Is A Raw Food Diet for Your German Shepherd The Key to Optimal Health?

German Shepherds have been a beloved dog breed in American households for over a century. These large, athletic, and intelligent dogs require plenty of attention and exercise to keep them healthy and happy. And, to fuel their energetic and curious nature, German Shepherds need a nutritious diet that’s high in protein and animal-derived ingredients.

“My German Shepherd is on the raw diet and she has never been happier. Her skin, teeth, eyes, ears etc all look so much better than when she ate kibble. I’ll never go back!”

ksully913 from Reddit

While there are many types of biologically appropriate dog food for German Shepherds feeding your German Shepherd a raw diet can be a great way to ensure their optimal health and wellbeing. This article delves into the benefits of a raw food diet for German Shepherds, including how to feed your pet safely and which brands are recommended.

Whether you’re a seasoned German Shepherd owner or considering adopting one of these wonderful dogs, this article is a must-read. So, let’s explore why a raw diet could be the best option for your furry friend’s nutrition.

German Shepherd Nutritional Needs

Like all dogs, German Shepherds need a balanced diet of protein, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. While dogs can eat and benefit from fruits and vegetables, the most important part of any dog’s diet is always going to be protein. In fact, unless your dog has serious food allergies to animal protein, their diet should be made up primarily of meat, organs, and bone. 

Raw Food for German Shepherds

Beyond their basic dietary needs, German Shepherds may also have more specific dietary needs based on health and breed traits. For example, German Shepherds are known for having sensitive digestive tracts and may do better on a chicken or poultry-free diet. 

A German Shepherd’s Nutritional Needs

Adult German Shepherd Nutritional Needs
Calories Per Day1,200—2400 calories (depending on activity level)
Protein (crude)~20% 
Fat (crude)~5—10%
Fiber (crude~1—7%

Benefits of a Raw Diet for German Shepherds

While a raw diet might not be right for every German Shepherd, there are a number of reasons many GSD owners prefer to feed dogs raw rather than turning to traditional commercial dog foods. 

  • Joint health — German Shepherds are prone to conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia, which can especially happen as they get older. Some GSDs that eat raw will experience fewer joint issues and a reduced risk of developing degenerative bone and joint conditions.
  • Allergy relief — Some German Shepherds are prone to allergies, particularly skin allergies which cause itching and inflammation. A raw diet may help relieve some of these symptoms, and keep your GSDs skin hydrated and enriched to prevent future allergic reactions.
  • Dental health — Many older German Shepherds will experience dental disease, especially if they are eating dog food high in starch and carbohydrates. A raw diet is naturally much lower in carbs and can help keep your pup’s teeth cleaner for longer. 
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Best Raw Dog Food for German Shepherds: We Feed Raw

Best Raw Dog Food for German Shepherds: We Feed Raw

Buy From We Feed Raw

Our pick for the best raw dog food brand is We Feed Raw! We Feed Raw recipes are made from nearly 100% animal protein and include a specialized blend of vitamins and minerals to keep your German Shepherd healthy and happy. 

We Feed Raw also features two very important ingredients, especially for the German Shepherd: calcium iodate and niacin. Calcium iodate helps to regulate your German Shepherd’s body weight by supporting proper hormone and metabolic function. Niacin’s primary function is to turn food into energy to keep your GSD feeling their best, but it also helps keep skin healthy and nourished.  

We Feed Raw carries six varieties of high-quality raw pet food, including beef, chicken, venison, and duck. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the lamb patty recipe:

We Feed Raw — Duck Patty Recipe
First 5 IngredientsDuck, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Beef Necks (with bone)
Guaranteed Analysis (crude)13.9% Protein — 9.5% Fat — 1% Fiber — 69.5% Moisture
Calorie Content51 kcal/oz
Feeding GuidelinesFor adult German Shepherds, feed 2% of ideal body weight per day or 2.5% for active and working dogs. 

Raw Food Diet for German Shepherds — The FAQ

Looking for more answers to your questions about your German Shepherd, raw diets, or GSD nutrition? Take a look at some of the most common queries from dog lovers like you. 

Can German Shepherds eat raw eggs?

Yes! Raw eggs are a great addition to your German Shepherd’s diet. Just be sure to remove the eggs from their shells to make sure your GSD is getting the full benefit of their eggs. 

What is the best raw meat for German Shepherds?

German Shepherds can thrive on a wide range of animal proteins including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, salmon, venison, duck, lamb, and so on. Which type of raw meat you choose will depend on your GSD’s preference, price, and availability. 

Are you planning to bring home a GSD puppy soon? Read this guide on the best dog foods for German Shepherd puppies!

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