This dog is possibly the smartest dog alive…Find out why

Dutch (Lola’s Dad):
What do you wanna do? Of course you do.

7, 6… Lola under here?! Wow. I don’t see anything. Let me move the chair back a little bit more. . Somehow Lola taught herself how to play, hide and seek. I have never seen a dog do that before. It’s actually really funny.

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):
This might be the smartest dog ever. She could literally learn any trick you teach her.

No.. she locked herself in, Lola! Lola over on this side. Lola on this side it. Oh! She hit it! Yes. Lola

Rocky Kanaka:
Dutch rescued Lola from a box of puppies abandoned on the side of the road.

We have a great bond. I think it was day two or three from rescuing Lola. Lola already knew how to shake, roll over and sit and do all of the tricks that puppies aren’t really supposed to do at that age. She was really young when I rescued her and she was already advanced.

“Go pee-pee!” She even understands the word bath, which she hates. “Lola, you need to take a bath. You need to take a bath, Lola.” The moment you say it, she just runs off. I can’t say the B word around Lola, but she needs to take another oh Lola How’d you even know what I was talking about?

Rocky Kanaka:
Eventually Dutch bought a bunch of buttons for Lola so that she could communicate with him at all times.

“Okay, let’s play Lola.”

Rocky Kanaka:
But sometimes Lola can demand too much with her buttons.

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No. No. I don’t like the attitude you’ve been giving me the past few days. Lola. Lola. You ran the batteries out of the treat button. That’s what you get. Okay. Lola. Lola. It does this every time. Lola has gone a week without the tree button.

Everyone thinks it’s just hilarious, especially because Lola has that personality. Lola thinks she’s human. I love it. Lola’s a little human in dog’s body. During quarantine there was, everyone was in the house. There was nothing to do. I didn’t know what I was going to do, and as soon as though it came into my life, it just opened everything back up.

I do believe the dog does know they are being rescued. They actually want the love from somebody. Go out there and rescue any animal in general because animals do need love as well.

Rocky Kanaka:
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