Pittie chained up for 7 years can’t stop Wooing!!

Video Transcript

Jill Baffone (Willie’s Adopter):

“Wooing” we call it, which is like yelling. He only woos what’s like his favorite thing to do!

Pittie chained up for 7 years can't stop Wooing

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

But you’d never guess that this super vocal pup, spent 7 years of his life chained up.

Jill Baffone:

I feel like he just like yells, I say yells at you all day. He’s just super, super talkative now. It’s so funny.

“Come here.”

He was on a property with other dogs and he was like the only one to make it off the property. The way the police had originally found out it was because of a Facebook post. The internet just went bananas. Anybody could see the post it was, and it’s just crazy that that’s out there.

Rocky Kanaka:

Willie was immediately taken off the property, winding up at the shelter where Jill volunteered at.

Jill Baffone:

When we got him, he was super skinny and he had heartworm and lots and lots of scars and I’ve really liked him almost immediately. He just has this really calm energy about him. Everybody felt that way. He was a favorite of a lot of people, so he actually got adopted twice.

Pittie chained up for 7 years can't stop Wooing

He kept getting returned because he has really bad separation anxiety, so then he’s probably not gonna get adopted easily out of the shelter. I had brought him home a couple times and he wasn’t great with the cats, but it was enough that he wasn’t gonna be insane or anything. So once we realized that, that’s kind of when we started foster him.

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Rocky Kanaka:

Jill worked hard to help Willie feel safe, and she made the choice to adopt him. Now they go everywhere together, including work.

Jill Baffone:

I knew I would need to bring him to work with me, at least in the beginning, so I brought him to work and everybody loved him there too.

“What do you need? What do you want? Why are you so silly? Huh? “

Pittie chained up for 7 years can't stop Wooing

Jill Baffone

He loves everything. All people. He just loves, it doesn’t matter. He wants to just walk up to people on the streets. There’s something about him that’s like his eyes. He’s almost like a person in there, I think. And he’s just so gentle and just so loving. For four years we have been together, so he is with me 24/7 kind of like everything <laugh> like, he is like my world, really!

Rocky Kanaka:

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