Donut Believe Your Eyes! New Dog Donut Shop Has Internet Howling with Laughter

Dog Donut Shop

Rocky Kanaka, the pet world’s dynamo and The Dog Bakery‘s head honcho, just flipped the script on dog treats by launching the first doggie donut shop. The spark? A furry friend named Gary, a down-on-his-luck pup with a backstory that tugs at your heartstrings, inspiring the whole venture after being rescued from a tough situation.

Gary the homeless dog

Cue the bake-off challenge: guest chefs Emily and Cassey Ho step into the kitchen with Rocky, aiming to whip up the ultimate doggie donut. Their muse? None other than Gary, who’s seen some rough days but stands as the reason the shop’s doors are swinging open. Teaming up with Tye from Reversed Rescue, they’re on a mission to mix, bake, and sprinkle their way to doggie delight.

Teamwork makes the dream work, with one squad tackling designs and the other perfecting flavors that’d make any tail wag. Forget sugar and salt—this crew’s all about the good stuff that dogs drool over, using carob instead of chocolate to keep it 100% pet-friendly.

Man opens up a donut shop

The chefs’ imaginations went wild, dishing out creations like a spaghetti-themed donut and a nachos supreme that had everyone, including Cassey’s comforting sidekick Sir George, in a buzz. The goal? To fill the shop with enough donuts to make a splash at the grand opening, decking out the space with a beachy vibe complete with blue hues and peanut “sand.”

Man opens up a donut shop

Rocky’s mission is clear: whip up a haven where dogs can indulge without the worry, ensuring every bite is free from the no-nos but full of yes-yeses. It’s all about creating a spot where dog lovers can treat their furry friends to something special, knowing it’s crafted with care and a dash of Rocky’s boundless passion for pets.

As the doors open, it’s evident—Rocky’s doggie donut shop isn’t just a hit; it’s a revolution in canine cuisine, proving that treats can be tasty, safe, and downright drool-worthy, all thanks to a guy named Gary and a dream to do better by our best buds.

Man opens up a donut shop

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