The Doxiepoo: Little Legs, BIG Personality!

Combine the spunk, bravery, and curiosity of a Dachshund with the intelligence, sociability, and goofiness of a Poodle and you’ve got the unique Doxiepoo! Despite being a combination of two popular breeds, the Doxiepoo dog is relatively rare, and not one you’ll meet often at the dog park. After reading this blog and meeting a few Doxiepoos, you might start to spot them out and about—just keep an eye out for fuzzy little low-rider dogs!

Here, we’re exploring everything there is to know about these designer dogs, and taking a close look at what life with a Doxiepoo looks like!

Meet 6 Adorable Doxiepoos 

Because the Doxiepoo is a mixed breed dog, there is no “standard” look. Doxiepoos can look very different from one another, and even siblings from the same litter can have different sizes, colors, and coat textures. 

Usually, Doxiepoos are small dogs with short legs and longer bodies. Because they are Poodle mixes, Doxiepoos also often have longer, slightly curly, constantly growing fur, but may have shorter, straighter fur like their Dachshund ancestors. 

Let’s take a look at six sweet Doxiepoos whose humans generously share their pups with the world on Instagram!

1. Rory

Rory The Doxiepoo
Source: @RoryTheDoxiePoo

Rory lives in Norwich, England, where this lovely Doxiepoo enjoys running around outdoors and spending lots of time with dad. 

2. Eddie

Eddie The Doxiepoo
Source: @Doxiepoo_Eddie

Edgar Allan Poe—or just Eddie, for short—is a curly little Doxiepoo who humans say is a total genius!

3. Bella

Bella The Doxiepoo
Source: @Bella_Doxiepoo

Beautiful Bella is a mix of long-haired Dachshund and miniature Poodle living in Hasselager, Denmark! Bella loves kids, adults, other dogs, adventuring, and pretty much everything else about her life.

4 & 5. Dexter & Dougie

Dexter & Dougie The Doxiepoos
Source: @Dex.And.Doug

These adorable Doxiepoo brothers are from Birmingham, England, and are a mix of miniature Dachshund and miniature Poodle. Each unique in looks, these boys are a good example of how even brothers can look very different when they are mixed breed dogs. 

6. Luca

Luca The Doxiepoo
Source: @Luca_Koo_Baby

Luca is a gorgeous black and white Doxiepoo from South Korea! Luca loves to spend time playing with canine friends but will always accept a chance to snuggle with a human. 

Doxiepoo Basic Info

So, what is a Doxiepoo, exactly? Are there rules for what makes a Doxiepoo? Does it matter what kind of Poodle or what kind of Dachshund? Do Doxiepoos come in different sizes, just like Poodles? 

Hold your horses—or, Doxiepoos! We’re here to answer all your burning questions, starting with the most basic: what is a Doxiepoo? 

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A Doxiepoo is any mixed breed dog that is primarily a cross of any kind of Poodle with any kind of Dachshund. So, for example, a miniature Poodle x longhaired Dachshund is a Doxiepoo, and so is a miniature Poodle x a wirehaired Dachshund, or a toy Poodle x miniature Dachshund. 

As with most “designer dogs”—which are really just mixed breeds—there are few rules or standards for Doxiepoo breeding. This means that you’ll see lots of variation within this mix, and you won’t necessarily know how your Doxiepoo will look fully grown until they have already reached adulthood. 

Without regulations or standards for a breed, it can also be hard to predict things like size, temperament, and health, but we’ve done our best to share the most relevant information possible. 

Doxiepoo Personality

Source: keystone puppies

Doxiepoos can make fabulous family dogs, and are often very affectionate and human oriented. Both Dachshunds and Poodles are known for their intelligence and quick thinking, which can make them simultaneously highly trainable and stubborn. If you start training your Doxiepoo early and remain consistent with positive reinforcement, your pup will pick up on your commands in no time! 

“One of the best dogs we ever had was a ‘doxie-poo’ — I am not much of one for ‘designer dogs’ but that combination was fantastic,” says a member of the Backyard Chickens forum in their comment on a thread about Doxiepoos. “our kids named her ‘Foo-Foo’ after Miss Piggy’s little dog on The Muppet Show — our ‘Fooby’ was a very compact little dog – soft black fur (no shedding!!) and a fuzzy face like a schnauzer ‘Foobs’ weighed about 8 to 10 pounds — she was incredibly smart and had the best temperament. All of us ‘fought’ over who got to have her as ‘bed-dog’ on cold nights.”

The playful, energetic personality of the Doxiepoo makes them a good fit for families with young children, just so long as those children are able to respect your dog’s physical boundaries. Quite high energy, Doxiepoos need a moderate amount of exercise each day, plus mental stimulation in the form of play, training, or enrichment activities. 

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Doxiepoo Size

Doxiepoos are a mix of any variety of Dachshund and either miniature or toy Poodle. Standard Poodles are much larger than Dachshunds, and crossing these breeds would create logistical issues. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of Dachshunds and Poodles that might create a Doxiepoo and how big they are. 

Dachshund Sizes
Standard Dachshund8–9 inches16–32 lbs
Miniature Dachshund5–6 inches11 lbs or less
Poodle Sizes (not including standard Poodles)
Miniature Poodle10–15 inches10–15 lbs
Toy Poodle10 inches or less4–6 lbs

With this in mind, how big do Doxiepoos get? The Doxiepoo full grown can be anywhere from 5–15 inches tall at the shoulder and 6–30 lbs in weight

Doxiepoo Health

Because Doxiepoos are mixed breed dogs, they may not be at risk for the same health problems as their purebred parents and grandparents. Of course, it’s still good to know about breed-specific health conditions for the sake of early detection and giving your Doxiepoo a long, healthy life. 

For example, both miniature/toy Poodles and Dachshunds are prone to joint problems like luxating patellas, and knowing this can help you craft a lifestyle for your Doxiepoo that is easy on their joints. Here are a few other health issues to look out for if you own a Doxiepoo or similar mixed-breed dog:

  • Eye and vision problems
  • Back injuries
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes (a hip condition)
  • Heart problems
  • Ear infections

Where To Find Doxiepoo Puppies for Sale

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Doxiepoos and similar designer dog breeds are unethically bred by backyard breeders and puppy mills. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to seek out Doxiepoo breeders, and the best way to find a Doxiepoo puppy of your own is through a rescue. A good place to start is your local humane society or animal care and control, but you can also check out breed-specific rescues like these:

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Doxiepoo FAQ

Looking for an answer to a specific question about the Doxiepoo dog? Good thing you kept reading! This section is all about answering common questions from our readers.

Are Doxiepoos hypoallergenic? 

No. Doxiepoos may be low-shedding, but they do not carry less allergen than other dogs. Dachshunds are definitely not hypoallergenic, and although Poodles are known to be less likely to trigger allergies than other breeds, the combination of these dogs does not produce a hypoallergenic mix. 

Do Doxiepoos shed? 

Yes! As mentioned above, some Doxiepoos can be low-shedding, but many will take after their hound ancestry, and Dachshunds are moderate shedders. Again, some Doxiepoos may surprise you by dropping very little fur, but this isn’t a guarantee when you get a Doxiepoo puppy. 

How long do Doxiepoos live? 

Small dogs like Dachshunds and miniature/toy Poodles typically live around 10–16 years. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and some small dogs—especially mixed breeds—can live upwards of 16 years with few medical issues. Generally healthy, Doxiepoos will usually live long lives. 

Do Doxiepoos bark a lot? 

Yes! “[Dachshunds] are very vocal and bark or yap at anything out of the ordinary including the wind blowing,” says a comment from a Reddit user with 35 years of Dachshund ownership under their belt. Doxiepoos often inherit this vocal reactivity, and might not be the right choice for apartment dwellers or people with a low tolerance for noise. 

What is the average price of a Doxiepoo?

If you buy a Doxiepoo from a breeder—which we don’t recommend—you can expect to pay anywhere from $500–$2,000. You may be able to find Doxiepoos advertised for less than this, but we strongly encourage you to avoid these advertisements. If you adopt a Doxiepoo—the best way to get one—you’ll pay between $150–$400.

What is the best dog food for a Doxiepoo? 

Because Doxiepoos are mixed breed dogs, there isn’t a lot of research on their specific dietary needs. This said, you can learn a lot by looking at the best dog food for Dachshunds and the best dog food for Poodles. Here are our top three picks for the best dog food for your Doxiepoo:

BrandFirst 5 IngredientsGrain?
We Feed Raw1. Beef Heart
2. Beef Liver
3. Beef Kidney
4. Beef Necks (with bone)
5. WFR vitamin + mineral mix
The Farmer’s Dog1. USDA Beef
2. Sweet Potato
3. Lentils
4. Carrot
5. USDA Beef Liver
Sundays Food for Dogs1. Beef
2. Beef Heart
3. Beef Liver
4. Beef Bone
5. Quinoa

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