Terrified Shelter Dog’s Inspiring Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

There’s a good reason why shelters often urge people to give the skittish, withdrawn, and seemingly unfriendly dogs at the shelter a chance. 

You see, being confined to a kennel takes a huge toll on some dogs and dims their personality to a great extent. The distressing shelter life suppresses their true selves, even though deep down, they are just as sweet and amazing as other vibrant shelter dogs. More often than not, the real personality of these dogs comes out once they find a home where they feel loved and safe. 

Terrified Shelter Dog's Inspiring Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

All they need is an adopter or foster who will be gentle and patient with them, and this is exactly what Daphne — a rescue puppy — found when TikTok user @TracyFosterling took her in as her foster parent days ago. Daphne wasn’t like other lively dogs at the shelter. Still, this did not deter her foster from taking her home and letting her experience what it’s like to be adored and cared for. 

First Few Days at Her Foster Home 

As documented on TikTok account @TracyFosterling, Daphne’s first few days at her foster home were marked by fear and unease. It was evident that she was too scared to let her guard down, despite being in a safe environment with a family willing to do everything possible to see her thrive.

Terrified Shelter Dog's Inspiring Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

Daphne dreaded going for walks, being outdoors, and receiving any kind of physical affection. She was clearly not ready to give and receive love. Still, her foster parent refused to give up. She made sure Daphne lacked nothing good and extended kindness and patience to her at all times. Thankfully, her efforts and persistence paid off as Daphne started to slowly come out of her shell. 

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Daphne Now Living the Life She Only Dreamt Of

Looking at Daphne now, one can’t tell she was the same puppy who’d preferred to shut off from the world days ago. She’s become a constant source of happiness and amusement to her foster family, who enjoy seeing her unleash her playful spirit and live like every day is her last.

Terrified Shelter Dog's Inspiring Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

Daphne’s eyes now brim with love, trust, and confidence toward her family and the other household dogs. It’s as though Daphne is making up for all the time she lost when she wasn’t in a loving and safe environment. Her bond with them continues to grow with each passing day, and nothing now can come between her newfound happiness and enthusiasm for life.

Daphne’s remarkable transformation is a reminder of the importance of believing in shelter dogs, especially those that initially seem too timid and withdrawn to be fostered or adopted

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