Pomeranian Shaving: A Guide to the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Pomeranians, with their cloud-like, luxurious coats, are among the canine world’s most iconic breeds. Yet, beneath that fluffy exterior lies a question that plagues many a Pomeranian owner: “Should I shave my Pomeranian?” This comprehensive guide delves deep into this debate, offering insights, expert opinions, and even a step-by-step guide for those who choose to tread this path.

Understanding the Pomeranian Coat

The Pomeranian’s unique double coat is what makes that breed so iconic. The coat consists of two layers:

  1. The Undercoat: A dense, soft layer that provides insulation.
  2. The Outer Coat: A longer, coarser layer that protects against environmental elements.

This double coat is nature’s way of protecting the Pomeranian from both cold and heat. But what happens when we interfere with nature?

The Case Against Shaving

Pomeranian Shaving
Photo Credit: u/shnazzyc

1. Disruption of Natural Insulation: Shaving can disrupt the Pomeranian’s natural insulation system, making them susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

“The undercoat of a pom should almost NEVER be shaved! Only exception is when the dog is crudded right down to the skin with matting, poop, pee, and other debris,” said a Pomeranian owner on reddit.

2. Post Clipping Alopecia: A potential side effect of shaving, this condition can lead to uneven hair regrowth, with some areas remaining bald or hairless for extended periods.

A 22-year breeder of show Pomeranians, u/miss-alane-eous, shared their extensive experience on Reddit, stating, “Double coated breeds have a 3-year growth cycle… IF you shave your dog the growth back will be patchy depending on the time of year you shave.” They further explained that if a Pomeranian’s coat doesn’t grow back after shaving, the likely cause is Alopecia X, a genetic condition.

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3. Skin Health Risks: Without their protective fur, Pomeranians are more exposed to the sun, leading to sunburn risks. Their skin can also become dry and irritated.

Pomeranian Shaving
The groomer practically shaved all my pom’s hair off. How long will it take to grow back?

When Shaving is the Only Option

Severe Matting: Mats can cause discomfort, skin irritation, and infections. In extreme cases, shaving might be the only way to address this issue.

Pomeranian Shaving
Photo Credit: u/Automatic-Fox-1828

The owner of the Pomeranian shown in the photo above said that it took about 6 months for the fur to grow back, although this is not the case for many Poms whose coat does not grow back evenly or at all.

Despite the risks, there are situations where shaving might be necessary:

Step-by-Step Guide to Shaving a Pomeranian

If you find yourself in a situation where shaving is the only option, it’s crucial to do it right. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Consult a Professional: Before making any decisions, consult with a professional groomer or veterinarian. They can offer guidance tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

2. Choose the Right Tools: Invest in a high-quality dog clipper. Ensure the blades are sharp and clean.

Pomeranian Shaving

3. Prepare Your Pomeranian: Bathe your dog using a gentle dog shampoo. Ensure the coat is entirely free of mats. Dry thoroughly.

Pomeranian Shaving

4. Start Clipping: Begin at the neck and move down the body. Be gentle and ensure you don’t clip too close to the skin to avoid cuts.

Pomeranian Shaving

5. Post-Shave Care: Apply a gentle dog moisturizer to prevent skin dryness. Ensure your Pomeranian stays out of direct sunlight to avoid sunburn.

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Pomeranian Shaving

The decision to shave a Pomeranian is not one to be taken lightly. While there are valid reasons to shave, it’s essential to be aware of the potential risks and challenges. Regular grooming and understanding the intricacies of the Pomeranian’s coat can ensure your furry friend remains comfortable, healthy, and as majestic as ever.

FAQs About Pomeranian Grooming

Should Pomeranians be shaved?

While it’s physically possible to shave a Pomeranian, many experts advise against it due to potential health risks and the disruption of the dog’s natural insulation.

What do shaved Pomeranians look like?

A shaved Pomeranian will have much shorter fur, exposing more of its skin. This can make the dog look quite different, often smaller and less fluffy than their usual appearance.

Is a shaved Pomeranian dog more susceptible to health issues?

Yes, shaving can expose the dog to risks like sunburn, post-clipping alopecia, and skin irritations.

Can you shave Pomeranians in the summer to keep them cool?

While some owners believe shaving can help their Pomeranians stay cool, the dog’s double coat actually helps regulate their temperature, protecting them from both heat and cold.

What does a completely shaved Pomeranian look like?

A completely shaved Pomeranian will have very short fur across its entire body, making the dog appear almost hairless and exposing much of its skin.

Should you shave a Pomeranian if it has severe matting?

In cases of severe matting, shaving might be the only viable option to relieve the dog from pain and potential health risks associated with the mats.

What are the potential side effects of a shaved Pomeranian?

Side effects can include uneven hair regrowth (post-clipping alopecia), sunburn, dry and irritated skin, and disruption of the dog’s natural insulation.

Is it common to shave a Pomeranian completely?

While some owners might opt for a complete shave, especially in cases of severe matting, it’s generally not a common practice due to the associated risks.

What is a hairless Pomeranian?

A hairless Pomeranian refers to a Pomeranian that has been shaved so closely that it appears almost devoid of fur. However, Pomeranians are not naturally hairless breeds.

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