From Squishy to Sophisticated: 150 Names For Every Pug Personality

Pugs, with their wrinkled faces, curly tails, and charming personalities, are adored by many for their playful spirit and distinctive looks. They bring joy to countless families and deserve names that reflect their spirited and unique characters. Here’s a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect name for your Pug, using various categories to match their lovable quirks.

pug names

Girl Pug Names

  1. Maisie: A cute and friendly name for a charming girl Pug.
  2. Daisy: Bright and cheerful, reflecting a joyful Pug that lights up the room.
  3. Ruby: A precious name for a Pug’s bright and valuable personality.
  4. Sadie: Timeless and sweet, perfect for an affectionate and kind-hearted Pug.
  5. Winnie: Short for “Winnie the Pooh,” ideal for a small and cuddly Pug.
  6. Luna: Meaning “moon,” fitting for a bright and spirited Pug.

Boy Pug Names

  1. Max: A popular name that’s simple yet strong, perfect for a sturdy Pug.
  2. Ollie: Short for Oliver, suitable for a cheerful and lovable Pug.
  3. Bentley: Denotes sophistication and luxury, ideal for a noble Pug.
  4. Finn: Playful and adventurous, great for a Pug with a curious nature.
  5. Buddy: Friendly and warm, ideal for a Pug that’s your best friend.
  6. Charlie: Timeless and full of charm, fitting for a beloved male Pug.

Names for Female Pugs

pug names
  1. Poppy: Lively and bright, suitable for a playful and energetic Toy Pug.
  2. Lily: Gentle and affectionate, perfect for a small, sweet Pug.
  3. Gigi: Cute and fashionable, ideal for a Toy Pug with style.
  4. Cleo: Short and catchy, fitting for a clever and curious Toy Pug.
  5. Mimi: Petite and lovely, a name that suits a tiny and lovable Pug.
  6. Sasha: Chic and modern, great for a Pug with flair.

Names for Male Pugs

  1. Teddy: Cuddly and warm like a teddy bear, suitable for a small Pug.
  2. Louie: Short for Louis, perfect for a cheerful and sweet Pug.
  3. Buster: Full of personality, fitting for a lively and fun Pug.
  4. Milo: Short and playful, great for a mischievous Toy Pug.
  5. Gizmo: Quirky and cute, suitable for a Toy Pug that’s full of life.
  6. Chester: Friendly and endearing, ideal for a companionable Pug.

Badass Pug Names

  1. Rex: Latin for “king,” great for a Pug that rules with confidence.
  2. Maverick: Reflects an independent and bold Pug.
  3. Blaze: For a Pug that’s fiery and full of energy.
  4. Diesel: Tough and rugged, for a Pug that’s sturdy and full of spirit.
  5. Raven: Dark and mysterious, fitting for a Pug with a commanding presence.
  6. Thor: After the Norse god of thunder, perfect for a strong and confident Pug.

Cute Pug Names

pug names
  1. Peanut: Small and cute, suitable for a tiny Pug.
  2. Jellybean: Colorful and sweet, ideal for a playful and lively Pug.
  3. Pippin: Youthful and sprightly, perfect for a cheerful Pug.
  4. Button: For a Pug that’s as cute as a button.
  5. Muffin: Soft and fluffy, ideal for a cuddly and affectionate Pug.
  6. Puddle: For a small Pug that’s fun and playful.

Squishy Faced Pug Names

  1. Smush: A playful take on their squished facial features, perfect for a Pug with a particularly flat face.
  2. Pudding: Soft and jiggly, just like the cuddly, squishy cheeks of a lovable Pug.
  3. Squiggle: For a Pug whose wrinkles and squishy face make them uniquely adorable.
  4. Biscuit: Soft and warm, reminiscent of a Pug’s doughy, squeezable cheeks.
  5. Doughboy: After the Pillsbury Doughboy, known for his plump, squishy features.
  6. Mochi: Named after the Japanese rice cake that’s soft and squishy, perfect for a Pug with a pinchable, soft face.

Rare Pug Names

  1. Zephyr: Meaning a gentle breeze, for a Pug that’s calm and gentle.
  2. Nyx: The Greek goddess of night, suitable for a mysterious Pug.
  3. Juno: The Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth, fitting for a nurturing Pug.
  4. Thane: An old English title for a nobleman, ideal for a Pug with a dignified air.
  5. Eros: The Greek god of love, perfect for a Pug that loves deeply.
  6. Sable: A name that reflects dark beauty, ideal for a distinctive Pug.

Retro Pug Names

pug names
  1. Archie: Classic and timeless, ideal for a Pug that brings vintage charm to the modern world.
  2. Mabel: Old-fashioned yet lovely, perfect for a Retro Pug with a sweet and cheerful personality.
  3. Waldo: A quirky and classic name, great for a Retro Pug with a distinct look.
  4. Ethel: Charming and traditional, fitting for a Pug that brings back memories of the past.
  5. Rufus: Suggesting strength and warmth, for a sturdy and lovable Retro Pug.
  6. Edith: An elegant and sophisticated name that reflects old-school class and style.

Names for a White Pug

  1. Snowflake: For a white Pug that’s unique and beautiful.
  2. Frosty: Suggestive of wintry elegance, great for a Pug with a white coat.
  3. Blizzard: Strong and powerful, yet snowy and bright.
  4. Pearl: Precious and valuable, just like your lovely white Pug.
  5. Ivory: Classic and refined, fitting for a noble Pug.
  6. Aspen: Named after the white-barked tree, suitable for a light-colored Pug.

Names for a Black Pug

pug names
  1. Midnight: Dark and mysterious, for a Pug with a sleek black coat.
  2. Shadow: Loyal and dependable, suitable for a Pug that’s always close.
  3. Licorice: Sweet and dark, perfect for a Pug with a black coat.
  4. Inky: Suggesting deep and dark hues, fitting for a jet-black Pug.
  5. Onyx: A dark gemstone, ideal for a Pug that shines with intelligence.
  6. Sable: Sleek and mysterious, perfect for a black-coated Pug.

Names for a Chocolate Pug

  1. Cocoa: Sweet and warm, for a Pug with a chocolate-brown coat.
  2. Mocha: Reflecting coffee hues, suitable for a deep-brown Pug.
  3. Fudge: Perfect for a sweet and delightful chocolate Pug.
  4. Truffle: Luxurious and rare, fitting for a valuable Pug.
  5. Brownie: Endearing and tasty, ideal for a warm-hearted Pug.
  6. Nutmeg: Rich and spicy, reflecting a Pug’s dynamic personality.

Unique Pug Names

  1. Nimbus: Evoking cloud-like softness, suitable for a fluffy Pug.
  2. Quincy: Distinguished and unique, perfect for a memorable Pug.
  3. Ziggy: Quirky and fun, for a Pug that dances to their own rhythm.
  4. Kismet: Meaning “fate,” for a Pug that was meant to be yours.
  5. Orion: The great hunter of Greek mythology, ideal for a bold Pug.
  6. Zephyr: Gentle and airy, perfect for a Pug that’s calm and peaceful.

4 Letter Pug Names

pug names
  1. Zara: Trendy and stylish, great for a fashionable Pug.
  2. Toby: Friendly and simple, fitting for a lovable companion.
  3. Lulu: Lively and cute, ideal for an energetic Pug.
  4. Finn: Youthful and adventurous, perfect for an active Pug.
  5. Milo: Full of energy, fitting for a playful Pug.
  6. Juno: Roman goddess of marriage, for a nurturing Pug.

Classic Pug Names

  1. Maxwell: Sophisticated and timeless, ideal for a noble Pug.
  2. Daisy: Classic and joyful, perfect for a friendly Pug.
  3. Sammy: Endearing and friendly, suitable for a loving Pug.
  4. Oscar: Regal and refined, fitting for a distinguished Pug.
  5. Lucy: Timeless and sweet, for a Pug that’s always delightful.
  6. Winston: Strong and noble, perfect for a dignified Pug.

Cool Pug Names

  1. Axel: Cool and edgy, ideal for a spirited Pug.
  2. Vega: After one of the brightest stars, perfect for a Pug that shines.
  3. Nova: Bright and dazzling, suitable for a radiant Pug.
  4. Maverick: Independent and bold, fitting for a Pug that breaks the mold.
  5. Rogue: A name that suggests a mischievous yet lovable nature.
  6. Echo: Quirky and cool, ideal for a unique Pug.

Elegant Pug Names

pug names
  1. Seraphina: Meaning “fiery-winged,” for a noble and warm-hearted Pug.
  2. Reginald: Regal and sophisticated, perfect for a dignified Pug.
  3. Genevieve: Exuding French elegance, fitting for a refined Pug.
  4. Isabella: Suggests royalty and grace, great for a noble Pug.
  5. Sebastian: Aristocratic and timeless, perfect for a distinguished Pug.
  6. Vivienne: Lively and graceful, ideal for a vibrant and elegant Pug.

Nature-Inspired Pug Names

  1. River: Flowing and serene, perfect for a calm and gentle Pug.
  2. Fern: Graceful and resilient, ideal for a lively Pug.
  3. Maple: Warm and colorful, fitting for a Pug that brings joy.
  4. Willow: Flexible and graceful, suitable for a spirited Pug.
  5. Meadow: Evoking open fields and tranquility, for a serene Pug.
  6. Aspen: For a Pug with a strong and enduring spirit.

Stereotypical Name for a Female Pug

  1. Princess: Reflects a pampered and beloved status for a female Pug.
  2. Queenie: For a Pug that’s treated like royalty.
  3. Lady: Classic and elegant, great for a well-behaved Pug.
  4. Tinkerbell: Small and magical, suitable for a dainty and bright Pug.
  5. Buffy: Cute and posh, fitting for a socialite Pug.
  6. Peaches: Sweet and fun, perfect for a warm-hearted Pug.

Exotic Pug Names

pug names
  1. Kai: Hawaiian for “sea,” for a Pug with a relaxed and adventurous spirit.
  2. Nala: After the character from “The Lion King,” great for a bold Pug.
  3. Raja: Meaning “king” in Hindi, perfect for a noble Pug.
  4. Kiko: Quirky and unique, suitable for a one-of-a-kind Pug.
  5. Zara: Exotic and trendy, for a fashionable Pug.
  6. Suki: Meaning “beloved” in Japanese, fitting for a cherished Pug.

Sporty Pug Names

  1. Dash: Quick and agile, ideal for an energetic Pug.
  2. Ace: For a Pug that excels in everything they do.
  3. Spike: Edgy and athletic, suitable for a strong-willed Pug.
  4. Racer: Fast and dynamic, great for a competitive Pug.
  5. Blitz: For a Pug that moves swiftly and powerfully.
  6. Striker: Reflects accuracy and agility, fitting for a focused Pug.

Historical Pug Names

  1. Cleopatra: The last queen of Egypt, perfect for a commanding Pug.
  2. Caesar: After Julius Caesar, ideal for a strong and confident Pug.
  3. Eleanor: For a Pug with dignified grace and intelligence.
  4. Darwin: After Charles Darwin, fitting for a Pug that’s curious and bright.
  5. Tesla: After Nikola Tesla, suitable for a Pug that’s smart and inventive.
  6. Victoria: After the British queen, ideal for a regal Pug.

Adventurous Pug Names

pug names
  1. Voyager: For a Pug that’s always ready for new adventures.
  2. Indiana: After Indiana Jones, for a Pug that explores with zest.
  3. Marco: After Marco Polo, fitting for a Pug that loves to discover new places.
  4. Quest: For a Pug that approaches life like a thrilling journey.
  5. Odyssey: Reflects a life full of adventures, great for a curious Pug.
  6. Atlas: The Titan who held up the sky, ideal for a Pug with a bold spirit.

Celebrity Pug Names

  1. Gaga: Short for Lady Gaga, perfect for a Pug that’s bold and unique.
  2. Elvis: After Elvis Presley, fitting for a Pug with star quality.
  3. Monroe: After Marilyn Monroe, suitable for a glamorous Pug.
  4. Bowie: After David Bowie, perfect for a colorful and vibrant Pug.
  5. Jagger: After Mick Jagger, great for a Pug with swagger.
  6. Cher: For a Pug that’s confident and bold.

French Royal Pug Names

  1. Louis: After the French kings, ideal for a noble Pug.
  2. Antoinette: After Marie Antoinette, for a glamorous and pampered Pug.
  3. Henri: A classic name used by many French royals, fitting for a regal Pug.
  4. Charlemagne: Ideal for a Pug with a commanding presence.
  5. Isabelle: A royal name that carries elegance and poise.
  6. Fleur: French for “flower,” perfect for a graceful and charming Pug.

Geographical Pug Names

pug names
  1. Paris: After the romantic French capital, great for a sophisticated Pug.
  2. Rio: For a lively Pug that radiates vibrancy and energy.
  3. Aspen: After the popular mountain resort, fitting for an adventurous Pug.
  4. Vienna: Evokes cultural richness, ideal for a distinguished Pug.
  5. Milan: Known for its fashion and art, great for a stylish Pug.
  6. Sydney: After the Australian city, suitable for a bright and fun-loving Pug.

Food Inspired Pug Names

  1. Bon Bon: A sweet and playful name, perfect for a cuddly Pug.
  2. Macaron: Colorful and delightful, for a Pug with a bright personality.
  3. Croissant: Flaky and buttery, great for a warm-hearted Pug.
  4. Madeleine: Soft and elegant, perfect for a delicate and sweet Pug.
  5. Canelé: Caramelized and custardy, ideal for a gentle Pug.
  6. Praline: Sweet and charming, suitable for an adorable Pug.

Mythical Pug Names

  1. Phoenix: For a resilient Pug that rises above challenges.
  2. Athena: After the Greek goddess of wisdom, perfect for a smart Pug.
  3. Hercules: Strong and heroic, fitting for a bold Pug.
  4. Apollo: After the Greek god of music and poetry, ideal for a harmonious Pug.
  5. Loki: Mischievous and fun, suitable for a playful Pug.
  6. Merlin: After the legendary wizard, for a Pug with magical charm.

Music Inspired Pug Names

pug names
  1. Jazz: Rhythmic and cool, fitting for a lively Pug.
  2. Lyric: For a Pug that moves to their own beat.
  3. Cadence: Flowing and rhythmic, perfect for a graceful Pug.
  4. Aria: Melodious and bright, suitable for a joyful Pug.
  5. Tempo: For a Pug that’s always on the move.
  6. Rhapsody: Dramatic and full of flair, great for a vibrant Pug.

Pirate Pug Names

  1. Morgan: After the pirate Henry Morgan, fitting for a bold Pug.
  2. Hook: After Captain Hook, ideal for a Pug with a daring spirit.
  3. Sparrow: After Captain Jack Sparrow, great for a witty Pug.
  4. Bonny: After Anne Bonny, for a fierce and adventurous Pug.
  5. Rackham: After Calico Jack Rackham, fitting for a colorful Pug.
  6. Silver: After Long John Silver, perfect for a clever and resourceful Pug.

Pugs are small dogs with big personalities. Whether you’re naming a girl or boy, or looking for something rare, cute, or exotic, this comprehensive list provides a diverse selection of ideas. With these names, you’ll surely find the perfect match that captures your Pug’s unique charm and playful spirit.

FAQs about Pug Names

What is the Pug Squishmallows Name?

The pug Squishmallow is named Prince. He’s a popular member of the Squishmallow collection!

What are Dantdm’s Pugs Names?

DanTDM’s pugs are named Ellie and Darcie. They often make appearances in his videos and are quite popular among his fans!

What is the Pug’s Name in Bluey?

The pug in the animated series Bluey is named Buddy. He’s one of Bluey’s friends and occasionally appears in different episodes.

What is the title character with a Pug named Weenie?

The title character with a pug named Weenie is Mercy Watson. Mercy is a pig and the main character in Kate DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson series of children’s books. While Mercy is the central character, her neighbors, Baby Lincoln and Eugenia, have a pug named Weenie.

How Did Pugs Get Their Name?

The name “pug” is believed to have derived from the Latin word “pugnus,” which means fist. This etymology suggests that the name was chosen because the pug’s face resembles a clenched fist. Another theory is that the breed’s name comes from the marmoset monkeys, which were also called “pug monkeys” and were popular pets during the time pugs became popular in Europe. These monkeys, like the dogs, had similarly expressive faces, which might have contributed to the shared name.

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