This Injured Pit Bull’s Reaction to Getting a Massage Will Melt Your Heart

A Rough Start for Maple

In Tehachapi, California, a pit bull named Maple was found in dire straits, her life hanging by a thread. “She’s in a lot of pain, and she’s clearly been mauled real, real bad,” said Zack, the director of Marley’s Mutts, who was instrumental in her rescue. Maple’s severe lacerations and dire condition painted a grim picture of her past. (see full video above)

Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

The Transformation Begins

Maple’s road to recovery took a turn when her foster mom, Randy, introduced a unique approach to her care. Dressing Maple in adorable outfits, like a bumblebee costume, helped her personality emerge. “When the vet team wrapped her, they noticed her personality really started to come out,” shared Rocky Kanaka, a pet rescue advocate.

A Special Day Out

Injured Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

Rocky, moved by Maple’s story, decided to give her an extraordinary experience. “Today I’m taking Maple out on the best day she’s ever had,” he declared. With Maple’s physical limitations in mind, Rocky planned a day filled with gentle, yet joyful activities.

Breaking Down Barriers

Maple’s day out was not just about fun; it was a mission to challenge the stereotypes surrounding pit bulls. “Pit bulls unfortunately have this negative stereotype,” Rocky explained. By showcasing Maple’s gentle nature, he aimed to change public perceptions.

The Butterfly Kissing Booth

Injured Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

The highlight of Maple’s day was a butterfly kissing booth set up at the beach. Dressed as a butterfly, Maple attracted many beachgoers. “Would you give kisses out of this?” Rocky playfully asked, as people lined up to show affection to the once-neglected pit bull.

Injured Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

National Attention and Treats

Maple’s adventure included a visit to the set of Hallmark’s “Home and Family,” where she and Rocky prepared PB and J cookies. This appearance was more than just a treat-making session; it was a platform to raise awareness about Maple and similar dogs in need.

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Injured Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

A Soothing End to a Perfect Day

The day concluded with a calming massage for Maple, addressing her physical ailments from her past injuries. “With all her injuries, her muscles are very tense,” Rocky noted, emphasizing the importance of this gentle care. The massage not only soothed Maple’s physical pain but also provided a moment of peace and comfort, a stark contrast to her troubled past.

Injured Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

A Call for a Forever Home

Maple’s story, from her harrowing start to her joyful day out, is a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative impact of compassionate care. Her journey serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for those looking to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

Injured Pit Bull's Reaction to Getting a Massage

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