Rocky Has Wobbler Syndrome. He’s Looking For A Stable Home!

Dog’s Name: Rocky
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Breed: Pit Bull / Mastiff
Gender: Male
Weight: 96 pounds
Age: 2 years

If you’re interested in Rocky, please apply!

If you ever meet Rocky, there is one thing you will notice right away; he doesn’t go anywhere without his kong toy. It’s his absolute favorite thing in the whole world. He takes it outside for his morning potty, chews on it on the couch, takes it for car rides, brings it to the vet, and strolls the backyard with it, and he won’t come inside unless he has it. Rocky just about LOST HIS MIND when his foster parents bought him a Kong Box FULL of new toys. He requests that his forever home spoil him, too.

Rocky has wobbler syndrome.

He spends his day alternating between lounging around indoors and lounging around outdoors. He naps each afternoon for a few hours in his kennel on a big comfy dog bed. He prefers to lounge on the couch with his humans so he can lay on them. He thinks he’s a lap dog! At night, Rocky enjoys watching TV and he’ll let you know with a nudge when it’s time to eat dinner.

Rocky is the SWEETEST boy to people and kids of all ages.

Rocky has Wobbler’s Syndrome and will be on a long-term, low-dose steroid & have special exercises to help him gain mobility for the rest of his life. Trust us when we say Rocky does not let this dull his shine whatsoever! Every person he has ever met is his best friend upon introduction. You can’t help but smile when you meet him. He is a lovable, big (95 pounds!) lug who wants nothing more than to please his people.

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Rocky will need a calm home that can keep his activity level low and continue to work on his physical therapy exercises. His wonderful foster home built him a ramp for the deck stairs, because stairs are a difficult quest for Rocky to conquer. He LOVES the ramp!

Rocky has shown some temperamental behaviors around other dogs. It is undetermined if this is just how he is, or something related to his condition. However, he would be happiest as an only dog and this is what we recommend.

We know Rocky’s people are out there in the world. If you think you might be the right home for Rocky, please apply! We are more than happy to answer your questions about Wobblers and our special boy, Rocky.

The majority of Rocky’s adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous donor in the hopes that he will soon find the perfect home!

If you’re interested in Rocky, please apply!


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