs Hop Around Like Kangaroos

Two legged dog hops like a kangaroo

Have you ever looked at a dog and wondered what it would be like to have four legs? Dogs run fast, turn sharp corners easily, and can jump more than twice their height, and how amazing would it be to have all of that agility as a human?

But, what happens when a dog loses a leg? What happens when it loses two!? 

Meet the Kangaroo Dogs!

In Theresa’s home, there are three amazing two-legged dogs. All three of these pooches have lost their front legs, and they have adapted by learning to hop around like kangaroos! They can jump on and off the sofa, wander around the house, and play with one another and their human friends.

The first of these amazing pooches was Nessie, whose unique condition resulted in three different families returning her to the shelter.

Nessie- 2 legged dog

Next up was Frankie Lou, one of a litter of sixteen who was born without properly developed front legs.

Frankie Lou the two legged dog
Frankie Lou

Finally, Theresa added Ali to the family. Ali arrived with her brother as a foster, but Theresa found that she couldn’t part with the spunky little two-legged Ali.

Ali the 2 legged dog

Today, all three of these amazing pooches live with Theresa and spend their days being loved and cared for. With Theresa’s help, they live rich lives and enjoy walks using their doggy wheelchairs. Fans of the intrepid trio can even get front row access to their day-to-day life by following their Instagram account!

Lately, the trio has enjoyed romping and playing with one another in the yard. They’ve been practicing their poses and enjoying Spring!

What The Kangaroo Dogs Want You to Know

Every dog teaches us something, and this trio of plucky pups is the perfect example of the joy that special needs dogs can bring to your life.

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Theresa wants everyone who watches her videos to know that every dog deserves a home, and to see that the perfect dog doesn’t always come in the perfect package. Sometimes, you’ll stumble across a pup that’s a little different, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less loveable!

Ali, Nessie & Frank Lou together

Next time you’re at a shelter, take a look at some of the more unique residents. You just might find a perfect kangaroo dog of your own!