53 Unique Pomeranian Names for Your Lively Companion

Choosing the perfect name for your Pomeranian is an exciting task. These small and spirited dogs deserve names that reflect their unique personalities. In this article, we’ll explore a diverse range of Pomeranian names, categorized to help you find the ideal fit. From male and female names to unique, exotic, cute, and even funny options, discover the perfect name that captures the essence of your playful Pomeranian.

Pomeranian Names

Male Pomeranian Names:

MiloShort and sweet, this name suits a friendly and lively male Pomeranian.
TeddyReflecting the breed’s teddy bear-like appearance, this name adds a touch of charm to your pup’s identity.
BentleyA sophisticated and classy name, perfect for a distinguished male Pomeranian.
GizmoA fun and quirky name that adds a touch of playfulness to your male Pomeranian’s persona.
BanditA name that signifies a mischievous and adventurous nature, perfect for a spirited Pomeranian.
WinstonA sophisticated and distinguished name, suited for a male Pomeranian with an air of elegance.
MiloShort and sweet, this name adds a friendly and approachable vibe to your male Pomeranian’s identity.
DukeReflecting nobility and charm, this name suits a regal and confident Pomeranian.

Female Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
LunaA name that symbolizes the moon’s radiance, perfect for a female Pomeranian with a shining personality.
BellaMeaning “beautiful” in Italian, this name represents the elegance and grace of a female Pomeranian.
DaisyA sweet and cheerful name that suits the playful and vibrant nature of a female Pomeranian.
StellaA name that exudes radiance and beauty, perfect for a female Pomeranian with a sparkling personality.
RubySymbolizing preciousness and vibrancy, this name represents the spirited nature of a female Pomeranian.
PoppyA name that reflects the playful and lively nature of a female Pomeranian, adding a touch of whimsy.
HazelInspired by the warm and inviting color, this name suits a Pomeranian with a gentle and sweet disposition.

Unique Pomeranian Names:

ZephyrInspired by the gentle breeze, this unique name reflects the light and airy disposition of a Pomeranian.
GizmoA quirky and playful name that brings a sense of fun and excitement to your Pomeranian’s identity.
NimbusA name that represents a cloud, symbolizing the fluffy and ethereal nature of a Pomeranian’s coat.

White Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
PearlA name that signifies purity and beauty, perfect for a white Pomeranian with a delicate presence.
FrostReflecting the cool and crisp appearance of a white Pomeranian, this name adds a touch of elegance.
IvoryA name that represents elegance and luxury, ideal for a white Pomeranian with a regal aura.

Black Pomeranian Names:

ShadowA name that captures the mysterious and dark allure of a black Pomeranian.
OnyxInspired by the black gemstone, this name adds a touch of sophistication and depth to your pup’s identity.
MidnightSymbolizing the deep darkness of night, perfect for a black Pomeranian with a bold and striking presence.

Brown Pomeranian Names:

CocoaA sweet and warm name, reflecting the rich brown color of your Pomeranian’s fur.
HazelInspired by the beautiful color of hazelnuts, this name adds a touch of charm and elegance.
CopperA name that represents the reddish-brown shade, symbolizing the unique coat of your Pomeranian.
TeddySignifying a cuddly and huggable companion, perfect for a brown Pomeranian with a lovable nature.
MochaInspired by the delicious coffee flavor, this name adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to your Pomeranian’s identity.

Exotic Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
KairoA unique and exotic name that adds an element of mystery and allure to your Pomeranian’s identity.
ZaraA name with international flair, representing beauty and strength, ideal for a Pomeranian with a captivating presence.
EnzoA name of Italian origin, reflecting charisma and charm, perfect for an exotic and lively Pomeranian.

Cute Pomeranian Names:

CocoA sweet and adorable name, reminiscent of a cute and cuddly Pomeranian companion.
MuffinA name that adds a touch of sweetness and warmth to your Pomeranian’s identity.
SprinkleA delightful and whimsical name, perfect for a Pomeranian with a playful and energetic nature.

Funny Pomeranian Names:

WigglesA name that captures the joyful and wiggly nature of a Pomeranian, bringing a smile to everyone’s face.
BiscuitA funny and light-hearted name that adds a touch of humor and charm to your Pomeranian’s identity.
NoodleA playful and quirky name, reflecting the Pomeranian’s bouncy and energetic personality.

Fluffy Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
CottonA name that represents the soft and fluffy nature of a Pomeranian’s coat.
MarshmallowA sweet and whimsical name that reflects the fluffy and delightful appearance of a Pomeranian.
FuzzySignifying the adorable and fuzzy texture of a Pomeranian’s fur.

Elegant Pomeranian Names:

AuroraInspired by the enchanting beauty of the northern lights, this name adds a touch of elegance to your Pomeranian’s identity.
PrinceA regal name that suits a Pomeranian with a refined and dignified presence.
DiamondSymbolizing brilliance and grace, this name represents the exquisite nature of a Pomeranian.

Active Pomeranian Names:

RocketA name that signifies speed and agility, ideal for an energetic and lively Pomeranian.
SparkReflecting the high energy and spark of enthusiasm that Pomeranians possess.
ZoomA name that captures the fast and spirited movements of a Pomeranian in action.

Cool Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
AceA name that exudes confidence and coolness, perfect for a stylish and self-assured Pomeranian.
RebelSignifying a Pomeranian with a rebellious and independent nature, unafraid to stand out from the crowd.
JazzInspired by the smooth and cool vibes of jazz music, representing a Pomeranian with a laid-back and relaxed demeanor.

Famous Pomeranian Names:

BooNamed after the beloved internet sensation Boo, a Pomeranian known for its adorable looks.
JiffyInspired by Jiffpom, a famous Pomeranian with millions of social media followers.
TunaNamed after Tuna, a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix known for its unique appearance and endearing overbite.

Holiday-Themed Pomeranian Names:

JingleA festive name that adds a touch of holiday cheer to your Pomeranian’s identity.
Ginger Inspired by gingerbread cookies, representing the warmth and coziness of the holiday season.
FrostySymbolizing the wintry charm and magic, perfect for a Pomeranian with a cool and spirited nature.

Celebrity Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
MarleyNamed after Marley the Pomeranian, the beloved pet of actress and singer Miley Cyrus.
Chaplin Inspired by the famous comedian and actor Charlie Chaplin, known for his iconic silent film performances.
CocoA name inspired by the fashionable and stylish Pomeranian owned by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.
BuddyNamed after Buddy, the Pomeranian owned by celebrity chef and TV personality Rachael Ray.
GizmoA nod to Gizmo, the Pomeranian who became a social media sensation, owned by actress Amanda Seyfried.

Japanese Pomeranian Names:

HoshiMeaning “star” in Japanese, this name reflects the bright and shining nature of your Pomeranian.
Sakura Inspired by the cherry blossoms, symbolizing beauty and grace, perfect for a delicate Pomeranian.
KojiA strong and masculine name, representing strength and resilience in your Pomeranian.
YumiMeaning “beautiful” or “archery bow” in Japanese, this name adds an elegant touch to your Pomeranian’s identity.
TaroA popular Japanese name, signifying the first-born, representing importance and significance in your Pomeranian’s life.

Spanish Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
LolaA lively and energetic name, perfect for a spirited Spanish Pomeranian.
PabloA strong and charismatic name, symbolizing a confident and charming Pomeranian.
BellaMeaning “beautiful” in Spanish, this name adds elegance and grace to your Pomeranian’s identity.
DiegoA name that signifies boldness and adventure, perfect for an adventurous Spanish Pomeranian.
RosaRepresenting beauty and femininity, this name suits a sweet and delicate Spanish Pomeranian.

German Pomeranian Names:

FritzA strong and classic German name, representing a loyal and brave Pomeranian.
HeidiA charming and friendly name, perfect for an adorable German Pomeranian companion.
BrunoSignifying strength and protection, this name suits a sturdy and fearless German Pomeranian.
GretaA name that embodies grace and beauty, perfect for a German Pomeranian with an elegant presence.
OttoA name that represents power and nobility, suited for a regal German Pomeranian.

Badass Pomeranian Names:

Pomeranian Names
BlazeSymbolizing intensity and fire, perfect for a fierce and bold Pomeranian.
RogueA name that signifies independence and fearlessness, suited for a rebellious and adventurous Pomeranian.
JaxA tough and cool name, reflecting a Pomeranian with a strong and assertive personality.
Viper Inspired by the venomous snake, this name adds an edgy and powerful vibe to your Pomeranian’s identity.
BladeSignifying sharpness and strength, perfect for a Pomeranian with a striking presence.

With this array of Pomeranian names at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lively and lovable companion. Whether you prefer a male or female name, a unique or exotic option, or a cute and funny choice, let the name reflect your Pomeranian’s distinct character and bring joy to both of your lives.

Who is the most famous Pomeranian?

One of the most famous Pomeranians is Boo, often referred to as “the world’s cutest dog.” Boo gained immense popularity on social media platforms like Facebook, where his adorable photos captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide. He had over 17 million followers on Facebook and over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

With his fluffy appearance and charming personality, Boo became an internet sensation and a beloved celebrity in the dog world. His online presence and numerous appearances on television shows and magazines made him an iconic figure among Pomeranian enthusiasts. Boo sadly passed away in 2019 but left a lasting legacy as one of the most famous and beloved Pomeranians of all time.

Other famous Pomeranians include:
Jiffpom, a Pomeranian with over 10 million followers on Instagram. Jiffpom is known for his high-energy videos and his ability to do tricks like backflips and handstands.

Bertram the Pomeranian, a Pomeranian with over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Bertram is known for his laid-back personality and his love of fashion.

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