Shelter Refused to Give Up on Shy Dog Uki. Now She’s Out of Her Shell & Ready for Love

In the loud, crowded South Los Angeles animal shelter, Uki, a Boxer mix with a gentle soul, initially found the shelter life overwhelming. Arriving in 2023, she became the dog known for her shyness often found trembling in the seclusion of her kennel, seemingly resigned to a life of solitude. Yet, Uki’s story was about to take a turn, all thanks to the dedication of a volunteer who saw the potential behind those apprehensive eyes.

dog up for adoption: Uki

Hugging the Wall 

While Uki shied away from the world outside her kennel, preferring the solitude to the unknown, the shelter’s volunteers weren’t ready to let her withdraw into the shadows. One volunteer, armed with patience and understanding, embarked on a mission to show Uki that the world wasn’t so frightening after all.

It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but through persistent and gentle coaxing, Uki gradually began to trust, inching closer to the kennel door with each passing day. Then, a breakthrough: Uki ventured into the play yard, a significant milestone marking her newfound bravery.

dog up for adoption: Uki

Chance Meeting

Uki’s journey of overcoming her fears coincided with a visit from the founder of The Dawg Squad, a rescue group known for giving dogs like Uki a second chance at happiness. Witnessing Uki’s tentative steps in the play yard, it was clear she belonged with them. Uki, once invisible in her kennel, was now impossible to overlook.

A Good Girl

Now thriving with The Dawg Squad, Uki is on the lookout for a forever home. Described by Carole of The Dawg Squad as “just a nice big fat girl who needs a home desperately,” Uki challenges the notion that only the most striking dogs get noticed. Beneath her unassuming exterior lies a vibrant personality: she’s sweet, intelligent, and, yes, a bit needy—but in the most endearing way.

dog up for adoption: Uki

Uki Today

At three years old, Uki enjoys walks, cuddles, and has an eagerness to learn that endears her to everyone she meets. She’s a dream on the leash and has a gentle way of taking treats that melts hearts. Uki may prefer a life without canine siblings and would thrive in a home where she can be the center of attention, especially suited for a household with older children or as an only pet.

Uki’s transformation from a dog crippled by fear to one full of love and readiness is a reminder that behind every shy dog lies a loving companion waiting for a chance. Whether you’re able to adopt or foster, consider giving Uki—or a dog like her—the loving home she deserves. Uki’s story isn’t just about her; it’s a call to never overlook the quiet ones, for their potential to love is just as great.

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