What Are the Best Diapers for Dogs in Heat?

If you’re breeding dogs or have yet to spay your pup, then you’ll inevitably run into nature. More specifically, you’ll come face-to-face with the reality of heat! Your beloved dog will enter what is known as the estrus cycle, which is similar to menstruation.

During this period, female dogs will release reproductive hormones, blood, and (sometimes) discharge. It’s a messy process, and most people want to avoid interacting with these fluids.

Fortunately, multiple companies offer diapers for dogs in heat.

Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers are a convenient solution for your dog’s estrus cycle. These single-use diapers are designed for dogs in heat. You can dispose of them after use.

OUT! Disposable Diapers for Small and Medium Dogs

Disposable Diapers for Small and Medium Dogs

The OUT! brand offers a line of super-absorbent adjustable diapers for small and medium-sized dogs. These disposable diapers for dogs in heat are easy to use, ultra-absorbent, and include a color-changing patch to help owners know when the diaper should be changed.

Buy on Amazon | $16.89

Paw Inspired Super Absorbent Diapers

Paw Inspired Super Absorbent Diapers

Paw Inspired’s diapers are available in six different sizes, meaning there’s a perfect fit for every pup. These diapers for dogs in heat are ultra-absorbent and users love the brand’s durable tape. They’re multifunctional, so they’ll work for your pup’s heat cycle and any possible incontinence.

Buy on Amazon | $18.94–$23.99

PitPet Diapers Pack of 24

PitPet Diapers

Reviewers have plenty of praise for the PitPet brand. These super-absorbent diapers for dogs in heat feature strong tape and an adjustable fit. PitPet’s diapers are designed for leakproof wear and tailored to fit your dog’s body, making them great for long-term use.

Buy on Amazon | $12.99–$16.99

Vet’s Best Diapers Pack of 12

Vet’s Best Diapers

Vet’s Best brand is known for its quality. Reviewers love the snug fit and leak-proof design of these diapers. The Vet’s Best disposable dog diapers are perfect for heat cycles and their adjustable fit design is available in four sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large). A color-changing strip helps owners know when to change the diaper.

Buy on Amazon | $12.99–$16.99

Reusable Cloth Diapers

A more eco-friendly solution to stains from dogs in heat is reusable diapers, usually made of cloth. As the name suggests, reusable diapers can be washed and used again in the future. This eliminates excessive waste, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

When using cloth diapers, pay close attention to the soap used to wash the diapers, as some brands may cause irritation. Depending on the brand, these diapers may need to be washed by hand.

Langsprit Female Dog Diapers Pack of 3

Langsprit Female Dog Diapers

If you’re looking for an option that’s functional and stylish, then Langsprit’s cloth diapers will be your top pick. These reusable diapers come in four sizes and each pack contains 3 delightful patterns. Reviewers love its easy-to-use design.

Langsprit’s diapers are noted for their durability, absorbency, and unique appearance. Dogs barely notice these diapers and the breathable fabric allows wearers plenty of flexibility.

Buy on Amazon | $14.98–$33.98

Paw Legend Cloth Diapers for Dogs in Heat

Paw Legend Cloth Diapers

Paw Legend produces a line of adorable reusable diapers. There are six sizes, each of which features an adjustable hook and loop band for a leakproof fit. Reviewers love this brand’s absorbency and praise its fashionable patterns.

Paw Legends are sold in packs of three.

Buy on Amazon | $13.96–$27.99

Pet Magasin Diapers, Pack of 3

Pet Magasin Diapers

Another stylish pick for diapers is Pet Magasin, which offers its diapers in five sizes and four different prints. These delightful diapers absorb well without hindering movement. Reviewers love its easy-to-use fastener and many pups enjoy this brand’s comfortable fit.

Buy on Amazon | $15.49–$26.49

Snagle Paw Reusable Diapers for Heat

Pet Magasin Diapers

With four sizes and two brightly colored prints, Snagle Paw’s diapers are perfect for any discerning eco-friendly canine. These diapers feature three absorbent layers, making them amazingly leak-proof without the bulkiness of other options. This low-profile design also allows for rapid washing and drying. Reviewers note that these diapers air dry quickly!

Buy on Amazon | $11.19–$24.99

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