Sweet Black Cat Overcomes Stereotypes; Finds Forever Home Despite Halloween Myths

In the shadowed corners of shelters, black cats like Harmon often linger, their gleaming eyes watching as potential adopters pass by, their dark coats making them invisible against the backdrop of superstitions and unfounded myths. These felines, often the last to find homes, carry with them a history of misjudged character, dating back to 13th-century superstitions that have long cast them as bearers of misfortune.

But Harmon’s story takes a different turn, weaving a tale of unexpected love, serendipity, and a home found in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Black cat and rocky in the shelter

He Was Unclaimed and Alone

The first time I met Harmon, his gentle eyes spoke volumes, whispering tales of longing and a silent, hopeful plea for affection.

Harmon’s tale was a familiar one in the world of animal rescue. A stray, potentially once a beloved pet, he found himself unclaimed and alone, despite exhaustive efforts to locate his previous owners. Over a month in the shelter, yet his spirit remained undeterred, patiently awaiting the penning of a new chapter.

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During one of my visits to Animal Friends of The Valleys, something amazing happened. Kyla, a shelter employee, was considering adopting Harmon. As she filled out the adoption papers in the lobby she was on the brink of offering him a forever home, a decision pending a heartfelt discussion with her family.

The Myths About Black Cats Are Untrue!

Black cat

As Harmon and I navigated through playful interactions and treat tastings (none of which he liked of course), I was thinking about the myths that often cast a shadow over black cats. They are unfairly stigmatized as bearers of misfortune, particularly around Halloween. They are the last to be adopted, left waiting as their colorful counterparts find homes.

Alternatively some cultures suggest black cats are harbingers of good fortune when treated with kindness and love. English sailors and seafarers’ wives once held that keeping black cats content would ensure safe and prosperous voyages. So, for those swayed by superstitions, consider this alternative viewpoint and perhaps, open your home to a black cat, inviting luck and love to grace your abode.

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Black Cats Are The Last To Be Adopted

Later, I discovered that Kyla had indeed adopted Harmon! This news was not merely a joyous new beginning for Harmon but also a testament to the compassionate spirit of the team at Animal Friends of the Valley. Kyla, embodying the ethos of the shelter, showcased a genuine commitment to securing a brighter future for these animals.

Black cat gets adopted

If adoption is a path you’re considering, let Harmon’s story inspire you and extend your home and heart to a black cat. In doing so, you might just find your luck taking a charming turn, and gain a loving companion in the process.

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