The STRANGE Reason this Dog NEEDS Pajamas to Survive!

When Amanda was tagged in a social media post showing a sunburnt, bald male pit bull from the streets, she wanted to protect him immediately. Since the pit bull had a severe skin condition, most local rescues weren’t interested in him.

But once Amanda met Diesel the pit bull, it was love at first sight. She soon recognized Diesel’s skin condition as Demodectic mange, which is a common type of mange in dogs. When a dog suffers from this condition, parasitic mites develop in the hair follicles.

Diesel, pit bull with mange

Diesel was prescribed medicine for the mange, but began to get itchy during recovery. As he healed, friends began sending in all kinds of fun doggy pajamas for scratching prevention and sun protection. Amanda is happy to report that Diesel loved wearing the pajamas and recovered in no time!

Thanks to Amanda’s friend Caitie from Caitie’s Foster Fam Rescue, all of Diesel’s medical bills were backed as he recovered. I’m glad Diesel was rescued by a loving family and could receive the best treatment to get healthy!  

What Causes Demodectic Mange?

So, how do dogs like Diesel develop Demodectic mange? 

A common skin condition that worsens if untreated properly, Demodectic mange appears when there is mite infestation on the hair follicles. However, Demodectic mange mostly occurs in younger dogs that are less than 12-18 months old. 

As older dogs develop a mature immune system, they are less likely to undergo harm from mange mites. But, if an older dog develops Demodectic mange, their immune system may be naturally weaker.

How To Treat Demodectic Mange

Fortunately, generalized mange often disappears on its own without treatment. But, if you suspect your dog has severe Demodectic mange, there are several treatment options to consider. A common treatment option for Demodectic mange is to use a topical medication, such as medicated dog shampoo or oral medication. Some prescribed antibiotics may also treat severe Demodectic mange. 

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Before his treatment, Diesel skin was red and inflamed. Most dogs that have a skin infection likely have the skin condition known as “red mange,” but it’s usually easy to treat. Diesel’s mange treatment proved to be successful. And luckily, most dogs with mange come out of treatment with successful results.  

Ultimately, if you want to ensure the utmost safety and improved health for your dog, always be sure to consult your veterinarian about various treatment options. Your dog should feel comfortable and happy every day!

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