Skinny, Nameless Pit Bull Finally Finds Love

Skinny, Nameless Pit Bull

Video Transcript

Rocky Kanaka:
She was in such bad shape. They never even gave her a name.

Sherry (Destiny’s owner):
This little girl looks at her and she said, what’s wrong with her? I said, somebody’s not been very nice to her. She looked back up at me and she goes: we can just feed her and she’ll get better, right?

Unfortunately, Sherry knew that dogs like this usually never make it out of the shelter.

Number one, they are packed to the gills. Number two, she’s emaciated. Number three, she’s a pit bull. I mean, you know, three strikes.

I went home that night and all I could do is think about her. I, I, I knew I’d have to go back. And so I did the very next day, as soon as they opened and I went armed with treats and I was determined. I was going to gain her trust after probably 15 minutes, Destiny was laying across my legs.

Destiny, the Skinny, Nameless Pit Bull and Sherry her new owner

Immediately, Sherry got to work on helping Destiny with her weight and other health problems she had.

Emaciation was really pretty easy. You feed ’em a little bit at, at a time little small meals at a time. She, she got back up to weight pretty quickly. Probably six weeks, she was back up to a nice, healthy weight.

She has, uh, an autoimmune disease called Masticatory Muscle Myositis. It, it only attacks the jaw muscles down in here and up here, there’s no cure. The best you can hope for is that you can get it into remission and just keep it at bay. And that’s what we’re doing.

Destiney the skinny, Nameless Pit Bull

I have a, a fantastic bet in Tulsa, Uh, Dr. Freezy. We do a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. What the acupuncture does is it’ll it’ll help the blood flow. It kind of gets everything moving up and around here, she’s been very fortunate. She still can chew very good, she doesn’t have any pain. She’s she’s still doing very well.

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Destiny has now completely turned around, bringing joy and smiles to people every day. She even became a foster mom to her new puppies, Buster and Luna.

Destiny and her pups

You would’ve thought it was a completely different dog cause she was bouncing around, she bounced from one couch to the other couch, bounce to bounce, bounc to bounce, and I’d open the back door and she’d run in and she’d run out. I mean, she had a ball. She is so into to the way I feel. I mean, if I’m sad before a single tear drop, she’ll come over and put her head on my shoulder and she won’t get down until I start laughing.

Destiney the skinny, Nameless Pit Bull being happy and bounce around

If we pass over those pets, the ones who need us, you know, it’s just, you’re missing out on so much love. Destiny was a throw one adult, you know? So the throw away dogs are worth it.

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Destiney Before & After