Rescue Dog Contest Winners 2022

In First Place: Charlie

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Charlie’s Human: Carissa Yee

Charlie is a 6 year old husky mix who was adopted from Chesterfield Square South LA Shelter.

Favorite Things: Cheese bones from The Dog Bakery, Puppuccinos, taking naps, zoomies, and being around his humans.

Origin Story: Charlie was adopted by Carissa’s brother but he was in college and eventually couldn’t keep him so he asked Carissa to adopt Charlie. “I wasn’t sure at first as it was such a huge responsibility, but I couldn’t let him go back to the shelter after everything he’s been through. So I decided to adopt him and am so glad I did! Now he has me, my brother, and everyone else in our family! Everyone adores him and I hope he loves his new life!”

How Charlie got so many votes: “We were lucky that we saw the contest opening on the first day! So right away, I entered Charlie!! I immediately told all my friends and family to vote that day (I have quite a large family so we lucked out there). I created a large group chat where I’d remind everyone to vote each day. All of my friends and family told their friends and family and it spread from there! I had all my coworkers vote each day too. I attended a few parties throughout the month and would mention it to everyone there as well! “

In 2nd Place: Bentley

Bentley’s Human: Shelby Kanani Johnson

Bentley is a 3 year old dogoo rescued from the streets.

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Favorite Things: Napping, watching TV, especially those with other animals, walking, running at the park, playdates, car rides, squeaky toys and so much more.

Origin Story:Bentley was supposed to be a foster for his dad that was living on the streets. One year turned into two years. His visitations stopped after the first year. His dad was never in a position to take him back, so he made the best decision for Bentley and let us keep him.His nose says it all. ❤️”

How Bentley got so many votes: “Between the dog park, our work and gym friends, and of course social media, Bentley has so many friends and fans! My mom and I posted on social media daily with goofy videos and pictures, to remind people to vote and between our large family and networks, everyone was very excited to participate.”

In 3rd Place: MAX

Max’s Humans: Miranda, Ignacio, Lleana & Dominic Tovar

Max is a 3 year old rescue dog adopted from Apollo Support & Rescue in Justin, Texas.

Favorite Things: Max loves playing fetch in the pool, long walks, car rides and going to Home Depot!

Origin Story: Max was rescued from a mobile home of an elderly women. She had multiple animals and had got Max from Craig’s list for free, and was planning to sell him.

A neighbor was concerned about the condition of the home and called in and animal control came and got him but he was in bad condition. One thing led to another and now Max is a valued member of a wonderful family.

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How Max got so many votes:We shared daily with all of our friends and family and every day we posted on our social media asking for support. We shared his story along the way!”