Painting Sells For Record Amount and it was painted by a dog!

Video Transcript

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

The shelter that Winston came from, Animal Friends of the Valleys, was having their annual gala and I thought what a perfect opportunity to officially announce Winston is available for adoption. And I wanted to come up with a way that Winston could give back to the shelter that gave him so much. And I loved an idea that Chantel, a volunteer at the shelter, gave us to let Winston paint.

Kelly Kanaka:

What could possibly go wrong with the bulldog. A painting bulldog in our living room is gonna be great.

Rocky Kanaka:

I should have gotten him a beret. Here, actually we can just add one right here. <laugh>. Okay, go get it artist. He understands the assignment.

Okay, let’s see our work here. Look at this. Oh, <laugh> and, look at this. Not my typical rescue garb, but it’s for Winston. Look at that. I’m nervous though, because what if someone doesn’t bid on this? And this is Winston’s full circle of him giving back to the shelter that saved him. It’ll break my heart. Like if it’s zero and everyone’s like, what is that? I think I have to go up on stage too. I’m nervous all around. But for Winston, let’s do this.

Gala’s Host:

Rocky Kanaka… Rocky, you’re a wealth of knowledge and I’m, uh, thank you very much for sharing it. So, ladies and gentlemen, by a show of hands, by a show of bid cards, who’d like to start the bidding for this for $100? I’m starting low cause I want to see a whole bunch of cards go up. This, this is what we’re talking about. We’re gonna start at hundred bid $500 now $600.. $ 800, $800, $800, $900, $900 $900, $1000 … $1500… $2000 You want it for $2200?! She said $2200. She hears Winston, she said yes. $2400 ?!!! SOLD SOLD!

Rocky Kanaka:

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Wow! Wow! That is so amazing. I thought like I was worried it wouldn’t even go for a hundred dollars or even have a bid. It was the highest bid item in the entire gala. Winston, you deserve this. I love you buddy.

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